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  1. im over 3500 hrs so tell yr friend
  2. I also had this problem but the issue seem to have fixed itself with one of the hotfixes lol
  3. I haven't seen a free weapon code in years good luck with that.
  4. THEDEADHAVEDEBTS doesnt seem to be working
  5. First off just want to say if you have "toxic" players...boot them. A little about my history I started decorating a friends dojo, then moved to a mr 20+ only clan RV (featured dojo.) I decided to finally build my own dojo and was in yr shoes. I simply gave the dojo to somebody else and started over. Deleted the discord server and cleaned out my friends list. It felt bad at the time but I do not regret doing it at all. The reason why is my new discord server is 100% better than the old one, my dojo layout/decorations are 100% better than the old one. Even the clan emblem and name is better. Yes it took about a month to redo this, but it was well worth the time and effort. Some members of the old dojo joined the new one, I have no grudges against anyone, it was a personal decision that worked out better for everybody. In fact, the warlord of my old clan did my new clan emblem :' / Something to think about.
  6. Email, sent. Cant wait to see some of your latest works. This one should be interesting.
  7. Yesterday the game crashed for the first time in my 11 months of playing Warframe. Was simply leaving the dojo to go back to my Orbiter. The game freezes, screen goes black, and then I am returned to my Windows desktop. This happened not only once but three times before I finally did a re-install. It is better now but I did have another crash while leaving Cetus to go back to my Orbiter. All these crashes have me worried, is it simply a script error? I have verified the download cache and optimized, I have my Win 10 set up for gaming, and using 1GB internet speed.
  8. Look down on the floor between your legs....its still there 2 weeks later. Using the other one I have(not sure where it caqme from) but its white energy color and looks similar to a deer skull.
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