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  1. When you use Wisp's Noble with Mag's Deluxe it causes her torso to clip, for lack of better words, the cape on her torso.
  2. Can i ask, what does unvaulting two frames have to do with the friendlist? Why the flip would that break friendlist X'D
  3. Then why does Hek keep going up? You're going to tell me no one uses Hek? That the more people use supra(and vandal) more than Hek? That's a one good. If you seriously believe the usage base of kohm is that little enough to warrant ZERO CHANGE. DE doesn't nerf it cause they know people will not spend plat on Kohm rivens if they touch that dispo. They know they can get away with lanka and rubico(as examples), so they do. This is just a big scheme to get people throw thousands of plat into DE's new favorite fulmin. And once the market peaked on that expect that riven's dispo to tank. This simply in the name of profit. Not balance.
  4. That is 100% bias. Everyone doesn't plays by the same rules.
  5. It might be why Hek (and vaykor hek) the most popular shotguns keeps getting buffed. Hek's riven are so weak most regular mods beat it easily. I didn't know DE was capable making actually good riven adjustments.
  6. So if this based on popularity, why is Kohm still 5. I don't want the bs that kohm is worthless w/o riven. If Kohm is safe why aren't other weapons. Just like Saryn, I sense bs favoritism.
  7. Thank you, I think I am going to cry beautiful tears of joy.
  8. Melee still doesn't work for controllers, With steam. Without steam works like a dream.
  9. Xbox One Controller Win 10 Everything works, except when I press B and attack once. Nothing else happens. Channeling works great(who actually uses this feature?) Restarted the game, restarted steam, restart computer, Plugged into controller then launcher WF, waited for launcher to finish "updating" then plugging in controller. Nothing works.
  10. I just want old quick melee back, simple.
  11. Yes it toggle as well for controllers, but it's mapped to aim.
  12. Aiming with melee on a controller is for channeling. Also whether Melee with Fire Weapon Input is on or off has no affect. Yes, it seems it's a controller problem, but even with it worked for controllers like for KM+B it's still not quick melee and it's horrible compared to want quick melee was.
  13. Controller player, aim does nothing with melee equiped. Also there was NOTHING wrong with quick melee before this Update.
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