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  1. Love Gauss's kit from what was shown, it would be awesome if could pick up enemies during his one. This way he could get even more out of his kinetic slam. This gives his 1 the ability to seperate key targets from a group of enemies, and makes this power more effective against enemies further away from walls. Currently he pushes enemies over which takes away some of the visual impact, while taking enemies with you and slamming into a wall with you would very likely look and feel rad as hell :3
  2. Here is my submission. It's an elaborate mask the Ostrons wear for their annual festival to celebrate them still beeing there despite the sentient threat outside of Cetus and as a mockery of the eidolons walking the planes at night. The Mask itself takes inspiration from traditional Columbina-style venetian masks. Since it's a celeboratory mask and as a thank to the Unum tower the Ostrons use materials gifted to them by the tower. The closed veil resembles the Eidolons, though predominantly female Ostrons wear the mask with the veil closed.
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