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  1. vauban prime access well don't mind if i do!
  2. I'm going to be completely honest and say, I don't know where to put this thread. Also I am in love with the shawzin but my mouse's middle mouse button which any kind of hotkey recognizes as "mouse button 3" does not work properly so I am unable to fully maximize the fun of the shawzin and I was wondering when can we expect interchangeable hotkeys for shawzin? Since Railjack already has hotkeys ready to go I would imagine shawzin would soon see a similar feature 😄. I really love the shawzin and would love to have the ability to assign different hotkeys since I've changed my alternate fire/zoom button from mouse button 3 to my alt key Thx for reading!
  3. So, you would rather DE unvault 6 of their prime warframes, which those 6 would all have their own weapons that need to be farmed as well would all in total equal to about 12 different void relics that the player base has to collect. think about what you're saying here and think of it like a player who doesn't have all the primes, would you really want to farm out 12 different relics in the span of two months, with no guarantee that you'll get all the 12 relics thus making you resort to using platinum to buy a piece you need off of someone else? TBH I'd rather much prefer 2 unvaults every 6 months, it's small, it's manageable, and I know I can collect enough relics in the two-three months that they are available to collect them.
  4. The MOA performs a moonwalk backwards for 2 seconds. and then in the next 3 seconds the Moa side steps back to it's starting position with a small jump pose to end it's spectacular display!
  5. I think it's fine I mean I have bad computer but I'll still participate!
  6. Alrighty! here is my submission, apologies for the bad quality my computer is not as strong as others please enjoy!
  7. Does the prime access include Spectral Scream? Elemental Ward? or Effigy?
  8. Does the captura video require smooth transition from each camera?
  9. I'm already making mine! P.S should totally give me 3rd or below {if I win first that's pretty awesome, but I want that plat!}
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