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  1. Rozraz

    Venetian Carnival Contest is Live!

    yeah i'm gonna pass on this one lol not my field of expertise
  2. it's because no one wanted to do one about it
  3. I think it's fine I mean I have bad computer but I'll still participate!
  4. Alrighty! here is my submission, apologies for the bad quality my computer is not as strong as others please enjoy!
  5. Does the prime access include Spectral Scream? Elemental Ward? or Effigy?
  6. War vs Paracesis scene? 😄
  7. Does the captura video require smooth transition from each camera?
  8. I'm already making mine! P.S should totally give me 3rd or below {if I win first that's pretty awesome, but I want that plat!}