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  1. Omg this. It ties into the whole different priorties argument that was made earlier. I dont really need rewards to play this game. Tinkering with niche builds is its own reward. It does suck that most content is balanced around cheese builds existing. The Meta warps the game just as much as it is informed by it.
  2. That Vermintide 2 example is the closest to what im suggesting. Also a good example with a potential problem. Thank you for providing that :). I dunno if the others are comparable though. I agree that tying stats and rewards to the power level of specific gear items is a bad idea. What im saying is that mods and gear have a static power level assigned based on things like rarity, energy drain, MR level locks, forma, reactors etc. So hypothetically a melee weapon with Primed Fever strike does not have the same power level as one with Fever Strike. My proposed system would be entire
  3. I understand there isnt a one to one comparison with MTG and Warframe. They are similar in a couple respects. They are both social games and they both have insane power levels. Magic can be played in multiplayer settings. Players agree to use decks constructed under specific format rules. These decks will not have certain cards in them. Theres also the option for casual or kitchen table Magic that doesnt have any limits beyond what cards you own. Im using this as an example that could aid understanding my suggestions. That being the idea that introducing formats would increase diversity a
  4. Oh ok, I think I understand your perspective. I dont know if I agree. There are builds in Warframe that remove all challenge from the game. They take time to put together, sure. Im drawing a parallel between MTG and Warframe in this regard. Some decks are objectively more powerful than others, but they break the game. In order to manage that Wizards organizes competitive play into formats. Each format has different rules for deck construction, legally playable cards and Ban lists. These formats are a useful tool for creating diversity in play styles. I think that situations like having to ner
  5. Great non-response there bud. Im very pointedly not being defensive. If anything im being a little too aggressive. If you didnt care, you wouldnt have responded with your deeply necessary "observations". Nor would you be attempting to save face.
  6. Is the salt happening because riven traders cant farm Steel Path for Kuva as efficiently?
  7. Hah, first off. You're acting defensive over a general call out, I didnt even name names. Which is telling. Secondly, no I will not apologize for calling out anyones rude and dismissive cynicism. If you feel like ive somehow directly offended you with my bad no-no words, then you have my apologies.You could have, hower, not engaged with OP. If you didnt believe they were being genuine why comment at all? This community likes to talk a big game about how welcoming and non-toxic it is. Which continues to be self agrandizing bullS#&$.
  8. I cant really tell if you believe power creep is a problem or not. You keep pointing at examplea of really good frames and weapons and then saying power creep doesnt exist. Are you saying that the strength of new gear items is so low as to not be considered power creep? I am forced to disagree. Kuva Bramma, Kuva Nukor and Catchmoon are some examples. The new melee system, as you pointed out, has out classed every other weapon type. Viral status is sickeningly good in 90% of the game. Power creep is... not a debate worthy subject. It exists. Now thats not to say that undercooked conte
  9. Hey OP im sorry that some dipS#&$s online made you feel bad. You sound like you've had a rough time and I hope that you can continue to find meaning. All of the things you've mentioned suck. To the folks who are being nice, *high five* The rest of you. How in the #*!% can you consider yourselves a part of a good community?Compassion costs you nothing. Empathy and respect are powerful things to value. Maybe this person just wanted a little support? #*!% you. Even if this is bullS#&$, there are other people reading this who's experiences are similar.
  10. I dont think that DE should spend time stopping the meta from existing. I think they should try and direct it. Lets power gamers and casuals have fun without having to really encounter each other.
  11. Thats an interesting perspective. I think one of the challenges DE faces with Warframe is that players have wildly different priorities in game. These priorities are really diverse, to the point where keeping tabs on them all is impossible. The discourse has also been poisoned by more popular conceptions of DEs competence or perceived objectives. Some folks want DE to produce content for very narrow interests. Not judging either, but those same folks will very vocally trash DE for not appealing to them. Its a difficult environment to design around and I dont envy DE having to deal wi
  12. I agree, maybe encourage format use by giving player access to free boosters?
  13. Do you have anything to actually say on the subject? Seems like you'd rather make snarky remarks instead of engage with my ideas.
  14. Im suggesting that these formats be optional. Like you choose to play in one rather then it be forced on you. Like you could have a 1000/2000/3000 and open formats. It would actually reward player skill and give certain load outs more meaning in game. If we look at mtg for examples again it would do 2 things. Allow for more than one meta and allow DE to adjust access to certain combos. I agree that its usually mod combos that drive power creep. The same is true in mtg. Wizards usually bans or restricts the cards they know are degenerate for a format. But they never outright nerf them. Im not
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