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  1. 2 hours ago, vegetosayajin said:

    I observed that a lot less people are using it on a daily basis.It's good for my eyes and ears.
    DE did a good job for once. ^^

    I appreciate your feedback. I might disagree with you, but I am not going personally attack you or insult you or imply that you not capable of basic English comprehension. I actually do agree with you however, that is not what this forum is for and that needs to be fixed....the people giving constructive advice and feedback and are respectful are being personally harassed and it needs to stop. If DE cannot mode effectively moderate without moderator abuse due to lax standards they will loose players (their best players.) Players that have played for years, are active in the community, and supported the game financially, have had a positive influence on the game should not be harassed in any way shape or form.

  2. So your complaining why cause stats change, disposition change, or ammo issue? I'm not understanding exactly what the problem is...help me out here.  When you legally agreed to TOS + EULA and downloaded this game it clearly states they can change the software whenever they choose to, you agreed to it or else you couldn't play the game at all.  If you do not know exactly what you agreed to its probably posted there for good reason. I recommend anyone who has not read it to read it...its educational.  And its good to know what the rules are so you all the time and effort you spent playing this game doesn't go waste because you didn't spend a few minutes reading.  Its not that hard if I can do anyone can.

    That is just the way I look at it...I am sure they appreciate constructive+honest feedback but yeah I agree with the DEVS on this one "don't personally attack somebody just because you don't agree with their opinion."  If you disagree explain why you disagree, don't imply that some one cannot read like the first person did. That will not fix anything and all your doing is creating a toxic environment. 

  3. So I have a Kuva Bramma with five forma and a riven, total the CC is 128% pretty nice right?  So I ran a little test while doing a riven challenge on POE (Down 7 Dargyn while in flight) busted out the Kuva Bramma and used Arrow Mutation in the eximus slot plus a Carrier Prime for Ammo Conversion...I lit up a Grineer encampment and fired non-stop for a good 5-10 minutes without running out of Ammo.  I see no issue here so what all the fuss about?  Please be respectful of others while responding :' )

  4. On 2020-04-05 at 8:36 AM, (PS4)drollive96 said:

    I know it wont completely stop all the ridiculous nerfs we have been receiving, but it may help minimize it. Every time they make a video showcasing an op build, they should carefully consider that DE can see it and may nerf things based on those videos if they see things they dont like. I'm keeping all my powerful builds secret now unless its in a place where DE has limited access to, such as within my close circle of friends, or my clan. Everyone else should heed this warning, your actions and what you share can have consequences


  5. Having an issue with Umbra and Wukong's clones following me to dry dock after a mission.  My Umbra's AI seems to think its Wukong if there is one during the missions.  Seems to be a relationship between this AI bug and receiving mission rewards after the mission.

  6. Is there anything that can be done to keep enemies from blowing up the ship while everyone is in the anomaly?  This happened after the mission was complete, I parked the RJ inside the anomaly, maybe that had something to do with it?  Anyways we loss all the rewards and were kinda bummed out about it.

  7. 41 minutes ago, Lykk3 said:

    If this is the case, why are they making them less fun?

    Rivens have dispositions, 1-5.  The higher the disposition, the higher the stats will be for example a riven with 5 disposition can get 300+ damage 100+ crit chance, etc.  The disposition is determined by how popular a weapon is, DE updates the disposition (maybe 1-2 times a year?) based off data collected from users.  If a weapon becomes more popular the disposition will be a lower number, hence the stats on your riven will go down.  If a weapon becomes less popular, the disposition will go up increasing the stat numbers.  New prime release weapons like Tekko are currently popular because of the new release, so riven prices are up.  However, 2-3 months from now the price will dramatically decrease as well as the disposition, which is why DE updates riven dispositions in the first place, to account for this activity.  Its done so that riven prices can be priced more accurately is the bottom line. 

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