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  1. The main thing I’m trying to track down right now is a translations of the runes floating from the ship, Sevagoth and the shadow in certain scenes. I’m not so good at Orokin, but I’m willing to bet at leat one of them is “Doom” or “menacing” because the anime is strong with this one. Sevagoth’s placeholder name while they worked on him was wraith, but I always remembered it as the “is that a jojo reference?” The warframe.
  2. This is the perfect implementation outside of operations. Something similar to the infested invasions.
  3. The battleforge seems significantly less important now and by extension facets of the engineering intrinsic path feel a little weak. In the prior iteration of railjack, engineering was quite essential, given how someone topping up the shared ammo pool or giving an energy boost at an important time could dynamically alter a mission. In the current iteration (playing solo mostly at the moment but have been on the occasional squad mission) I have yet to find a reason to visit the battleforge unless some corpus boarder was trying to break it open with a crowbar and steal the gubbins. Th
  4. There's an awful lot I love about the Command intrinsic and it's a great foundation for what I expect to be an evolving system. I do feel the role Defender is a little lacklustre An engineer will patrol the craft, prioritize repair, but in the process of defending themselves will kill boarders. In some missions, the engineer is all I've needed to deal with any boarding situation. What I'd love to see is the defender role expanded upon. Much like how the engineer will prioritize repair, but still engage hostiles while wandering, What if a defender had the following priorities.
  5. This is a good point. Maybe a teleport beacon in the pod would make sense. That, or torpedoes full of raknoids.
  6. I'm very proud of Skritt the kavat, even if he does things like this. Yeah, it's proving a bit complex for him. He picked up twerking so easily. I can't remember where I got the imprint, but when i tried to consign him to the lotus they sent him back with "not covered under warranty" shaved into his butt fur.
  7. This I'd like. have Cy commandeer the player free ship, announcing "defensive protocols initiated" then have it slip into a quasi cloak/void state. static and invulnerable and semi phased out. something that takes it off the table but explains the reason for this temporary invulnerability.
  8. Seconded. I'm hoping it's something that just slipped through the gaps.
  9. While I don't mind it as such, it does jar a little bit given how it doesn't make sense as it currently stands. Defending a friendly ship trying to repair systems. Defending an outpost mid evacuation (or trying to get its defenses back online) Defending an extraction point while a team of raiders offload cargo. Defending a saboteur hacking a vital system. All of which could easily have logical reasons to stay longer if you so chose. There's plenty of things that'd make sense for us to be defending, but a sleepy operative in their nap cocoon is one I'm having to stretch to rationa
  10. Well, the new railjack refit certainly feels like I'm playing something closer to what was shown a few years back. Only out Normal corpus crew ships feel a bit tardis-ish when you get inside them. moreso than some of the other stuff. there's definitely more space on the inside of them. I love the support vessels/installations that can spawn with the main target though. heading out to hit one of them feels like a micro version of a normal warframe mission. quite impressed with the crew so far. they're not exactly geniuses but they haven't let the ship blow up yet while I've be
  11. TYPE: In game level transition DESCRIPTION: I had set up the next mission while flying solo and opened my tactical screen. At this point the mission results screen opened. I became stuck in the missions result. pressing escape had no effect. pressing the exit button had no effect. Attempting to close the tactical screen did not work as any key presses were directed towards the mission status screen. I could not open options (as mentioned before, escape key non functional) so I could not end the mission. the unstuck command works, but does not release me. I know no other / commands that m
  12. Thanks for the answer. It's not so much a worry over only two frames, but more the ones that may come after. Given they've shown with them a willingness to use alternate power pools and innovate with how that system is facilitated, i'm hoping to see an elegant solution that paves the way for future non standard energy pool frames. If they prove to be an awkward fit, then given how central the idea of integrating warframes different systems, it'd be a small but ever present disincentive to use a different style of power pool with a new frame.
  13. How do Lavos and hildren integrate? Did they mention it? wasn’t covered in the video. (On a time limit atm. Haven’t had time to read in detail yet. Just listened to the vid while busy.)
  14. I tried to get my kavat to do something cute too. It didn't go as planned.
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