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  1. All ahead full everything counts on our speed! Our enemies move against us, Our enemies seek to defeat us, Let us meet them head on! Prepare for the void jump! Let us travel to planets unseen, Let us find stars that shine, We take the fight to them! The past no longer holds sway over us! Stand tall in the face of defeat Tenno, Stand tall in the face of adversary Tenno, Let yourself shine so bright that you illuminate our universe! All weapons going live and ready to fire! Fear not what might happen, Fear not the coming end, If you give in to fear all is lost! Fear is our enemy’s greatest weapon! Don’t let fear worm it’s way into your mind, Don’t let fear cloud your judgement, Follow me and we shall make it through the infinite night! We are heroes now and forever! The Void gifted us these powers, The Void gave us a second chance, Shunned and feared we were but no more! Don’t turn your back now we are nearly there! What say you in this great journey, What say ye on this magnificent voyage, We are all friends and together we shall never fail! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This was fun trying too brain storm hope this get's up there!
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