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  1. I think you would enjoy having access to a dojo, and the research it will provide you. Dont be afraid of "spending" resources, it part of the game. Recruit chat is your friend, join others on farming/credit/rad shares and level up every weapon you can get your hands on.
  2. I fly, especially with [Piercing Step]. I heard Co-ax drift doesn't do much.
  3. What is it saying exactly? I'm seeing it fine on my end so I'm stumped.Are you using HDMI? Its 1080p HD resolution.
  4. Thank you! Are you using a cellphone for viewing? Need hints I used https://ctrlq.org/images/ for screen shot hosting.
  5. Been a daily "Warframer" since Thanksgiving 2017, yea I am hooked. Started with Excalibur, built Loki, Rhino, and Oberon. Probably a two month learning curve with Excalibur (excellent frame BTW) then heavy concentration on Loki. Not so serious about the other two I use them to speed up MR primarily. I'll be at MR 8 in a day or so, my main strategy so far is to use new weapons as a means to speed up MR+Forma time, on Defense waves, Alerts, Survival, and many fissure runs. Plat has not been an issue, I am a natural trader. Ive spent a total of maybe $20 on plat since Nov last year, all cos
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