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  1. No change to Thaumic drop rates 😴 No change to make the universal rifle skin actually universal 😴
  2. I will not buy these skins cause they don't work on half of the weapons I use. Take my upvote, I would give you 2 if I could.
  3. Velox and Nukor(Kuva) can't use pistol skins 😭 Also universal Rifle skin my butt, I can't use it on 3/4s of my rifles.
  4. It's not a steam thing, I run standalone my download speed is about 1/10 of normal.
  5. This is an open beta, we are the testers... sadly. But yes I 100% agree with you
  6. Ah yes cause new players just have the platinum laying around to drop on skins for weapons. They don't have weapon slots, potatoes, or warframe slots that they need to buy. They will have trashed those weapons long before they have the platinum to buy those skins.
  7. I can't upvote/like this comment enough.
  8. His whisper doesn't work again Eidolons, that is intended.
  9. No change to Thaumica's drop rate. Wake me up next hotfix 😴
  10. Better late than never. It's absurd we had to wait this long for you to fix this, but at least we got it.
  11. No change to Scintilliant drop rate. When is the next hotfix?
  12. You still have conservation mandatory. How long you want to keep this war of attrition going for DE? You're going to lose and you know it. It's just a matter do you want to lose forcing us to play your stupid mini-game or lose players? You guys pride yourselves on listening feedback, but do you really listen?
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