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  1. I used to get flagged for playing too long as operator. Is that fixed?
  2. I want to shoot him and kill him... not everyone aborts because wolf shows up.
  3. I hope we have more baddies that have warframe abilities like what if a grineer showed up with ‘world on fire’ or what if all the players got close to one another and all of a sudden, a grineer slash-dash and 1 shot the players? That would be awesome! And what if a grineer shot out nova balls and players had to avoid them or get one shotted? Edited due due to iPhone autocorrect
  4. How is this a punishment to have you play the game and earn the umbra forma? Just give the umbra forma to you? Some people will always complain no matter what...
  5. No, he’s not tanky. He’s tough as he should be but he still dies in less than a minute.
  6. Don’t give up! Keep trying! I know it’s hard but DE will see the feedback. They always listen! I remember the hacking timers were so short but they increased it so you have more time to hack consoles etc. they do listen to us. We need players to give feedback like this! Just, don’t give up. This game has come a long way!
  7. Please, no. I want wolf of Saturn six to invade me MORE!
  8. After this afternoon’s update, warframe crashes to desktop every 10-15 minutes non-stop. I am unable to stay logged on...
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