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  1. It is nice to see amazing and creative builds such as this one on the forum 😁 Compliments to the chef
  2. Wisp seems like she'd be good for defense missions because of her 1 (Got her today, and tried her out)
  3. Thor in Warframe: You could use rhino + cape, just add the color scheme For a hammer: The closest would probably be fragor as previously suggested. If you add electric mods, the status should be seen on the hammer. Could also add an attachment to have the leather handle piece. The volnus is a bit underrated imo, but it's not a Thor hammer
  4. Banned for pointing out stuff in player names
  5. Banned for not knowing the "country roads" meme
  6. Banned for suggesting players on the forum are sheep
  7. Everyone is now banned, because of all of the puns.
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