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  1. One thing I’ve always wondered is if airtime is counted towards the achievement or if it has to be ground contact movement. i spend a lot of time on my kdrive but most of that is leaping around like an oaf and occasional snack breaks when I suddenly get the urge to eat concrete and slam my face into the ground. also wondering if a stored jump charge could invalidate distance travelled too now I think about it.
  2. You're right. He sticks to what he knows.
  3. Sadly, I suspect you're right. We'll get payback. For brother Kahl. For the moa crew. oh yeah. And veto too.
  4. Or Gears of Warframe? irreverence aside, those parts of the gameplay were great. aside from the increased sense of scale and immersion in the new war that it will give, the opportunity to walk in our enemies (and allies) boots for a while is an excellent idea for storytelling opportunities and gameplay variety. on a personal note, I love Kahl almost as much as our poor, overworked corpus engineer and his moa buddies. What’s his name again? Vark?
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