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  1. So what I've come to understand here is that Vauban is pretty buggy with a few different abilities. Nice :) Anyway, I've noticed that the tethers linger even after death which isn't that annoying (makes for a good light show) but I'm sure it isn't intentional. I just remember being able to throw Photon Strike as far as any other 'nade Booben has but not anymore. Go on, give it a show and see what I mean.
  2. When Vauban first got his rework, Photon Strike became part of his new kit. I love the move, it's a fun way to say "DEATH FROM ABOVE, SKOOM," but I digress. It used to travel until it his something and THEN it would go off. It was great. But now? It goes off after being in the air too long? What gives? EDIT: Photon Strike also isn't getting sucked toward Vortex when thrown near or at it.
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