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  1. Well , at least I didn't get any in my half-hour runs with bounty on. In free roam - yes, get them every time
  2. inb4 "no PVP in my PVE!!!!" 🤣
  3. Well, you don't even get Kyta Raknoids if you get lowest level bounty first ... Even on lvl 4 alert
  4. You don't even need to do it, just get it from Eudico and go farm
  5. Free roam starts with higher level enemies, than lowest level bounty. Even if you go solo - it will make things easier. As for the specter - I think Oberon can do as well as Trin
  6. The way I do it is using Nekros and having a Trinity spectre. Even better if you have some magus healing arcanes. Oh, and don't forget to take a lowest difficulty bounty, AFAIK it does not affect drop rates, I got decent amount of Sola toroids that way. P.S. It is not quite polite tactics, but you can go into public squad for a bounty and just farm while others are doing what they are doing, you'll get more mobs spawn that way, but, well, It's kinda grey area )
  7. And now people you should remember that DE wanted to remove keys from derelicts ... Looks like this is what's really coming, one key to rule them all
  8. Most likely the one mod being upgraded was a broken one, but I suspect OP already figured that out )
  9. Grandmastery Rank 1. With reset of the mastery rank to 0. Just do it again folks, with the new content!
  10. How did you remove the cyst in the first place? You can get the second one on the same frame if you spent it to hatch a helminth charger from kubrow egg.
  11. That she is "torn" or "damaged". Her mind that is
  12. If you take a closer look at Hunhows quote you'll see, that it is indeed used as an adjective
  13. It's actually an adjective ) Derived from this : https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/riven
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