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  1. SO Brought the Buzlok to Deimos so I could fly and shoot at the same time! But: IT DOESN'T WORK. Tagged a nice, shiney, infested, Bitey Scratchikens (if that's how you spell his name) and my bullets said, "Nah fam, ain't happening" Anyone else noticing this, or just me?
  2. Some grammatical errors, but otherwise interesting.
  3. I believe your little outburst was a bit immature on your own part, friend. Maybe think about the words of another and consider their thoughts before bursting out in flaming fury.
  4. Nobody ever listens to me lol. Banshee's abilities are literally SOUND WAVES not necessarily "screams." The sounds Banshee makes doesn't need to come out as the sound of a scream, the sounds waves and the heavy vibrating power she emits is perfectly toned to cause internal and external damage to those Corpus and Grineer.
  5. The only frame with audible "screams" is Valkyr. Banshee is associated with "sounds waves."
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