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  1. Hello everyone! I'm sure you've seen me post several things on the forums from applying for these contests or replying to some post that my mobile chrome app on my phone showed me but I wanted to come and chip in and tell my story. See I am just now getting around to unlocking my next focus school with the intention of further increasing my versatility with the operator form when new patches arise. The focus school I was aiming for (Since I started with Madurai) was the Vazarin Focus School and their Energizing dash ability. However I decided to do some research before I went continue any further and found out that Energizing Dash is not the waybound focus branch and that only one focus school is allowed to be active at any single time. So Now I'm in this predicament of "Should I continue to even try and invest into a second focus school?". I'm already 7 traits into the Madurai Focus school with Phoenix Talons and Spirits completely filled up and Inner gaze ready to be unbounded with Eternal Gaze slowly underway as well as Void strike. I've already invested 1.6 million focus points into the school and now that I know about Energizing Dash not being Vazarin's waybound branch I do not see a reason to try and invest into the other focus schools. I'd appreciate if you guys could give me a reason to keep going ahead and doing this because I don't see a reason anymore. Thanks!
  2. "Lack of struggle" there is a lack of struggle because at this point in the game we are using weapons with a damage output capable of destroying black holes. Because almost everyone here decided "I'm just gonna go super op in damage" and now they think its easy. I still struggle because i chose to take a playstyle that doesn't just steam roll missions but a playstyle where i still end up dying and weapons that make it fun for me killing enemies. As said in my previous post take it slow next time because you'll find the difficulty has always been there but because everyone bullet jumped out of the mission the difficulty isn't even witnessed
  3. Honestly, 87% of this entire thread is just people complaining about there being nothing to do in warframe. The new ropalolyst fight is super fun even in solo mode, you could quite literally just run a mission you like and dont even rush through it and you are also able to play around in captura, simulacrum, rerun the mastery rank challenges in different and whacky ways that were not how they should have been done. "There is nothing exciting" there is tons of exciting things in warframe but you want new exciting things and everyone and their mother's mother knows that to bring something new takes time. Its only with the latest dev stream did we get to look at what the new war has in tow and it was announced last tennocon. World of Warcraft Classic is not even out yet and it was announced last blizzcon and yet the entire player base is saying "WoW classic will save WoW" which just makes me internally mad because those same people will not stop raving about WoW being dead. World of Warcraft has been my childhood game literally i've gotten to grow up with it since my dad started playing in 2005 and now 14 years later i'm still playing WoW, I have a Night Elf Death knight who is level 120 with a 410 item level and I still love the game because I've played it long enough to know what I enjoy about it and half the time its just me sitting in a scenic spot. How this implies warframe you ask? I recently got back within the last year and I felt a calling and in a short amount of time I went from MR 5 to MR 16 and I have enough weapons and warframes to push 17 almost 18 in MR. I already know what I enjoy in Warframe and it is doing the boss fights. Playing around in the captura, or making different songs with Octavia's mandachord, while searching for my next weapon to craft and sitting in my operator form in the living quarters and playing with my pets! There will always be something you can do in warframe and hearing you guys talk about how 'boring' warframe is in my mind makes you no better than everyone who goes around claiming a game is dead. I love the games I play and I always enjoy what I do whether it be casually strolling through the plains of eidolon or k-grinding the rails of Orb Vallis. Through the barrel of my Lanka that is aimed at the Demolysts of Ganymede or staring down the exploiter orb with my Chroma Prime as I go for a solo run. Wielding my Amprex against the corrupted or my Gram prime against the infested while blasting corpus with my Akjagara prime and completing Simaris's sanctuary onslaught. I always have something I can do and its something i'll always have fun with so please. Don't say the game is boring when you have over 50 different warframes capable of making missions fun or having 7000 different weapons that spice up your playstyle. There is always something fun you can do and it may just involve taking it slow
  4. The MOA performs a moonwalk backwards for 2 seconds. and then in the next 3 seconds the Moa side steps back to it's starting position with a small jump pose to end it's spectacular display!
  5. I think it's fine I mean I have bad computer but I'll still participate!
  6. Alrighty! here is my submission, apologies for the bad quality my computer is not as strong as others please enjoy!
  7. Does the prime access include Spectral Scream? Elemental Ward? or Effigy?
  8. Does the captura video require smooth transition from each camera?
  9. I'm already making mine! P.S should totally give me 3rd or below {if I win first that's pretty awesome, but I want that plat!}
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