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  1. His old passive is completely replaced with what we have now. His combo duration buff was very useful to a lot of people I'm sure. About Chromatic Blade, you really have to play around the new colors (main and secondary) of the energy and test in Simulacrum.
  2. IMO Wukong needs more fixes: * if you only use a secondary and no other primary and melee, the Wuclone will be unarmed and strangely easily killed * when running out of energy while using his 4th, the Wuclone will still have the staff equiped * IMPROVEMENT, please move his old passive (Melee Combo last 5 seconds more) to his Primal Rage augment, similar to Exalted Blade having two positives (transform IPS damage to color based elemental damage and a lot of status chance), this will eliminate the need for a Body Count mod and add more versatility to the builds I can come back for more issues/suggestion.
  3. In the last DEVSTREAM Steve promised an increased spawn rate over time, but that didn't happen yet.
  4. DE please fix MEMORIAM PURPLE color pigment, it doesn't drop from TERRA PROFISOR and TERRA ELITE PROFISOR corpus units. We've had the double resource week-end and I only got 20 of them in multiple runs. Thank you
  5. Base stats give Hildryn 300 base health, 1shot slash/toxin proc on lvl 50 enemies is absurd, reloading HEMA is also NONO or give her built in status immunity when overshields are activated Polarities the default 3 Vazarin polarities (1 for exylus slot) are great, PRIMED SURE FOOTED is real sweet the default Naramon polarity is also welcomed for the aura slot I wish there was a new aura MOD special for Hildryn, say 50% more base shields? (we have STAND UNITED, PHISIQUE, why not something for shields? Volt, Mag will thank you too) Passive I wish along with her current passive she could also have half shield recharge delay Balefire AUGUR PACT mod equipped doesn't stack with other with other set mods on Hildryn (AUGUR REACH, AUGUR ACCORD) important perhaps more power strength will increase STATUS and/or CRITICAL chance but great ability overall, well done DE Shield Pillage it needs to showcase how much armor does it actually drain, with 200% POWER STRENGTH, it shows 49% shield drain, but no info on how much armor does it drain, which is super confusing, see below why armor stripping is either incorrect or doesn't scale for some reason, for instance going up against lvl 160 Corrupted Heavy Gunners casting the ability 3 times (considering 200% PS), they still show orange health bar, but after about 7 casts they actually have been completely stripped of armor the range is misleading/incorrect, with 8m range it looks more like ~15m range the ability is completely useless against the infested, the support aspect of Hildryn is completely gone, perhaps make the ability drain Infested Moa and Ancient energy? Haven a good one overall, I wish it would work better with AUGUR set mods (x% of energy used by abilities returns to shields) Aegis Storm looks&sounds nice overall, very well done the ability to dash/dodge is missing and quite needed ability to revive ally while ability is active is a must for a support frame
  6. Thanks DE for the constant updates and all the work put into the game. I would like to list a few issues I have with the game after my first year of Warframe ONLY gameplay. Garuda issues * the second ability doesn't work on radiated maps (I almost failed the sorties last night) * often times using any of the first/second ability causes her to drop off the map, and after a freefall of about 15-20 seconds I return on the map with all abilities locked. General Pet Issues * the clunky animations for all MOAs, Kavats and Kubrows, perhaps it's already a known issue * like all units in the game they also get stuck on difficult terrain, I really dislike this aspect * I don't like how all pets MOVE around while my frame performs a bullet jump or travels really fast, they should have a jump, "fly", touchdown animation * pets get into water as it was regular terrain and scare away the fish * invisible pets should not engage/attack if they're invisible (LOKI / ASH / OCTAVIA), this makes it that you can easily fail SPY on Fortuna bounties and sortie missions Weapon issues Please do not nerf weapons based on their usage stats, but rather consider improving/updating their UI and especially sounds. For instance I like weapons that sound good when firing and reloading (LENZ, CORINTH, TIGRIS, BAZA, HEK, PLASMOR, OPTICOR), so along with the rank consistency, the sound matters more than the looks for me. This is why I almost never use LATO, BOLTO, VASTO, JAGARA (they sound very bad for ALARMING level of noise, I mean bad sound design), in fact I only equip a secondary for SECONDARY ONLY sorties or Master Rank tests. The kitguns really sound great and I'm planning on building a fifth now. Game ENGINE * I really like how the new emulated "Ray Tracing" works in Fortuna, I'm looking forward to see updated tilesets for all factions from this time forward * At some point in time Steve mentioned his team's interest in Vulkan API, and as an AMD hardware owner I'm also interested to know the roadmap This was my first forum post, please don't bash me too hard 😛
  7. Thanks DE. (my first post in this forum)
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