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  1. Late response but I think I remember you two. Was it the videos?
  2. Dear god this thing is still going...
  3. I think you should read the entire post. I answer that question. At the end of the day yeah, it's a silly wall, but there's more depth to it than that, at least for me.
  4. Anti-Leukemia wall at Larunda 1! Dress in orange and come join us! Original post here:
  5. It's been 3 years since this started up. 3 years. Each September since then hundreds of you glorious Tenno have stood at the relays to form an orange wall against Leukemia. Now for all of you not in the know because I know there are a lot of new and returning members of this community, September is Leukemia awareness month, and due to the disease affecting DE 'very close to home' as they put it, we've been holding a little get together at the Larunda relay to show our support to those who have and are effected by Leukemia. It's always awesome to see you all standing in the wall screwing around and whatever else you tenno do and it's been one of the coolest community things I've encountered in quite a while. This year's Leukemia wall should be no different. So glad I started this whole thing up it has truly been a pleasure. But before I get into details and everything I want to address a question that I get a lot when doing this. 'Why this? I mean, you're just standing in a line." Well you're completely right. But, in that case, what's the point of the harmony ribbon right? I could go on about that but we all have our own reasons why we stand in that line. A lot of people do it for fun, a lot of people do it to show their support, the vast majority do it for both. Me however? Well 3 years back I started the first wall. I remembered a certain Pink Wall that promoted Cupholders for our coffee prime. (We got em!) I saw that DE was doing the whole Leukemia Awareness month thing and thought "Hey. This power can be put to good use." So I made a post here, dressed in orange, and stood and afk'd in the relay. When I came back to hoards of Tenno just standing there in the wall I was speechless. As the days went by it turned into one of the best things I'd experienced in Warframe. There were idiots who told us to stop, there were people who came by and thanked us, but there was one guy. One guy in-particular that I talked to. And I keep coming back every year because of what he said. I'm talking about a Tenno named ImSavior. He was a Leukemia patient who had just picked up Warframe and fallen in love with it. He explained to me that while Leukemia treatments existed his family was far to poor to go cross-state to get him treated and that for now he'd have to tough it out. I can only imagine what it's like to know a possible cure exists only to be unable to get your hands on it. His situation looked grim and his chances of survival were low. When he found out that Leukemia Awareness month he was overjoyed and while he didn't want to make a scene in front of everyone he wanted to thank me and everyone there for doing this because it meant a lot to him. We talked a lot during the wall, joking around and having a good time. When it was all said and done he logged off. I wanted to get in contact with him again but I never caught him logged in again. He's been offline for 660 days as of today. Warframe was a way to deal with his stress and shove it all to the back and just be a cool space ninja. I really cannot thank the community enough for showing their support to ImSavior and people like him that year and the years since. And to DE as well for inspiring all this. So if you ever ask why I keep doing this and starting this silly little wall at Larunda 1, I stand there because of ImSavior, and I stand there because of people like them, because this could really make their day. Please. If you've got time and wanna do something besides just wear the harmony ribbon pop on down to Larunda 1 dressed in full orange and join me and everyone else down there. In the past we've had these fun little expansions and even at one point we took up 3 entire relay servers with just the wall, but this year I'm just aiming to stay in relay 1. If we do this a third time in a row it'll become a sort of Warframe tradition and I simply cannot be more elated about that. Let's get out there and show our support people! It's more important than many think. And of course, if you feel like doing even more than joining a meme wall, then check out the original announcement DE made to donate a few bucks to a reputable charity. https://www.warframe.com/news/let-s-all-lift-together-this-september I will be afk most of the time I've become very busy, but I'll pop in and socialize when I can. Larunda 1 right inside the docking area on the bridge. See you there Tenno!
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