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  1. This. Some are just incapable of understanding that.
  2. Eloquent, rich, plentiful, robust, insightfull and in-depth feedback! We await your next syllable with immense anticipation!
  3. Personally, i'm more of a "powers should always be the pinnacle of power and nothing can rival them" kinda guy, but alas, weapons are more effective. I mean, if i had the option, i'd like to play without ANY weapons and just use my powers... I dont like weapons defining my strength, my strength is my own to build up and refine and perfect, weapons are a piece of equipment (which if u know how to use is also part of skill, but whatevs). Anyway, imma stop now 'cause this will spiral into some pretty deep philosophical discussions and its almost 6 am and im sleepy xD
  4. My absolute worst for me are: (all these examples are after the melee 2.9999 update, go figure) Sparring, fists, Wise Razor (obviously), defiling snap dragon, wukong's exalted staff
  5. If a frame's design sucks but it's abilities are great, im not touching it. If a frame's design rocks, but abilities suck, i aint touching it either. It needs to have both of those for me to work. Baruuk and Chroma for example. Great abilities, horrible aesthetics (for me). Great design, horrible abilities (again, for me), respectively.
  6. Same. One can dream man, one can dream...
  7. UGH, ikr? They werent hard, just incredibly tedius and boring without the QOL stuff offered by mods, especiallly speed stuff... oh boy, everything was sooooooo sloooooowwww...
  8. Yes all the way. I hav plat lying around with nothing to spend them on
  9. I mean, customization is one of the game's GREATEST strengths!
  10. Yeah, in my experience they're actually really helpfull and courteous. Kudos to them ^^
  11. This. It boggles my mind that people dont see this happening right infornt of them. I've been playing since '17, and yes, indeed, most changes are the result of DE taking a look at feedback. And some of us have the gal to claim the opposite and act like entitled, self-centered children. Not saying DE are perfect, they've done goofed here and there. Sorry if i sound frustrated, but i've had it with the salt and the unfounded complaining...
  12. For me it's Pull. Cheapest CC with great range. Then Its Fireblast, good CC, armor strip, the works. I steer clear of Dispensary, Roar, and other "meta" abilities cause I just dontfind them that fun. If efficiency overrides fun, then I say no ^^
  13. Personally I always wanted a Venom/Carnage/Prototype style melee fighter frame, but that would require new movesets, abilities, animations etc...
  14. The day Helminth was announced and introduced i got soooooo excited, and since then i've been having so much fun with frames thatwere almost perfect, turned into the perfect gameplay experiece. Sure, identity and what not i important i guess, but not for me, since i can introduce similarly themed abilities to my frames. Ideally, for me, even further ability customization would be a dream come true, the perfect gameplay experience (I could finally create the perfect telekinetic badass, or a vanguard from Mass effect series!), even custom build warframes! Aaahh... If you're someone that doesnt like that... Well, that's why Im happy and you're not :-P
  15. Personally i judge OW based on how goergeus they look. If they look nice, then i enjoy them, regardless of gameplay. If not, then i steer clear of them. OV is, by far, the most beautiful map, for me, especially the interiors of caves and Corpus outposts (neon-synthwave lights are dope af) CD is way too red for my tastes and tires me out being there, unless its "night", or im inside a cave with cooler colors, as opposed to the warm, "cranked up to 11" pallete of the outside. The plains are just good ol' nice looking for me, especially recently.
  16. So many things to do actually! Hunt Kuva Liches, Sisters of Parvos, acquire and perfect their weapons, do the quests, unlock syndicate armor sets, collect new stuff (prime stuff etc) do Arbitrations, and test your mettle in THE STEEL PATH! Also, welcome back Tenno ^^
  17. The more customiztion options, the better i say! It IS one of Warframe's best and core features!
  18. Interesting bit of trivia; In greek, Myxostomata literally translates to "booger-mouths" (plural!), μυξοστόματα, which of course doesnt exist as is, but the seperate words (μύξες-boogers, στόματα-mouths) do. BTW greek here. That is all. Carry on.
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