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  1. Yesterday the game crashed for the first time in my 11 months of playing Warframe.  Was simply leaving the dojo to go back to my Orbiter.  The game freezes, screen goes black, and then I am returned to my Windows desktop.  This happened not only once but three times before I finally did a re-install.  It is better now but I did have another crash while leaving Cetus to go back to my Orbiter.  All these crashes have me worried, is it simply a script error?  I have verified the download cache and optimized, I have my Win 10 set up for gaming, and using 1GB internet speed.

  2. 2 hours ago, StarRider1000 said:

    i found this wierd thing with the "kiteer Sekhara" regalia, and that is that the one that is supposed to be on the right arm is under the warframe itself. PLease fix this, it is hurting my fashion frames 👌

    Look down on the floor between your legs....its still there 2 weeks later.  Using the other one I have(not sure where it caqme from) but its white energy color and looks similar to a deer skull.

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