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  1. They release primes in order ,but follow Male male then female female then male male then female female, repeating.
  2. Primes are supposed to be every THREE months. Octavia Prime was released FOUR and half months after Nezha Prime, and you want it delayed ever further?! Just cause ' a lot' of people weren't looking forward to this prime set doesn't mean no one is. I was very excited for this prime set and I know I am not alone on that. I for one like it when DE spreads out content(big or small) instead of releasing it all at once. It breaks up the content drought. Even if the new content entertains me for only a few days, it's better than NOTHING for a Three-Six months!
  3. People are still trying to get DE to make Warframe what it never was meant to be? Wasn't Steel Path created to satisfy you lot?
  4. Glad to know you guys aren't desperate to increase your viewer count anymore. Congrats! :D
  5. Thank you so much! Quality of Life improvements are always ALWAYS ALWAYS welcome.
  6. I never gave my opinion on this event, but thanks for assuming my opinion. Since you asked so nicely let me give you my opinion. I really enjoyed this event and had a blast playing with my clan mates. I got enough cells to buy all of Lavos, all of Cedo, and all the Nercamech mods. And I enjoyed every minute of it. I already have maxed Arcanes from my days of Eidolons so I have no interest in grinding arcanes solely for plat. I still do a run or two day with my clannies cause this is fun! And I really can't wait for mechs to be able to be used in normal missions.
  7. I am glad to hear someone else say they enjoying this event and understand why it is the way it is. Beautifuly worded. Take my like, you have more earned it.
  8. Please don't take what I said out of context. As you completely missed the point.
  9. Now you're putting words in mouth and you claim you're using to use logic? I never stated Orphrix was good, I said simply it's better than what we have. I even said it could be better. I have to ask did you read my post, or did you see just see I was using the word comparing and decided to respond? People need to stop living in the past where Scarlet Spear existed, that event was broken in so many ways including the absurd reward to grind ratio. Arcanes aren't supposed to easily gotten or quick prizes. They are something you have to work for, Heaven Forbid I don't get MY PRIZE RIGH
  10. We are comparing to what exist, not to some fictional fantasy. Whether Eidilons are bad or not is the point; it's what we currently have and Orphrix is far better than what we have. DE has not made a hint of a suggestion they are ever going to change Eidilons. Could this better? Absolutely! I would welcome it all honesty. But then again I farmed everything, but arcanes from it.
  11. If do you eidilons it's 45 minutes for 2-6 arcanes at random, here is 55 min for 2 arcanes of your choice. (looking at rares like energize and grace). It's really not that bad, but I agree it would be awesome if points gave more cells.
  12. I don't worry about the haters DE. I am loving this event, and I know there are many others how are too. I haven't had this much fun playing Warframe in a long time. Hopefully soon we can use mechs in normal missions. I am really looking for to it.
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