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  1. Boo, nerfs. /s On a more serious note, this won't impact me much (quite negligible, in fact). Sure, you can't use Gladiator set bonus from Helios anymore. But they didn't reduce your base damage by 90% or something... It's completely fine, we still stand tall and mighty. We will still be able to shred armies like we always did.
  2. I am never bothered by nerfs. Never was, never will be. I always find a way to work around it, in the end.
  3. As I understood, guessing part of the Requiem of a Nemesis unveils it permanently, thus speeding up your quest to vanquish your Lich or Sister. On the other hand, a Requiem mod has 3 charges which deplete upon Vanquishing/Converting a Nemesis. Same rule would apply to the Wildcard mod. Moving on, use the Wildcard mod to discover 2 out of 3 Requiem mods of your active Nemesis, then learn the last one the old-fashioned way (Murmur farming). In conclusion, when you learn the last of the 3 Requiems, switch out Wildcard and put the 3 together, and keep trying to take down your lich until you ultimately guess the correct order. Hope this helps <3
  4. Erm, will there be Galvanised variants of Projectile flight speed mods for rifles and sidearms? Edit: Yet again, no new crit mods for shotguns... Critical Deceleration still only grants +48% crit chance...
  5. I hope it's either Loki or Volt Prime, as they've been unfarmable for years.
  6. I have spare BPs of both Wars. Shame that they're untradable.
  7. They buffed the other two mods (Creeping Bullseye and Critical Delay), I just can't understand the reasoning behind leaving the shotgun mod as is, if there is any reason at all...
  8. They still haven't buffed Critical Deceleration, it's still only gives +48% crit chance.
  9. Frost Prime, Saryn Prime and Nova Prime could use a makeover. Mag and Rhino could get Umbra variants instead, given their age.
  10. May we please have Volt Prime and Loki Prime unvaulted next? They have both been vaulted for years, I enjoyed both of their stock variants, and I very much want to get my hands on Bo Prime.
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