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  1. Spartan336

    How do you follow the Warframe story.

    Play through the star map and quests. You can also collect collectibles for more story. But once you've done all that there's still a bit locked away due to expired events so you'll have to look it up online.
  2. Spartan336

    Please Explain Why Universal Vacuum Is Bad

    Just keep the mod and make the existing universal vacuum a little bit better. Then we get a passive vacuum and the purpose of the mod isn't defeated.
  3. Spartan336

    Random alerts rewards needs a buff

    For what it was hyped up to be, the Arbitrations have dreadful drops.
  4. I agree. The new alerts are pretty much endless sorties with crappier rewards. The boon gimmick shows promise but it's up in the air if you'll have the weapon and frame for it. PoE, Onslaught, and countless other features have started out this way. I know DE is working hard and have their hearts in the right place, but it's getting ridiculous. Hopefully all that potential is going towards Fortuna.
  5. Spartan336

    DE I am confusion!

    An endless sortie isn't exactly what we were looking for during a content drought. It's not worthwhile playing a new mode that's basically an old mode with less appealing rewards and a boon mechanic that, while fun, is up in the air as to whether a player actually has the weapon and frame or not. There isn't much gameplay to touch up on because it's almost the exact same thing we've been doing the entire time. No arena like the Index or simulation like Onslaught. Just a normal mission at a higher difficulty.
  6. Spartan336

    DE I am confusion!

    When Warframe updates I want something worthwhile to play. Is that so much to ask?
  7. Spartan336

    More Grind or Less Grind?

    Warframe is already one of the most grindy games out there, but do you think it should have more farming? Less farming? Would more or less farming be beneficial to Warframe?
  8. Spartan336

    DE I am confusion!

    The Arbitration Alerts launched recently and I can't even tell you what I think about it's gameplay because I haven't played it. Why haven't I played it yet? It's not worth it. Yeah imagine that. Something aimed at the end-game isn't worth playing. The rewards are dinky and pathetic. There are so many good things DE could have thrown into the reward pool of this thing, especially since it's hyped up to be for the veterans and the endgamers. But no. All I get is some endo, some niche mods, and... Wait that's it? What?! We're at the end-game and we're still dry on things to farm. Why did Arbitration turn out this way when you know what we want? DE has dropped the ball on launch yet again. Yeah yeah, they might fix it in the future, but it would be nice if someday they got it right the first time, ya know?
  9. Yeah I disagree with DEMonkey here. If this feature isn't implemented than EVERYONE'S HEAD WILL EXPLODE bringing about the end of the human race. Clearly DEMonkey didn't understand the weight of the situation. (Personally I think that would be a very positive thing for the planet and I urge DE not to do jack S#&$.)
  10. Person: "I WANT THIS FEATURE WHY IS IT NOT HERE YET?!" Everyone Else: "DE hears you are are busting their balls to get this stuff out. Stop complaining and wait."
  11. Spartan336

    One Sentence Adventure

    But then, a lamp appeared.
  12. Did you just say "Buy free stuff"?
  13. Spartan336

    50 Things I Hate About Warframe

    I ALSO use the forums for S#&$posting so looks like I'm good. Well I'm not going to ask you people to read 50 BORING things I hate in Warframe. Screw that! 51. I hate that the most comfortable couch in the universe hasn't payed a visit to my Liset. E-Bay has lied to me. Well hey, if you're gonna die, a hug ain't that bad a way to go.
  14. Spartan336

