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  1. This is true, but usually, more often than not They advertise it on their site saying the update is in cert with a estimated release date.
  2. Let me grab them for you. First one is PC, Second one is Xbox. Sorry it took so long, i had to set up Imgur.
  3. I wasn't "Harassing" anyone. I would wait until the Friday (AEST) stream where you are allowed to ask those questions in the hope it would make the top ten questions. 0 Harassment and you shouldn't be so quick to throws accusations around.
  4. I just would like to put the feedback out there that i think its actually bonkers that PC gets the prime sets for so much cheaper than console AND also offer bundled offers for Frame and accessories. To date i have bought every prime access to support the development of this game but its getting so expensive now with the last price update. I think its time to match prices or at least offer a cheaper bundled price.
  5. So it's been a little while now, and i've been asking in each Stream and such, but it seems to continually go unanswered. Where is the Series X performance Update? The Playstation had their update ages ago, and at this point it just feels like it's never coming I understand they have different architecture, but both run RDNA 2. There should at least be an update for the fans out there.
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