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  1. Like, lumbering in Siberia for the rest of her life you mean ? 😂
  2. Until there is a reason to slap it onto my Tiberon P or Rubico P it will collect dust in the darkest corner of the orbiter I can find
  3. Tenno succumbing to the void in a desperate attempt to fend the sentient off and getting void demon replace Lotus sounds like a lot of fun!
  4. More like an armor plate really
  5. Ain't paracesis goin' to help here?
  6. To me it seems like most of the problems arise from the lack of variety and choice. I think it would be beneficial to give more challenges to chose from. As an example, you can give 15-20 different weekly challenges and 7-10 elites, but introduce a cap on the amount that can be completed in a week (current one is ok - 7 weekly , 3 elite). This will give players more options to chose from on how they want to play and get those challenges complited. Optimize, even, when the challenges coincide in their objectives (like this week survival elites) Moreover, currently system seems a bit top-heavy in regards of rep gained from elites
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