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  1. Please boost drop rate for new weapons, got nothing in 10+ runs guys, come on.
  2. My couple issues hoping to get an answer from DE: UPDATE 26 * melee 3.0 last phase I hope will bring some balancing for the melee rivens, following the Sacrificial/True Steel, I got a Galatine riven with 30% crit chance 30% crit dmg, and that taking 16 mod capacity is actually worth 7-9 maximum capacity IMO so a 3 forma investment Galatine Prime is pretty much better without the riven * melee 3.0 last phase.. should give Excalibur a little love, I mean Redeemer has the ability to build combo with range/charged attacks, and Exalted Blade cannot do that with the energy waves, this makes Redeemer far superior because Blood Rush, no range limit or falloff; Sacrificial Steel 250% Crit Chance looks good but pretty much inferior, my 11 forma Excalibur Umbra is basically inferior to a tanky build vanilla Excalibur with 2 forma and a Redeemer with Blood Rush, but what about rivens... * primary/secondary exylus should also work with punch through, which technically is more DPS, but it's fair enough man, come on, negative recoil, ammo case, holster speed and suppress are IMO not enough to get a real use/reason to upgrade weapons GENERAL BUGS * the extraction point has various animation issues with Wisp's reservoirs (the wall extraction tilesets), as well as weird clipping with the currently equipped weapon and the ship's hull * Rhino Prime going back visible (after ARCANE TRICKERY expires, Octavia nocturne expires, and probably Ivara or Ash's augments for team invisibility), the Iron Skin loses the appearance of it being active (panic triggering issue) - not sure if vanilla Rhino inherits the issue or other skins but I can do some testing * UI bug changing loadout in the Navigation console, the selected loadout isn't loaded into the Navigation UI or game UI GENERAL SUGGESTIONS * since we have 200+ weapons someday we might actually find something useful to use with our builds, to accommodate the new exylus mod will most likely require another forma, so please REMOVE forma from weapon exylus adapter crafting materials
  3. Covert Lethality not lethal anymore now makes Ash pretty much not interesting anymore. I've done 5 KUVA siphon/flood missions in a row, no requiem relic.
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