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  1. Dear god i have the same issue. I hated when they changed the skindo's heavy blade skin to be akin to heavy blade idle animations. I even payed tennogen money to get that particular skin, and now its wasted. 6 euros gone, poof!
  2. Administering CPR to the thread! Also yes, I have the same thought. I want the option to close the canopy on top of us ^^
  3. Agreed, would be cool to have this at least for RJ
  4. i dunno if this helps, but in the settings there's the option to tinker with the camera distance (forgot how its called, Field of View i think). Centered camera fortunately or unfortunately isnt in the game, never was, and i dont think it will ever be. Would be cool if it did maybe, dunno personally. I've just gotten used to it, having played both types (Mass Effect series for example) We hope to see you stick around soon-to-be Tenno ^^
  5. i put Fire Blast and Airburst on Wukong, both CC abilities, one armor stripping, and one for pulling them all together to wreck with my melee (venka prime <3) Most fun i've had in a while with monke boi
  6. For anyone that doesnt know, 'cause i found out recently, the wiki is accesible in-game through the community console next to conclave console
  7. Apologies, didnt get a notification. I will notify you whenever i can Cheers
  8. OMG Yes! The Nyx we want and deserve! Personally i've replaced her 1 with Airburst.
  9. Apologies, forgot to respond to this one in the most accurate yet hilarious way possible; DBZ Abridged if you're interested btw ^^, great series
  10. Wow, so apparently people are ok with some of the challenges we have, and dont want them to be updated/more flexible in terms of, at least, location (OW etc)?
  11. Hm, yeah, cant argue with that. Its just that, in my experience (so take what i say with a grain of salt), they deal almost negligible damage, and only in Steel path do i feel the pressure to deal with them as priority targets (plus SP shield modifiers).
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