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  1. The first time I entered a Steel Path solo survival, I was pleasantly surprised to see WAY more enemy spawns coming at me. And I loved it. I want this for most of missions played. Though, on the other hand, having as few enemies as possible would be good for other types of missions, like spy, rescue, in order to facilitate the whole stealth infiltration vibe.
  2. One a side note, I'd like for the Parazon Emote to loop endlessly, like in our arsenal, instead of playing it once, and back to your regular idle animation.
  3. The more customization we have, the better. Besides, more options to change our appearance is one of Warframe's biggest strengths.
  4. I really like those two, and their voices are also so nice to hear. And they have a nice contrast to one another.
  5. Personally the ones I dont like are; Defection (the mechanics are fine, I'm just not a fan of it, but im kinda tempted to give it another try) Defense in most cases. Unless I have a full team, and on Hydron. Too bad its dead in Steel Path smh Hijack is just a slow, uneventful experience that forces you to stay in one place (no abilities too). Although, it should still be utilized as the midpoint between two intense mission types (as a tension breaker) Infested Salvage for me, in theory, sounds neat, but in practice, not so much. Not sure why yet though (especially if i
  6. Heh, thanks DE. We might be getting this then? (Dat Trent Reznor reference tho)
  7. I mean, im no fan of jellyfish either... BTW got the aksommati prime, lvled it, and sold it only based on it's looks. Back to My Kuva Twin Stubbas it is xD (Not saying it's bad looking, just that it isnt my cup of tea. Art Team at DE, keep up the good work ^^)
  8. Sentinels are in desperate need of a rework in terms of their survivability.
  9. I'd turn his Chakram into an exalted glaive, AND still be used for his 2nd ability. And I'd like for the option to remove it since it bothers my fashion-framing.
  10. The only thing i want from Scarlet Spear is for more mission variety (instead of Mobile Defense for ground missions), more tiles sets used (so not only Earth), and during space missions, please dont just let us park our RJ inside the Murex, and suddenly we're invincible and enemies cant get to us. Feels like a cheap way to beat the game. As for the rewards, I don't particularly care, i just want the experience it self to be good.
  11. Personally I just want her glass to be off her at all times. As much as I like their new texture, I dont like protruding/dangly parts in ANY warframe xD
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