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  1. Then a newbie fresh to the game gets stomped by a veteran who knows the game inside and out, doesn't that just make you feel welcome to beaten to pulp in a COOPERATIVE game. No, leave this to DE. We don't need DE to add, take months to fix this and then realize this horrible. If you MUST HAVE THIS, it must be optional. Make sure it's off be default and give at least 2 warnings to turn it on.
  2. So Liches are finally what it should have been on day one.
  3. So.. @[DE]Megan When will we get to know if Liches have Alloy Armor or Ferrite Armor? Would love to know
  4. We need a way to SCRAP liches from the get go. I think this combing weapons so the weapon we invest time into can get the better stats is step in the right direction, but it's a baby step. But what about the weapons I don't give a rats rear end about? I have zero interest in Kuva Seer, Kuva Kraken and kuva Quartakk(would change my mind if you give mechanics like Tiberon Prime) outside of the Master Rank Exp. So for now I am personally done with liches until this problem is actually fixed. Cause spending 4+ hours to get a dupe of a weapon I didn't even want to begin with to hope and pray I don't have to spend ANOTHER 4+ hours again for another dupe I don't want IS NOT FUN or Motivating in the slightest. Also what happens when get that "perfect" 90%(or what ever the number is) then dupes are 100% worthless. Trading is not the answer, I will take it over nothing, but I can't trade ephemera's and those are awesome(no seriously those made the ephmeras hit it out the park) and what I really want.
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