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    I too love the idea of a proper channeling mechanic in the game. What remains is to see how DE will implement it. If at all.
  2. I agree with this post. Also, remember in all the Mass Effect games, where you talked to your crewmates and other NPCs and they talked about their respective races? Or when they talked about the lore and worldbuilding? And it was presented at key moments in the story, so as to not leave the player lost as to what is going on. For example, already pre-existing NPC's could have some expanded dialog with exposition about the state of the world. Maroo could talk about her orokin artifacts, treasures and her stars. Darvo about the Corpus, who are they, what are they, how they came to be, etc, especially with him being an ex-corpus on the run, his opinion on them would be interesting. The Syndicate leaders or some other schmuck could talk about their respective syndicate's modus operandi and raison d'etre. What and who do they stand for? Their ideology, their goal, etc. Even the Lotus could provide us with the most basic information about the state of the world we just woke up to. What are the Grineer, the Corpus, the infestation (without ruining spoilers for future quests). And speaking of spoiler heavy quests, after you complete those 2 or 3 specific quests, then the information available to us would be expanded and the Lotus would be willing to share more, thus unlocking more dialog options on her dialog tree when we talk to her. And, forgive my most probable lack of knowledge in regards to the production aspect of such an endeavor of DE's behalf, but i think all you need is to write the dialog for those characters, record them, and implement them into the game proper. The writing, heck, even I can do it in like, a week. Voice actors, already available as far as i know. The most complex part of that would probably be the coding and scripting of the dialog's integration into the game. Anyway, the game, with it's incredible lore and story could very well benefit from such an improvement.
  3. i love the soundtrack of nightwave as well, but my solution was to find the tracks on youtube, download them and them listen to them as i play. Soooo, there's that ^^
  4. I agree on all of your ideas. Kudos to you good sir ^^
  5. I'd really love to see more love poured into the operators. Weapons, cosmetics, versatility with the focus tree (*make Energizing Dash Way-Bound*). Plus, the game play of operators is actually pretty fun, especially if you use all of the abilities on your disposal. Plus, they are great for stealth.
  6. yes! i noticed it too! they look gorgeous. And yes, the blade runner, alien look is pretty obvious, another reason i liked it ^^
  7. Same for other frames, like Oberon's cloth on the crotch and booty. So, yes, please make that happen.
  8. i wish i could remove the cloth in his waist too
  9. I agree so much with this idea. It would be great to implement those changes into the open world environments of the game. Kudos to you good sir ^^
  10. Yes! This! Great idea! I'd really like to see this implemented in the game proper. Kudos to you good sir ^^
  11. Cool idea, if implemented ^^
  12. Yes, i wholeheartedly agree with this post, I have the same issue.
  13. I really like this idea of yours ^^ May i also make a few suggestions of my own; Complete a mission (spy, rescue, capture or some other type of mission) only in operator mode (leave frame at spawn room) (this is something DE suggested themselves i think ans i would love to see). Also, it would be nice if there was a single challenge every week (once a week) which would be super high difficulty (that's a little subjective, but whatever), more so than the Elite challenges we already have. For example, do a Survival, 15-20 mins, LvL150+ enemies, or something a little more extreme (for even more skilled Tenno). This challenge would be only for the best players, because right now Nightwave, while easily accessible for even the most casual players (which is good imho), lacks any REAL challenge for experienced players. Intrinsic vs extrinsic, like Steve said in the last DevStream. Anyway, great idea, some of them fun, some a little more challenging, and not that repetitive.
  14. first time i ever saw in pop culture the use of "no sound in space" was the movie Akira, and after that, every time i saw a movie (or any storytelling medium) and didnt adhere to that rule, i would scream "there's no sound in space!" so yeah, i like your idea, from an immersion perspective!
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