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  1. Base stats

    • give Hildryn 300 base health, 1shot slash/toxin proc on lvl 50 enemies is absurd, reloading HEMA is also NONO
    • or give her built in status immunity when overshields are activated


    • the default 3 Vazarin polarities (1 for exylus slot) are great, PRIMED SURE FOOTED is real sweet
    • the default Naramon polarity is also welcomed for the aura slot
    • I wish there was a new aura MOD special for Hildryn, say 50% more base shields? (we have STAND UNITED, PHISIQUE, why not something for shields? Volt, Mag will thank you too)


    • I wish along with her current passive she could also have half shield recharge delay


    • AUGUR PACT mod equipped doesn't stack with other with other set mods on Hildryn (AUGUR REACH, AUGUR ACCORD) important
    • perhaps more power strength will increase STATUS and/or CRITICAL chance
    • but great ability overall, well done DE

    Shield Pillage

    • it needs to showcase how much armor does it actually drain, with 200% POWER STRENGTH, it shows 49% shield drain, but no info on how much armor does it drain, which is super confusing, see below why
    • armor stripping is either incorrect or doesn't scale for some reason, for instance going up against lvl 160 Corrupted Heavy Gunners casting the ability 3 times (considering 200% PS), they still show orange health bar, but after about 7 casts they actually have been completely stripped of armor
    • the range is misleading/incorrect, with 8m range it looks more like ~15m range
    • the ability is completely useless against the infested, the support aspect of Hildryn is completely gone, perhaps make the ability drain Infested Moa and Ancient energy?


    • a good one overall, I wish it would work better with AUGUR set mods (x% of energy used by abilities returns to shields)

    Aegis Storm

    • looks&sounds nice overall, very well done
    • the ability to dash/dodge is missing and quite needed
    • ability to revive ally while ability is active is a must for a support frame
  2. 1 hour ago, (PS4)Zero_029 said:

    Wasn't the point of Arbitrations to be tough Alerts that force players out of their comfort zones & force more tactical gameplay?

    I hate to be that guy, but wouldn't this make Arbitrations easier & defeat the point?

    I agree totally with you man, I hear you. However you didn't get my previous overall message, sometimes the drones make the situation very close to impossible, which is ridiculous even more why Exalted weapons don't apply any damage to them.

  3. Today I had my first run in Arbitrations with Excalibur and was sad to see 400k+ ENDO worth of gear do ZERO damage to those arbitration drones. I've spent about 2 weeks in Rathuum and Index to max all the Umbra mods last year.

    Sad to hear other frames suffer the same, exactly because exalted abilities have a cost and/or time to cast and when combined with the fact that the drones are pretty small, have some evasive maneuvers, their effect ignores line of sight (the shield works though walls)...

    The drones are not a challenge but a very annoying/frustrating factor in the fight, let me share some experiences:

    * in some situations it's impossible to kill them, for instance a small room with 2 ancients blocking the door and the drone behind them and other shielded enemies

    * how many times did I fail an interception because there were just too many drones spawned and too little time to handle the situation

    * how can you kill an ARCTIC NULLIFIER CREWMAN protected/protecting with a drone, you have 5 seconds to do it with Rhino

    * if everybody uses ARCA PLASMOR (for its innate punch through) with a decent build, where is the challenge

    * alternatively everybody in the squad is RANGED melee Naramon Inaros, again, where is the challenge

    Real solutions are required to break the limited set wide open for all warframes and weapons to late game potential of the Arbitrations, here are a couple of mentions:

    * drones have a decreasingly 90-50% damage reduction from any exalted weapon over a period of 5-10 seconds starting with the moment they got alerted; in addition when this damage reduction decreases, the color of the shielding also gradually changes to black or 50% transparency

    * similar to what happens to warframes in Transference mode (they become immune to damage but not immune to knockdown), the enemies under the Arbitration drone protection must be susceptible to radial blind, stomp (without damage), dessication (without dmg), slow/fast, disarm, electrocute (without dmg), burn (without dmg), affected by radiation (without dmg) not only NYX or other selected frames can use their full ability set

    * Void Damage can do 60% more damage to drones, somehow 1shot on low level enemies, 2-3 shots on higher lvl enemies for 223/similar amp as an example

    * Void Mode should do something to these drones, either harm them or drain their energy or increase the speed of their damage reduction decrease over time

    The Arbitrations generally aren't bad at all, considering the 1 LIFE challenge and the fact that you keep the loot of previous successful rotations when mission is failed, but overall Elite Sanctuary Onslaught is a far more pleasant experience because the rotating tileset and faction which is a bit more challenging considering you can't switch Corrosive Projection for Shield Disruption in mission, enemies hit just as hard as you would expect them at their level and there are no dang drones.

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