    Next-Level Mirror

    I need to get a good look at myself...
  15. Spartan336

    50 Things I Hate About Warframe

    I've been playing Warframe for 5 years now and I love the game to pieces. That being said, I have million gripes about it. Here are 50 things I hate about Warframe including the major stuff, petty nitpicking, and a few jokes sprinkled in. 1. I hate grappling hooks. Who would win? 1 space ninja robot death machine or 1 clingy boi? 2. I hate archwing. If I wanted to use an uncontrollable chunk of metal to slam into something at a billion KPH I'd play Kerbal Space Program. 3. I hate the operator's dialogue with a flaming passion. All you have to do is make the dialogue MEAN something in the context of what you're doing! GAH! 4. I hate Limbo. I keep breaking my back. 5. I hate Mag, Nyx, and Vauban. I just do. 6. I hate that my Warframe STILL doesn't fit in my Liset's entryway. STILL!!! 7. I hate submersible missions. The submersible feels like the mafia threw me into the ocean with a cinder block strapped to my leg. 8. I hate the line "It's the Grineer." Good meme but it has outstayed its welcome. 9. I hate nullifier bubbles. Ok yes, they're a good enemy. But that thing has prevented my 4's ONE TO MANY TIMES!!! 10. I hate that I can't see crap in the Planes of Eidolon despite it being completely open. Everything is the same color! 11. I hate that 'We All Lift Together' is still stuck in my head. 12. I hate that Saryn and run, parkour, and kill millions all while wearing heels. HOW DO YOU DO IT GIRL?! Asking the real questions here. 13. I hate that newer players are straight up abandoned by the game in their first hours. Sure, I understand not holding a players hand but you could at least tell them SOMETHING to get them going. 14. I hate The Sargent boss fight. It's like killing a really slow maniac that has a gun. BOOM and you're done. That could be done so much better. 15. I hate that the Stalker STILL hasn't given me the War. Cough it up you edgy tin can! 16. I hate Level 100 Lephantis boss fights. Sorry but some sorties just aren't worth it. 17. I hate it when my teammates don't revive. Don't revive me and I will have a personal vendetta against you be mildly annoyed. 18. I hate Darvo's cheesy 4th wall breaks. On the plus side I got 20 years worth of nacho cheese. 19. I hate that my Operator doesn't have a light saber yet. Cosplay people. 20. I hate Nox. Doesn't die in one hit. 21. I hate it when an enemy survives a hit with 1 HP left. Now I have to stop to hit it again. Great. 22. I hate the wires and vines hanging down from the ceilings on the Earth tile sets. Especially the one at the underground spawn tile. Get outa my way I'm bullet jumping here! 23. I hate Ordis's lines. Please, Ordis. Just... Please. I don't want to hear about how dumb the Grineer are again. 24. I hate that Ordis's lore is so unknown to most people. He's actually an interesting and tragic guy. 25. I hate that Oxium and Detonite Ampule's still have their little hockey puck skins while all the other resources not updated fancy skins. 26. I hate the infested music. It just repeats the same repetitive riff while in combat and it goes on forever. It's an old piece and considering the music quality of today, I'd say it's due for a change. Seriously though, it sounds like a bunch of old cats got a hold of a chalk board and decided to scratch the crap out of it. 27. I hate that Ordis is simulating the Lotus's directives. The Lotus is gone right now Ordis, I don't need to continue hearing her voice. Just tell me what to do yourself! I don't need her anyways just let me be the edgy sonic OC R.A.D. child I was meant to be! No Ordis it isn't a phase! 28. I hate the login rewards system. Yeah the entire thing. 29. I hate that Primed Mods take so much endo to upgrade. No no it isn't a grind thing, it's just that cramming 40K endo into this little card is extremely abusive. 0/10. 30. I hate that Teen Titans Go exi- Wait, wrong thing. 31. I hate that after void keys were removed I visited the void less and it became less useful. I really miss seeing those golden arches on a daily basis. 32. I hate getting stuck on the smallest thing while rushing through a level. "AAAAAAnd here the Tenno comes rounding the bend UP into the air coming in for the slide and OHHHHHHHHHH!!! What a toe stub! That small 1 inch root is going to add at least five entire seconds!" 33. I hate grappling hooks. You ever get ganged up on by 12 of those things? 34. I hate that there's a cannon explanation for revives, but there isn't a cannon explanation for being teleported after falling in a big hole or river. Is it like Mario kart where our Liset with a big caution sign slapped onto it just comes in with a fly by grappling hook and takes us back to land? 35. I hate Kubrows. Sorry... 36. I hate that voice chat is so rare in random public games that whenever someone uses VC to speak I jump like my toast is done. 37. I hate that I have to wait for mah hover boards. Who in the world wants to wait to say "I'm grinding in Warframe!" while grinding in Warframe? 38. I hate that PoE is still kinda a buggy mess. Though I get to re-enact "Journey to the Center of the Earth" every so often so it's not all bad. 39. I hate those little Grineer gates that take away your energy. Anti-coffee is black magic and should be destroyed. 40. I hate Rhino's stomp. It says he can stomp so hard he can disrupt time, then why hasn't the solar system been blown to smithereens yet? 41. I hate the download speed on the launcher. I was a skeleton by the time PoE finished updating. I can now play the trumpet really well. 42. I hate that Clem is not the answer to life, the universe, and everything. 43. I hate that when you sit down in your little lounge near the window, a small little 'Press X to stand up' keeps you from enjoying the view. It's like a fly on the wall! 44. I hate Host Migrations. 45. I hate that the tree's in the plains sway WAY to much. Please DE, the Lorax is very concerned. 46. I hate grappling hooks. 47. I hate it when my kubrow decides that under the ramp in my Liset is his favorite place to play. I can't clean under there and it's starting to smell. 48. I hate it when The Second Dream is spoiled for newer players who don't know about it already. 49. I hate killing Eidolons. Let me get in a mech and punch it already! 50. I hate hating on this wonderful game.