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  1. Rivens have dispositions, 1-5. The higher the disposition, the higher the stats will be for example a riven with 5 disposition can get 300+ damage 100+ crit chance, etc. The disposition is determined by how popular a weapon is, DE updates the disposition (maybe 1-2 times a year?) based off data collected from users. If a weapon becomes more popular the disposition will be a lower number, hence the stats on your riven will go down. If a weapon becomes less popular, the disposition will go up increasing the stat numbers. New prime release weapons like Tekko are currently popular because of the new release, so riven prices are up. However, 2-3 months from now the price will dramatically decrease as well as the disposition, which is why DE updates riven dispositions in the first place, to account for this activity. Its done so that riven prices can be priced more accurately is the bottom line.
  2. I tea bagged Alad V once😂 but other players naa
  3. it doesn't mean anything, prob just someone being silly. also if you crouch to the beat of octavia you get a buff usually cloaked.
  4. also, i have a clan member that makes them
  5. Sorry...I thought you meant original artwork, not altered in-game emblems. There is a big difference, also I can see the picture now.
  6. Wait a minute...thats a altered Perrin Sequence Logo.😆
  7. I dont see the emblems :' ( However, I am glad my clan was not named. I usually pay one of the members to do it if they offer(w/ plat) and I never bothered check to see if its copyrighted. If someone did copy another clan emblem, I would have no problem either removing if they wished, or coming up with some type of compromise, so everyone's happy. Getting DE involved probably would not amount to much, they just do not have the spare manpower to handle petty issues such as this. Better if you approach the issue in a tactful manner, so as not to upset anyone and try to resolve the issue between yourselves. :' )
  8. Its so awesome when someone brings a pet to ESO and 4 operators in void mode have to save it every few seconds.
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