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  1. Just wanted to say, the new Spy Rooms are good fun, the new mode feels suitably hectic and overall the updated tileset is beautifully done, with the close detail and art design looking great and the open spaced chambers giving a real sense of scale to the station you're on. Does make me wonder though... Given how good it looks in comparison to older tilesets, have you crafted a rod for your own back? Will you be updating other tilesets with the same degree of detail? if so, Is there going to be a cycle of sorts? "Remaster/New stuff/Remaster/New Stuff" I'd imagine It's got to make it feel like you're chasing your tail sometimes but by all means, chase away should you wish to. The results look great. Final comment. I especially like Jupiter having a couple of higher level nodes now. I'm hoping we see that spread across the system, with higher level iterations of maps we don't get to see outside of sorties when we've been playing for a while. Final Question. When can we have a poopfloof? I need it to complete my set and build a diorama recreating the first conservation missions Rebecca demoed for us.
  2. Darvo needs to diversify his stock so this is good, but he could do with a larger stock and an unique angle too. Something you can only get from him. Maybe decorations, kinda like tickers stuff. Recovered, repaired orokin decorations him, clem and maroo cobble together. Get him into the dukats market, taking them in trade for said unique goods.
  3. Looking forward to it, Congratulations DE I'd like to know what the time limit is on the alerts too. I was present for the last anniversary day, but can't remember much other than diving into the alerts immediately and not stopping till I had all the lovely loot.
  4. I’ve been wondering. theres a tennotunes competition. Nora doesn’t have much music to play for a DJ. what about some of the winners, snippets or otherwise, ending up on the night Wave?
  5. One small bit of feedback. I do like the new, more targeted ground slam, but am finding it quite difficult to pull off with sword and shield weapons given it seems to just hurl the shield instead.
  6. I am loving Nora. Getting a real “The Warriors” vibe from her delivery and the trailer.
  7. One day, is it possible that can we draw from our complete pet pool for in mission companions? It’s fine having one out in the ship but it’d be nice if we could use our whole menagerie. Cmon. What kind of monster makes you choose between your batdog, lizard cat and freaky mushroomwolf?
  8. We all love floofs, but you forgot the most important one! when are we getting the elusive, super rare poop floof that Rebecca searched so long for way back in that devstream? let us complete the collection DE! oh, and I guess it’d be cool if there were real floofs in the merch store, but poopfloof is the main thing here.
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