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  1. well it don't change much on a paper but i like hek riven buff cause now status option will be more likely to reach 60 percent and i finally can able to join the atleast 320 multishot of my hek
  2. judging from his ability he is Nekros+Nuke equinox that relying on his thralls to tank and nuking for him he will be most vulnerable at the start or when he's far from his thralls but he also need to take that risk to gain more thralls as well but this can be avoid if you got efficiency on him to spam enthrall so here the build overall build (+ str dur range 100 effi Rage or Hunter adrenaline for energy) the first thing i notice about Revanant is he will be very good for Rage mod since his passive skill 2 and 3 all support him to use Rage very well and when skill 2 do it's job skill 1 will permanently no cost energy at all and when you get a lot of thrall ready in all area you can skill 4 to nuke them for aoe status all over the place (or just ignore enthrall and skill 4 right away since the actual beam has status chance too)
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