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  1. Dear DE, Could we have some awesome sidesteps and shadow-dodging instead of the old roll? Maybe have certain frames have different looking dodges and side-steps and dash-dodging. Make them unique to each character, like if Ember does a dodge/roll, double-jump or something, she's on fire or something. Volt can be all lightning and electricity when he dodges left and right with lots of electricity and particle effects. Ash could dash forward almost like slash-dash but he's a shadowy smoky figure or something. The old roll is just been around forever and it'd be refreshing to change it up.
  2. Please let ember be immune to fire damage or at least resist damage
  3. Right now, the rolls are too rare and something can be done to bring them more inline with player desires. This will in turn bring down the market value a notch but more players will be able to get these rivens. when a player rolls 1 million Kuva and gets literally nothing good or useful, there’s something really wrong with the rng formula they have set up. If you put in the effort, you SHOULD get a god roll. Right now the rng system is so bad it’s unrewarding.
  4. when you trade with OTHER players for platinum, that is NOT a platinum sink. That is merely just players spending platinum. The platinum STAYS in the economy and causes inflation. Platinum sink is when you buy directly from DE and their market using platinum thereby REMOVING platinum from circulation. Just merely spending high amounts of platinum by trading with other players is NOT a platinum sink and it does nothing to help the game economy. Buying more platinum from DE and flooding the market with it weakens the value of said platinum and in doing so, causes more things to become more expensive in the long run. Making every weapon gain a stat after 5k kills will be a new grind that players will feel is just another requirement on top of all the existing grind. I don’t agree with that.
  5. Something you earn over time like kill 5k things to gain 10% damage is not a good idea because then it becomes a requirement and people will hate it because they will feel they must do that with all their weapons and they don’t like the grind because the game is all about grind already. Just more grind, etc. Rivens is NOT a platinum sink when players are hoarding the plat AND the rivens. It stays in the game economy. Platinum sink is buying stuff directly from DE market with platinum. Platinum sink is buying slots, frame slots, formas, deluxe skins etc. when the platinum goes back to DE, that’s a platinum sink. Edit: stupid iPhone auto-correcting me
  6. And I hate how I can blow through 1 million Kuva and literally not get any good combos for that many rolls... it’s NOT rewarding and it’s NOT fun especially for all the hard NOT-FUN work involved with farming Kuva. There’s no excitement with the riven and Kuva system. The chances of rolling anything I actually want are slim. That has got to change. It will bring demand down a notch so players won’t hoard rivens and platinum.
  7. I hate the current riven system and I hate the cut throat riven trading market. I hate that they NERF the rivens and they allow for ridiculous amounts of plat to be traded for them. They COULD cap the plat trade on them if they wanted but players will find a way to circumvent that. I do NOT like the Kuva system and how much it costs to re-roll rivens. I hate how long it takes to earn Kuva and how mandatory it is to buy a resource boost pack just to make Kuva farming faster. It’s NOT fun!!!!!!! It’s NOT exciting!!!!!! It’s bad. rivens have become necessary and to have such good rolls be SO uncommon and so little ways to acquire so little at a time has driven the market and demand way way way up! Kuva and Riven system is horrible and NOT fun!!! Oh and there’s NO reason for you DE to be nerfing the LATO riven... it’s weak no matter what.
  8. That Lato prime was ugly at first but now it’s so damn sexy
  9. After this afternoon’s update, warframe crashes to desktop every 10-15 minutes non-stop. I am unable to stay logged on...
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