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  1. ⚔️ Defenders of Prime ⚔️ (PC Only) Welcome to the Defenders of Prime recruitment page! If you would like to join, comment below, or send me a pm on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrayFrequency Discord: GrayFrequency#9604 or here on the forums What do we have?: Mountain Rank 9 All Labs Most research done (working on it!) Decorations PG Discord with guides, roles, information, couple of bots, and giveaways 🎉 No required donations You don't need to be a certain mastery rank to join. Inactivity Kick Rules: MR1-MR5, if inactive for 30 days or more, you will be kicked. This is done because if the account is inactive for so long it could be a spam account. MR6+, if inactive for 200+, you will be kicked. (will be adjusted in the future) Exceptions: If you pm me, why you will be inactive for so long, then I may consider canceling your kick. As long as you log-in/check-in once in a while you should be fine. Note: If I do kick you, and you decide you would like to rejoin, feel free to pm me 🙂 Reasons for having a PG discord: Having a PG discord promotes a relaxed community, and helping other members It is safe for streamers (they can get banned if things go too far) Clan Discord: https://discord.gg/NbHY43B Donations: Not mandatory, but very much appreciated 😁 Research: Over 72% (working on it lol) Trading Posts & Treasuries: Yes, there a few throughout the dojo Alliance: The Defenders of Prime clan is a proud member of the Lost Souls Alliance. Thank you for reading this! If you have any questions, ask me privately.
  2. Wisp seems like she'd be good for defense missions because of her 1 (Got her today, and tried her out)
  3. Banned for pointing out stuff in player names
  4. Banned for not knowing the "country roads" meme
  5. Banned for suggesting players on the forum are sheep
  6. Everyone is now banned, because of all of the puns.
  7. Banned for accidentally summoning Stalker
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