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  1. Spartan336

    YYaaaasssssss Space mom confirmed it!!!....

    I'm ok with a few more Umbra's, but I don't want a flood of them.
  2. Spartan336

    Different approach to Limbo

    I think Limbo is in a good place right now. I don't want to change him.
  3. Spartan336

    Daily Damnation

  4. Spartan336

    Last Post Wins

  5. Spartan336

    Can I ask all warframe YouTubers stop

    Let me make one thing clear. Any pay walls DE puts up are entirely temporary, and the items in a prime bundle are eventually put somewhere obtainable either by Baro or by Plat. Platinum, the games premium currency, DOES NOT NEED TO BE BOUGHT!!! You can trade for plat quite easily by farming prime parts and selling them to other players. Then you can use that plat to buy whatever plat-only things you want, making everything obtainable for free in the game. I've been playing for 5 years and I've gotten a ton of fashion frame stuff and not ONCE have I ever payed a penny to this game. And as for Warframe's end-game, when we say that fashion frame is the end-game of Warframe it's us joking around because there IS no end-game. Warframe is a game that keeps on updating and giving us stuff and we love it for that. Why in the world would we want end-game content? That would mean that Warframe was ending and we don't want that.
  6. What? I'm not coddling anyone like a child. Where the heck did you get that? And I never said I was gonna taxi anyone anywhere you have to respect the natural order of the game. I think you're making a lot of assumptions here. Also, operators are invisible in the profile to anyone who hasn't done The Second Dream.
  7. Spartan336

    Soo..6 frames in 1 Squad

    That objective is defended AF.
  8. Spartan336

    This is the grind that doesn't end...

    "This is the beta that doesn't end..." Doesn't quite have the same ring to it. Be-ta doesn't fit into song very well.
  9. Spartan336

    Trade Chat Appreciation Thread

    WTS my sister for better internet! WTS Damaged Ammo Drum for 1K!
  10. Spartan336

    Does anybody use extractors?

    Not anymore lol. With the drop rate of rare resources going through the roof, I'd say they actually aren't. Maybe early game when you haven't gotten everything figured out, but after that? Nah.
  11. Spartan336


  12. Spartan336

    WTS Marlok-Crita Hexatis

    +31.2 Critical Damage +34.5 Status Chance +59.6 Critical Chance 500P This mod is currently unranked.
  13. Spartan336

    Can I ask all warframe YouTubers stop

    No, actually. You can get plat through trading. You can get everything in the game without paying a penny.
  14. Spartan336

    Mod cosmetics

    I made a topic about this a while back. Things like changing ability appearances. For instance: Making Frosts bubble a square or having spikes. That sort of thing.