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  1. Well then you have my opinion that was made and based upon experience as well as knowledge. I chose to play the game and thought it was fun and then it just slid into the unfun area where there wasn't much to do or pursue and most of the recently made updates are doomed to be nerfed because DE and Scott are pissed at us for picking things they didn't think we'd pick for. I wasn't lied to, I just watched it all go down and only be repeatedly be disappointed. "so...."
  2. OK to explain why you looking over at my profile and seeing that I "played" recently: Yes I may have been back at some point recently, but what you don't know and what the profile doesn't tell you is that I had reinstalled and stayed for about 5 min before uninstalling and leaving again after three years. So firstly, buzz off as my activity is not your business nor does it add to your point or mine. The point is exactly as I said in the post. There's barely anything worth to stick around or keep around and the recent updates don't add any incentive to try. so we have to magical
  3. The whole game is a power trip tbh. How else do you explain how the enemies have ludicrous HP&Defense to make things "difficult"?
  4. Because maybe was led to believe the game was fun and only watched it become no fun along the way?
  5. "What would you do if every Helminth ability was good?" idk, DE. maybe have FUN for once? maybe have a reason to stick around rather than treat you and this game like a one-night-lay? christ, I havent even re-entered this game for 3 years and yet I'm still lingering out here in the fringes, just watching how quickly things are just going to crap recently. I want to play, but DE, you're not making it compelling to have me play.
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