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  1. Thanks for the fixes. The Granmu Golden Hand console to get into the Granmu Void works only half of the time; it looks like it is tile set dependent. Also on the Railjack the Tactical map has a UI issue that makes the map Dynamic according to current location. I.E. so if you are in the front of the ship you can not see the fire/rupture at the far end of the ship because the UI cuts the map off
  2. It was never due to the starting tile when she was released and I never had this problem with the hands before; but now it is hit and miss making my helmith grind a nightmare because I want that ability to subsume. Drop rate is even worse than original launch for the Protea parts as well. DE please address this.
  3. please disregard; I found the prints in the misc section of the forge. Should have known that. Been at it too hard it seems..
  4. it is happening to me all the time now; it feels like there is less gravity and mu operator just wants to jump up and float down. Not good at all. It starts off working in the very beginning but a few hundred feet from the necralisk it bugs out. Very frustrating as that is one of my game play essentials
  5. I have the blueprint, it is in mu forge. I own 3ea of the blades and gauntlets and I verified they are in inventory however they do not show up in the forge to begin the build; am I missing something or is this bugged out?
  6. The steel path version on this sucks; I failed due to the mission timer, was on the third zapper then mission failed. DE please remove this. As far as the health regen goes, you have to kill the amalgalms on the platform, they heal it then just wait close to the laser switch when its health is low then hit it. Loki works great for it. JUST REMOVE THE MISSION TIMER DE!
  7. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
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