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  1. Got it on the third go (first one a misstep, second forgot the ostron name for the last question). honestly quite enjoying it as a story telling method and looking forward to the next crime scene. cephalite opportunities are infrequent in spawning enough to be frustrating, but other than that I’m liking this nightwave.
  2. I’d be happy with a toggle. Invert the setting, open when full. preference would be tie it to shields, open while active, closed while down. (it’d look weird on inaros and Indus anyway.)
  3. I don't know if it's related, but I'm getting locked in this state a lot in missions right now. mostly seems to happen on kuva relic runs but has happened when hunting murmurs. Using: Wukong Prime, Basmu, gaze kitgun, ninkondi, celestial twin active. It might be the stagger that's causing it, but things happen so fast I can't be sure.
  4. A kind of CC gating? Could work... No outright immunity but a short window of immunity after being affected. Perhaps a reduced effect for said period instead though that would be trickier to implement I’d guess. Some of the weirder CC types would be tricky to adapt too, Nevertheless it’d be a good direction for the rework to go in.
  5. Same here. We got one after a ten minute wait, then nothing else. I'm not after compensation though, only a chance to play this working as intended for a full planned duration. Worried that we're losing working event days to lottery of whether your run is gonna be bugged or not.
  6. The falconer sounds good, I’m drawn to hive and calligraphy themes, but I think my favourite would be Arawn, the spectral houndsmaster. It sounds like it could be a pet class, but due to the spectral nature of the kubrow, it doesn’t have to be. They could just represent the powers with ghostly kubrow effects. Ranged root CC and dot , represented by a summoned ghost kubrow hopping out of a portal next to the target and mauling them for the duration. Maybe have it castable on team mates, where the hound trots along with them only to leap at the first attacker. hunting horn radial buff or something, hurlable spectral spears. Perhaps even a “wild hunt” styled ultimate where a full pack of howling, snarling kubrow swarm forward in a wave, sweeping up or dragging down whatever they run into. A bit like hydroids wave dash, but with more snarling and biting. Could even have it multifunction between letting the pack charge off or running along with them (temporarily taking ghost kubrow form) Also, it’d be nice to think there’s a warframe looking after all those consigned kubrow snow spacemom isnt looking after the farm anymore.
  7. Any word on Tennocon and the corona virus worries? I know it's a little early, but I'd expect those things need a lot of forward planning and I'm curious if you're going to hold on and hope or go virtual only. I mean, I'd still be interested in a virtual version, face masks and all.
  8. Vauban’s changes are appreciated. I’ve always loved this frame, even before the rework he was heavily played. The previous rework on powers felt like a good direction and post armour buff my beautiful train faced boy feels a lot more robust now. The thing I have noticed is in railjack he is the perfect engineer frame. vortex makes dealing with boarding attacks almost trivial. throw one down, two flechette balls on top of the impromptu grineer freestyle breakdancing tournament and fix the breaches before sweeping up what’s left of the boarding party on the way to your turret. as much as I love him excelling at something, it’d be worth keeping an eye on.
  9. I like that idea. Lots of gladiator types to choose from. the Murmillo had a kind of asymmetrical design, armoured on one side more heavily than the other, abilities could be focused around tanking, drawing aggro (challenging foes). maybe even an exalted shortsword and shield.
  10. Corinth Airburst aoe affected by this in any way? felt a bit weedy when i used it yesterday.
  11. Thanks for the stream, interesting stuff (especially on the napkin). being able to choose pets as freely as sentinels in load outs is all I really wanted but it sounds like they’re going above and beyond on this one. There’s unanswered questions from the steam though... i still want to know if we’re going to get a final showdown at tennomania between MachoMom Reb Savage and StoneCold Steve Sinclair?
  12. Good direction to be heading in. hope we can see those nice kill animations if the lich actually manages to kill s in an engagement. itd be a shame to waste them
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