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  1. @Tiltskillet I agree that giving Sonic Boom an easy way to strip armor would be quite strong. A solution to this could be making the ability strength you would need to hit 100% armor strip quite high. I think propagating Silence with Sound Quake would have its own built in limitations. The target would have to be silenced already. Which mean in order to hit things you havent already silenced you're building for range, which can sometimes knee cap the effectiveness of silence. Its mostly meant to allow Banshee to threaten things outside of her Silence range. It would make Sound Quak
  2. @Teridax68 for the record I personally like the damage lasagna in concept, but not in implementation. I like having a variety of damage types and conditions as they can promote a degree of experimentation. In short, the complexity is fun. I personally wouldnt want to see that go away in its entirety. However, im all for the following things. ( If you mentioned this already forgive me, I just skimmed your original post.) 1. Different kinds of damage multipliers - I think having unlisted damage buffs that can be either additive or multiplicative is bad. Making it one or the other
  3. Could you clarify what you mean by OTOH? Im unfamiliar with the acronym 😋. My original suggestion was that some of Banshees current augments be shifted into synergies between her abilities or made into different casting modes. To recap: 1. Sonic Boom would strip armor from Sonar'd enemies like it does with Sonic Fracture. 2. Silence can be propagated outward from enemies struck by Sound Quake. 3. Sound Quake would gain damage bonuses hitting targets effected by Sonar. 4. Sound Quake would have two modes. Either tap to cast for Resonating Quake or hold to cast her curre
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