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  1. I'd like to ask if it could ever be implemented is if DE could put in a way for you to craft multiple of the same thing and just be able to leave it to craft. Like instead of me sitting in foundry watching my x10 ciphers as they are made for a minute. I can have it setup to where I can craft 100 of them but it's just 10 minutes. Just stack the timers. Just a bit of a convivence thing and if it is somehow "broken" make it so you can't receive partial amounts of it ie people who set 150 Mutagen masses to craft, come back a week later and take out however many are crafted. Make it all of em or none of em. I'd just like to be able to go do some short missions while those sort of items like gear, refined ores, maybe allow modular weapons/K-Drives have multiple of one type build at once.
  2. Tonkor liches can eat a fat one. My first lich was a tonkor lich and that guy, no matter what level 1 shot my 1300-ish HP and like 500 armor Wukong and would kill me during the "invincibility" phase of Wukong's passive. Then I found Valk works about as good against them as against Wolf so back to exalted 4 spin spamming.
  3. Welcome to Console Warframe, PS4 and Xbox had been sitting on nothing besides Atlas for about three months until Tuesday. Nintendo is getting the short end of the stick though with bugged relic drop tables that aren't just there from what I remember?
  4. I'm guessing Taking Flight is when we get to zip bop into space and be able to traverse the current system with it, getting our space sea legs while probably doing 1/2 of The New War since I'm really guessing hard that New War is a quest split into 2 parts. One being in second phase of Railjack while Third is in Finding Answers part.
  5. You can name your Railjacks? Oh hell yeah, time to get some Railjacks named after the meme fleet
  6. The man asked about modern meta since they're returning and here you lads are arguing about the dapper lad and the rotting boy.
  7. Run High Risk index with booster 12 times, so get a 3 day booster and do 4 a day over 3 days. There you go 6 million credits Or if you're lucky, that plus DE given credit booster for 1 million credits a run. So 6 runs. God I want another Credit booster I'm crying staring at my 1.4 million credits and like, 3 primed mods I don't have fully leveled.
  8. The square specific amount does not work, in attempts to preemptively donate stuff to my Dojo for Crimson Branch/Rising Tides It will let me put in a number but once I do it will default to 1 again. It seems to affect numbers greater then 100 because it allowed to me to donate 48 Hexanon I had left over from crafting the Akarius,
  9. Nezha because I do a lot of sliding and him sliding down the hall like he's covered in lube makes me miss a lot of shots. Titania She's just press 4 and Don't get hit even with damage reduction on. Inaros: He's tanky but god, is he boring. Baruuk: I leveled him and hated every second I played of him. Hildryn: She's fine to play, I just hate how she looks and almost no colors I put on her look nice to me. I see all the hate for Limbo in this post too, leave the dapper lad alone he's pretty good now.
  10. About $160 2 Prime Accessories Chroma and I actually forget the other Uhh… Tennocon pass, a $20 in plat to help someone with Octavia songs Been thinking hard about buying more plat but realize "Oh wait, no money." and go back to staring blankly at Trade Chat as I attempt to undersell crap.
  11. Isn't that the point of it? Give us a time sink that will LEAD to railjack? My only issue is seeing the mutagen/detonite/fieldtron stuff and thinking about my clan and how I'm gonna have a brain hemorrhage while helping prepare us for it Because both bounties and Invasions bore me to tears. It'll suck, but least it's giving you something other to do than just liches and least it is productive. It won't matter now, but in that DE TM Soon it'll have been time saved.
  12. You don't force people to play how you want them to play. That would breed malcontent in the player base. That's not even nerfing a broken mod that has been around for ages. Cough cough, Maiming Strike, Blood Rush, Condition Overload, etc. You would be nerfing a fundamental mod. If Weapon exilus slots were allowed to have mods like that or reload speed in them, I could maybe see them being used. But, as of now. While Bane mods are great for double dipping in slash and gas procs. It's better to use that mod slot for something else instead. Especially if you're meaning using primed banes. Those use a lot of mod capacity and will eat a forma that could have been saved, or used for something else.
  13. From what I'm reading I hope that is a bug. I only did Eidolons when I really needed easy focus. But, if they buffed them. I ain't playing that anymore. Even with effects turned down those things have me eyestrain headaches and are not worth my time investment.
  14. I certainly hope so! I could care less about the lich trading I want those melee cc mod buffs then I'll be content for a good while lmao.
  15. I haven't had an issue with farming murmurs. I've been doing it with clanmates. Just from doing 1 of my planets and like 2-3 missions of clanmates got me the last ones I needed to get 2 requiems unlocked. Last one was a bit painful, but I kept soloing after clanmates dropped. I was doing them solo to be faster because people are taking their sweet ass time to get to extraction for some reason. My bigger issue is why is my viral resistant, and impact immune lich taking more impact damage then an opticor to the face only doing 130 then my Rattleguts with 1 shot doing 536 damage. (That was before I realized I hadn't put my riven back on :P) Very confusing.
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