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  1. If you need rivens for a weapon to be worth using, that's a you problem not a Warframe problem. I want to PRAISE DE for starting new weapons at the bottom. It changes the mindset to using a riven cause I like the weapon, instead using a weapon cause it's powerful with a riven.
  2. Please don't. Lots of players are there only Sevagoth, and skirmish is MUCH faster.
  3. Let's be real, DE wants to see Loki Prime go to 1k platinum.
  4. They release primes in order ,but follow Male male then female female then male male then female female, repeating.
  5. Primes are supposed to be every THREE months. Octavia Prime was released FOUR and half months after Nezha Prime, and you want it delayed ever further?! Just cause ' a lot' of people weren't looking forward to this prime set doesn't mean no one is. I was very excited for this prime set and I know I am not alone on that. I for one like it when DE spreads out content(big or small) instead of releasing it all at once. It breaks up the content drought. Even if the new content entertains me for only a few days, it's better than NOTHING for a Three-Six months!
  6. People are still trying to get DE to make Warframe what it never was meant to be? Wasn't Steel Path created to satisfy you lot?
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