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  1. This has happened to me 3 times now, once in Neptune Proxima and twice in the Veil. When finishing a mission, last one I did was Silver Arc and only half of the group was able to have a vote on the next mission, but it started and the rewards menu popped up. We arrived at the new mission yet we were stuck in the progression menu. This was a public setting I did do a f6 screenshot, but when it looks like it just took my picture and not of the screen I was looking at. Sounds like people are getting cranky about these bugs but I told them that this is what us PC users do; Beta test and make repor
  2. I literally just completed a RJ mission and there was a plethora of issues because I accidently had my settings to public. they just do whatever they like. It is always a drama scene because you are yelling at them in the voice channel (which makes it worse) what their reasoning is for using my ships tactical weapons endlessly will help our cause. DE you need to have a failswitch mechanism to prevent the gunners from using the ships abelites. I have been a strong advocate of this from day 1. And I know for a fact that other veteran players feel this way and this will reduce the co-op lvl you
  3. I have been bringing this up since Railjack was a thing. The tactical UI is a dynamic map instead of a static. In other words if you are in the pilots seat at a lvl 10 engineer, then get a "HOLE RUPTURE" and cant see it it is because it is at the ass end of the ship; you can not see it unless you jump off the pilot station and travel halfway down the ship.. This has been a MAJOR grief of mine since day one. I play solo most of the time so the excuse of "Well somebody will fix it" does not compute and it is SO frustrating how long I have been trying to convey this because I actually like playin
  4. go to the codex and type Hells Chamber, it will show you all the drop locations. I would personally try to to nightwave missions to get it and other good gold mods
  5. Can we please get a tactical UI map on Railjack fix so that it is static, not dynamic. I.E. if you are piloting your ship and get a fire on the very bottom corner, the map will not show it because it is cut off. Please fix before Corpus Lich events start. Otherwise thanks for the other fixes
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