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  1. I disagree that the caveat of needing to stand in the residual zone is antithetical to warframe. I agree that warframe has a strong focus on movement. The residual-> theorem interaction introduces a risk reward consideration to that movement system. It asks the player to risk standing still in order to acquire the associated theorem buff. Thats not say that every player or frame has the capacity to accept that risk. Frames that are very good at tanking damage or crowd control worry less about the consequences of standing still than frames that arent as good at those things. Warframe is also
  2. Given that Deimos is accessible from Mars and has a level range between 12-35 I can see low mr players gaining access to Residuals and Theorems.Pubs run Tier 1 Iso vaults and completing an Iso vault permanently unlocks the Arcana missions for that tier. The arcana missions arent that hard at all and reward arcanes quite frequently. Now would a completely fresh player have the knowledge or means to do this? Possibly not. But they would still be able to do it before beating Terry with a heckin Mote Amp.
  3. Tether wasnt nearly as good on initial release. Railjack used to require a different set of degenerate avionic combos to grind through and, quite frankly, that hasnt changed. Its just easier to abuse. I dont want to see Tethers damaged be nerfed. I would much rather see it be harder to spam. That being said, i also dont want to have to baby sit pub randos with worse aim than storm troopers. I like having tether for panic moments. rail jack in general has a lot of nukes. I dont really know what would make the space combat better for Railjack, but I know that I would resent a brainless nerf
  4. It really doesnt suck at all, Im melting steel path enemies with it pretty easily tbh.
  5. It now takes the damage, elementals, crit and status of your zaw. With the right set up itll red crit with max Bloodrush and break 100% status with weeping wounds. Seek Talons mark will also let it do slash damage and tick up the combo counter with Relentless Combination. It was recently fixed like a month or two ago.
  6. Its seems to have some very janky interactions with punch through. The solution i found was to pair it with bullet attractor effects. Scourge alt fire for instance fixes its tendancy to lock on to targets you arent directly aiming at, it also gives it that sweet head shot crit multiplier. I like it quite a bit but its a bit weird and you have to spend time shooting it to learn its idiosyncrasies.
  7. I learned recently that Theorem Demulcent can add elemental damage to some abilities, whether thats intended is up in the air. I dont find that Residuals are that difficult to activate and the Theorem stacks up pretty quickly. My builds generally dont need Arcanes for surviving so Ill take the easy method for buffing elementals. These arcanes are also far less demanding to acquire than any other arcane outside of Scarlet Spear type events. So as a newbie arcane with potential niche applications late game they are fine. Now they do require you to put a bit of effort into gaining the
  8. @(XBOX)TheWayOfWisdom Shock Absorber doesnt require being knocked down to provide DR??
  9. Yeah, i considered that too. I figure it would be offset by Frosts ability to cc and area deny like a boss. Also if you do end up with your shields being downed you do have gating now as a fall back. It should be a feels bad moment though imo. Further encouragement to play the kit instead of being a 1 button degenerate.
  10. How about a synthesis of how it works now and what you've suggested. Give it its own hp values and tie the damage mitigation it provides to that hp. Frosts shields could still receive that damage. Or (possibly) better yet why not utilize the same kind of dps based damage reduction formula we see on things like Noxes or Deimos infested but with dimishing effect. Tie it to Frosts shields still but give it very high damage reduction to start and reduce it as Frosts shield take more damage. The benefit would be that it would scale back up to its upper values as Frosts shields recharge.
  11. @Teridax68 Ill give you an example of the gameplay loop I envision here based on my suggested tweaks. Frost has Snow Globe up and is taking fire. As the dr provided by Snow Globe dimishes under fire, a smart player would want to start freezing targets in order to gain back their shields. Frost would accomplish this with both Freeze and Ice wave to neutralize attackers and lock down corridors, entrance ways etc. Frost keeps his shields topped up and can then follow up with Avalanche to mop up Frozen enemies. If Snow Globe is still active player is rewarded for playing Frosts kit with
  12. Heres a few rough ideas i thought to suggest. Im a little tired so i wont be delving into specifics. Bare with me for now. I already suggested a change to your proposed passive for Frost. That being a scaling shield regen buff based on proximity to frozen enemies. Snow globe would make frost extremely tanky. This is fine but it could be balanced by including a dimishing mechanic to the suggested DR buff. We already see this sort of thing implemented in game so i think it would be reasonable to consider it here. As an aside perhaps giving it a higher enemy aggro priorty would be int
  13. Hey so, perhaps instead of fighting about the math, yall re-examine the core concept Terri is suggesting. This isnt a change thats likely to happen and from a purely conceptual standpoint i think these suggestions are potentially fun and interesting. Its just ideas at this point so if something doesn't work it can be adressed. If Wisdom is saying theres a potential mechanical issue that would be game breaking it doesnt invalidate the idea whole cloth. Yall are havin a Gandalf v. Sauruman wizard battle over what is essentially a fun thought experiment.
  14. Im usually sliding into the middle of mobs with his two + Electricity and casting 4 with gas damage. I found, building for range/duration helps with his ability loop. I tend to slide into enemies, cc/co prime and then nuke with Catalyze. Transmutation probe gets thrown in to reset cool down timers in between Vial rush+Catalyze. Havent had an issue with Catalyzes speed as much as I have with its 5 second active time. Requires some patience that i dont have lol.
  15. @Teridax68love the augment idea for Ice Wave, turns you into Frozone lol. The only thing i would offer criticism on is the passive. You have a shield sub theme that relates to Frost's tanking capabilities. Freezing things solid is pretty cool, but i have a different suggestion. Why not make his passive provide a shield regen bonus tied too near-by frozen enemies or areas frozen by Frosts abilities? Regen is an under-rated stat in my opinion. Gauss has a regen passive thats pretty powerful with Adaptation and Arcane Aegis. Kinda like how Ember works i know. You could tie the fre
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