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  1. Having an issue with Umbra and Wukong's clones following me to dry dock after a mission. My Umbra's AI seems to think its Wukong if there is one during the missions. Seems to be a relationship between this AI bug and receiving mission rewards after the mission.
  2. I tried to tell them that they wouldn't listen, then blamed it on me lol.
  3. Is there anything that can be done to keep enemies from blowing up the ship while everyone is in the anomaly? This happened after the mission was complete, I parked the RJ inside the anomaly, maybe that had something to do with it? Anyways we loss all the rewards and were kinda bummed out about it.
  4. Yea its saying every mod traded is attached even when they are not, not an isolated incident also the trade invite function is having trouble communicating with servers it seems.
  5. It will show up again but when? Nobody really knows could be next month or next year.
  6. Same here, ill send trade invites nothing happens. Then ill cancel the trade and the trade shows up?
  7. Just be glad it wasn't a Umbra mod....you cant get those back.
  8. Email support you probably deleted it by accident and hope for the best.
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