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  1. I don't currently have art or anything to "show" rather than "tell". If anyone's interested at taking a stab at that, I'm willing to talk about that in DM. (I'm also not a very fancy boi, hence there's no artistic stuff happening.. yet... maybe...) Bokluk: The Neglected Frame Armor: 10 Health: 10 Shield: 10 Energy: 50 Sprint Speed: 1.50 Passive: Waste Not When passing by recently killed enemies (both by self and allies) Bokluk can acquire armor from Grineer, shields from Corpus and Health from Infested. Affected by strength mods (1%/3%/5%) and scales with enemy level. To specify the maximum that can be gathered, Bokluk can receive around 250%(debatable to change) of armor/shields/health from a level 250 enemy. Significant fall damage (Around 50m, or the minimum height of triggering the heavy landing animation) can reduce/strip all gathered armor/health/shields, heights greater than that can inflict self-damage. Sprint speed falls by increment of 30 for every acquired buff, the maximum his sprint speed can be reduced is to .90. Sprint speed mods can affect this. First Ability: Compactor In a 40 degree area (3m/4m/5m) all enemies are gathered in one spot (~2m off the ground) and crushed with the damage percentage depending upon their remaining health (1%/3%/5%) Total Ability time ~7 seconds (casting ability, gathering and damaging enemies before release) No I-Frames while casting. Second Ability: Toxic Waste Bokluk releases a combination of Toxin, Viral and Radiation (1/3/4 seconds) in a liquid form at a 60 degree area (2m/4m/5m) the pools will remain on the ground for (3/4/5 seconds) Casting time is around 1 second, no I-Frames. Third Ability: Disposal Bokluk sheds everything and in (4/5/6) seconds becomes a tornado and pulls in enemies, dealing damage to any enemy that is in the tornado. If armor/shields/health were collected, they contribute additional damage but are not taken away. Casting time is 1 second, no I-Frames. Fourth Ability: Walking Junkyard In a surrounding area (5m/8m/10m) Bokluk can pick up and absorb ammo, energy, and health drops. Ammo can supply armor (2%/3%/4%) Energy orbs increases shields (1%/3%/4%) and Health orbs buffs health (2%/3%/4%) Ally/sentient pickup mods takes first priority unless ammo and health are full and energy is 90% full. There is constant energy drain while using ability (10/7/5 per second when efficiency/duration are applied, 10/13/16 when efficiency/duration aren't applied) When taking damage, Bokluk must reacquire drops to replenish depending upon damage and how much was gathered. Mods, resources and other collectables (except for ayatan sculptures and stars) are also collected but they do not affect Bokluk. Casting time is 0.5 seconds and the I-Frames while casting is 2 seconds. The stats and numbers are placeholders, I'm more focused and worried about abilities for now. Then I'll buff the numbers up. My intent with Bokluk is to have him be a Scavenger-looter that is focused upon picking just about everything that's not nailed to the floor, relying upon whatever his enemies/containers drop. Itzal's Cosmic Crush does come to mind at the similarities except the ability is spaced out between a passive and two abilities.
  2. Maybe because some or a good number of us aren't able to come up with a 'constructive' way outside of asking. Not every single player on the internet knows/wants to know/has to know how a game would/should work or to some of the more simpler folk, how to actually improve things. You overestimate the constructively on the majority of feedback.
  3. I still dont feel like this is enough
  4. Ty, just please keep doing more and fixing what we have instead of chasing the next fad so soon after one hotfix?
  5. And worse is that if you subtract all the grind, theres little to no content there for people who've already completed TSD, TWW and Sacrifice. And on top of that, how many of us actually has a life where they can comfortably sit down and spend an entire day on this game for a specific drop they need or want? That there's no meetings, no family get togethers, no weekends going off to do yoga or exercise, or work over the weekends or anything that subtracts and demands more time than sitting down and playing a free to play video game? We've got lives of our own! We're not that available! I've a bro who's working at a Home Depot and he barely if ever has time to sit down and play console or desktop other than fiddle about with a few app games on his tablet or phone! He's got a lot going for him that he's more willing to stick with his schedule more than carve out time to sit down and try Warframe despite his interest in it. I can comfortably say that its likely that the majority of us are Not kids/basement dwellers/jobless/retired/house-spouse who have all the time in the world available to them. Not all of us are willing to spit several hours and some thousand missions.
  6. One of many other grievances I have with the current state of Warframe that either is not being addressed enough or being considered and being mentioned by DE.
  7. I did not say nor do I agree that RNG should be done away with entirely in such totality and in a totalitarian tone as you seem to assume I meant. RNG is good when its not in excess or absence. When Liches came out, they were supposed to be our complete mirror enemy, they didn't die as we didn't die, they got stronger and improved after we killed them. And what did we get instead? Another enemy that had RNG chance as to what parazon mod worked on them and RNG chance in what specific combination did the mods need to be, if we tried and failed, we're given a Bane spine breaker treatment, dumped on and told that its all our fault we didn't get it in one go and now the enemy is upgraded. And even when we did get the right mods, because we have to get the three mod combo on first encounter, we were forced to consider either auto-fail or blatantly ignore the Lich (much to the displeasure of your pub/invited teammates, believe me they will capslock at you for even considering the idea of leaving it alone or curse your existence if you abandon mission) and willingly pay tax. And that was considered good enough to leave alone in the eyes of DE. What bothers me is we're getting more and more and more different things that's more often than not a one to a few times amazing experience before becoming a simple chore (once again its not a bad thing when its done well) rather than improving and optimizing what we already have. DE's only churning out different things and then after a bit of bug/glitch fixing, they dump and move on. And honestly its increasingly irritating. FFS, LifeOf Rio is literally laughing and cheering at DE, the game and the community for blundering up like this and letting him get more videos ripping into this whole situation.
  8. Could we not have any more rng and randomness? Please? Grind is not content and having rng of rng of rng on top of rng, as well as having rng chance for a quest mission really reduces the incentive to play.
  9. Ty for the hotfixing. However we need a bit more optimization and maybe something to encourage teamwork with the railjacks because pubbing is almost utterly a stupid decision to do and soloing it is suicidally moronic. So sadly this enforces the idea of recruiting (which good luck getting a good team if you have no friends) or getting the clanmates to help (results may vary as ive seen in one stream with a party of 3 in my clan)
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