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  1. Apologies for the long delay in response, I rarely check the forums. Protective Dash doesn't require constant attention unless you're in a lv150+ mission. In the long period of time I've used Vaz, it's never taken more than two dashes to start the healing. Once to give the target immunity, then again to begin the healing as there is a delay between when the target takes damage and when it can be healed for balancing. If you're spending more than two dashes to heal a target, you're doing it wrong, or your operator isn't kitted. Switching to operator once a wave to restore target health isn't something I would consider all that troublesome. It's a free ability ('free' being that op energy is quick to recharge and requires no outside support to do so) that can be cast instantly. Even when casting twice to heal, it takes around 5 seconds to do it, depending on the healing delay. I'm more than happy to spend 5 seconds a wave and run an offense frame than use a defensive one and bring the risks involved with it (Energy costs, defensive ability health, incorrect build, energy drain enemies, nullies). That's not to say that only runing Vaz has no risk, but the risks are far less that the problems Warframes bring in my eyes. (Risks being nullies, badly timed dashes, having to heal too many times and thereby running out of energy, op being popped and not having energy to cast) Protective Dash isn't designed for complete protection, and using it as such isn't exactly a well thought out practice. It's designed to be a buffer, then a heal that can't be cancelled. Some heals in the game, like Oberon's Renewal, can be cancelled by incoming damage that outpaces the healing. Vaz prevents that. If you're running a defense mission and find yourself needing the target healed, you won't be spending more than a few seconds out of Warframe, as stated previously. I've no idea how other players use Vaz, but my playstyle involves frequent switching between my Frame and op. I dash through my Frame or the target, start the healing, then switch to my Frame to allow my op time to regen energy. If she takes damage, I just make use of Magus Replenish, something any Vaz main should be running as it complements the School well (upon dashing, heal operator by 30% max health at rank 5). I will completely agree that operators are squishy, but I'm happy to accept that risk as a part of me choosing to not use a defense frame for the reasons stated prior. Sorry for the wall, just wanted to go over everything there
  2. Have to agree there, hadn't really considered it like that. Trade chat's a thing if you're just looking for one or two things, my arguement was against the idea of a WoW style auction house, which i don't think would work in a game like Warframe
  3. Because there's no need to have one in the game. The reason other games have auction houses is because of the sheer number of items in their games. The only thing in abundance Warframe has to trade is mods, and most of those said mods require grind to get. Warframe is a grindy game, I think we can all accept that idea, so being able to just hop into an auction house and nab all the mods you need for like 5p would kill all the grinding that mods currently provide. If you're desperate for an auction house, there are actually sites that provide that. I've used them before, and they're pretty good. DE have a lot to do right now, mainly fixing their game, so I'd much rather they focus on that rather than an auction house they'd have to meticulously manage to prevent market prices from going too insane.
  4. Because its sole useful ability is too good. Vazarin puts every defence frame out of a job, and laughs at the school actually meant to be the defensive one. I'm not asking for it to be killed off, I'm asking for it to be tuned so I actually consider the idea of bringing a defence frame in. What DE wants with that nerf, however, is for defence frames to become required, which is okay, but you shouldn't need to off an entire school to do it. There was also a guy who managed to get DE to prevent universal medallions from being used with Teshin, and literally nobody liked that. There'll always be people screaming for nerfs, but a lot of the time it's because they don't use the thing they're screaming about and said thing is doing something their favourite thing does, but better. I agree with everyone here who has said the Focus schools could use a rework. They most certainly could. Unairu should be a defensive school but it's god awful at doing that. Ironically, it's actually only ever used for DPS. Madurai should have more abilities that focus on amping up your Warframe. It has its passives, but we all know it's not used for the 30% damage increase, it's used to one-shot eidolons.
  5. Okay, so I think everyone can agree Vaz's healing capabilties are pretty broken. I'll be the first to admit it's the only reason I use Vaz over schools like Zen, but the severity of this nerf is absurd. 500 health restored over a period of time will utterly kill Vazarin's use across the board. Sure, it's fine for regular Warframes, but that just makes it a panic button. An entire focus school, degraded into an "Oh S***" button. I agree Vaz could use a nerf, as it makes defending things trivial at best, but this is basically stripping the school of its major benefit in one move. If you want to reduce its healing, make it a percentage. Surprisingly enough the high level defense targets have slightly more than 500 health, and dashing through them would essentially just be giving them invincibility for 5 seconds, because the healing would be so minimal that it wouldn't cover a single shot's worth of damage in most cases.
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