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Deprived of water, yet thirsty for blood. Starved of knowledge, yet hungry for secrets. Breathless when expounding upon cultures, and still I breathe in the air of drying corpses. A child... yet a Warrior, hiding in the shadows.

The Art of Words:




"Long before the age of the Empire, a young man was a blessing and curse. His new infected body brought him to a new understanding of what the world was really about. For reasons unknown, this man vanished. However, what he had become grew into a new world order called 'The Empire.'


"With high emperors who sought peace, a faction known as the Tenno were under the mastery of the emperors of the Empire. These Tenno were masters of the blade, and extremely gifted in numerous ways.


"There was one Tenno who saw the world as a place of both peace and of destruction. His mind set on creating both good and evil, he traveled the solar system. Fighting off merchants, a cloned communist race of humans, and a disease that ravaged the very galaxy. With both gun and sword, he protected and destroyed his world. He created peace and created war. With every ounce of his well being, he became Kunsumption."



~The following is from an ancient text lost to all, but known by few:



Time of the Stalker


They walk and find themselves invisible. They look into the faces of death and find they are immortal. They see each other as warriors of justice; protectors of society, the very balance of a system in need of no help. They claim to be saviors; all they represent are killers of once great and honor bound emperors and innocents. They see themselves as heroic guardians, even though they have no mental representation of the word.


I see prey. I see power hungry, egotistical beings of tyranny. These Tenno have no complacent idea of life; of their lives. The Lotus steals their memories, their ability to remember the once great Empire. They forget that their blades forged my anger upon themselves. They forget the true acts of treason and deceit they committed. They know nothing of my own descent and how I came to be. I honored every aspect of the Empire, and they tainted it with all that they are: merciless, unforgiving traitors. The Nemesis gave me the strength to slowly hunt down each and every single one of those mute, treasonous piles of filth.


My time is nearly here, Carter. I have taught you everything I know. From my memories of my masters' blood trickling down glorious flights of stairs to my abilities of deception and fear. Take my bow, use the Empire as a safe haven, stay in the shadows... Hunt down every single last inferior thought of the Lotus and her works. Strike down upon the slags; even when they beg for mercy. Remember that they took away who are; who you were meant to be. Become the darkness they hide in and flush them out. Become the face of death they find themselves the masters of. Become the one thing the Tenno fear more than anything else...


The Stalker.



This is another story of the Stalker, in depth, from the information given from the Codex.




"The Fall of an Empire"


 Every waking moment of life, I witness in my head, over and over and over again, the acts of treason the Tenno committed at the Terminus.


As I stared off into the distance, one Tenno, above all others in rank, stood tall and righteous. The Tenno had returned to our Emperors from the unknown. I was with them on their journey, but I knew what they did; I knew what SHE wanted. I trailed off and hid in the distance. The stadium held the Empire together in one giant mass of people that joined to take part in the return of the "heroes." The pain and suffering of the Empire was to be diminished, or so the Emperors and the citizens thought.


The Tenno had come back for one reason; they came to create complete and utter silence in the Empire... for good. The golden Emperor's high servant started the drumming to initiate the first sign of peace brought to the world by the Tenno. As each Tenno kneel down, waiting for the drumming to begin, I stood in the distance, awaiting the Tenno's true purpose. The servant began to drum, and my heart began to race. I started to cringe, and the other Guardians around me felt the same agony. I counted the drum beats: One, Two, Three, Four, Five. I tried to yell out to the Empire to run, but my body, coursing with fear, didn't let me; nothing more than a whisper was said. The drumming became louder in my head and I began to scream inside.




Six... Seven... Eight... Nine...




...And then utter silence. The Tenno drew the very blood that trailed down each flight of stairs and onto each throne. Their blades drawn and dripping once honorable blood, they all began to come after the other Guardians and myself, for they knew we were watching. They knew where I was, they knew what I had discovered, and I knew that I was once one of them. I drew my sword, as did the other Guardians around me. My fear became hatred and every ounce of pain I had turned into strength; I struck down every Tenno I faced in my coursing rage. The Guardians and I began to push the Tenno back. Slowly, Guardians fell until only I remained. Half of the Tenno were dead by my blade alone; the smell of blood was exhilarating. I began to hunt them all down. I felt the need to avenge the once great Empire and become the retribution of the traitors; of the Tenno.




I never heard the tenth drum...





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