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  1. Personally, I enjoyed Orphix Venom, mainly because I did 1 or 2 runs a day, for 1 week only, therefore I didnt burn me out. And got everything i needed. And leveled new equipment. Plague Star, I never liked it, the core gameplay loop was never my cup of tea, and i hated the fact that it provided great rewards. The Intrinsic/Extrinsic ratio was horrible, for me at least. ALso, never was a fan of the infested (until Deimos). Scarlet Spear was, in theory, amazing! The aesthetics, the sound design, the concept, brilliant! The execution, however, was lackluster. Space missions felt like t
  2. I'd love to have this as well
  3. oh, im just pointing it out as something that has been stated within the thread itself ^^ Also, I agree with me fellow Tenno's statement, ME WANT NOW! xD
  4. Wow, it actually looks really good ^^
  5. I love Ember the way she is now, she is almost the perfect frame, great offense, defense, energy management, design (Graxx Skin obvs), and i also Subsumed Pocket Sand for her 1 (great CC/Stun, fast and cheap, and health regen).
  6. 15 hours ago, Reitrix said: Personally, I want to see Personal Dojos. No, not a Clan Dojo with a single person in it. I mean a Dojo for exclusively personal use. No Labs or anything. Basically just a place you can decorate as you like and also use an alternative to the Orbiter, with Arsenal/Forge etc access. Then give a menu option to return to the Dojo after missions instead of Orbiter. I kinda wanna have that extra bit of content that is making an awesome looking Dojo, but don't want to have to leave the Clan I'm in to have it.
  7. Apologies, was in a hurry, thanks for being a captain though ^^ Agreed 100% True, and im not blaming them, nor do i really care This absolutely baffles me. Just, dont give in into the addiction of rolling, like, i do 10 rolls once a week or something until i get what i want (and if i dont, meh, im not in a hurry), and have 700.000 kuva in reserve (dunno if this is a lot are too little, nor do i care). Other than that, i like the riven challenges (they need to be updated though) and the chance to get one for my favorite (not best) weapons ^^
  8. Genuine question, why do some people hate Rivens?
  9. I like this idea alot actually. More fun, less numbers please ^^
  10. I understand your frustration, but guys, come on, i played for a week, once or twice a day, with mediocre equipment and teams, and got all of Lavos, Cedo, and maxed 3 top tier arcanes. Either RNG was in my favor, or i just dont mind grinding. Which I dont really, but yeah.
  11. Well, i will skip the frames i dont care about (most of them), and focus on the rest ^^
  12. OMG THIS IS PERFECTION INCARNATE! I WANT THIS! Also, art teacher here, your drawing has waaay more character than most of my student's illustrations ^^ A+
  13. True, in regards to solo. In squads, however, i find it very, unstylish and boring so to speak. Let us cooperate, 2 on the murex, 2 in the RJ, or heck, if you're good, only 1 is needed in the RJ. That would have been really fun to do, but alas, free parking space is a thing xD
  14. Vexx you absolute mad lad, doing god's work as always I might not agree with everything, but damn the thought and effort put into all of your posts is phenomenal, and i mostly agree with most of your suggestions. Take my like, as always.
  15. My personal favorites are: Helminth (made me love some Warframes even more now that i could swap out abilities i didnt like) Deadlock Protocol Quest (great boss fight and amazing world building and lore) Railjack (fun as hek, still wait for more content) Deimos Quest and Open World (mostly the story and Arcana bounties) Nihil Boss Fight (Nora's reveal and the mechanics of it, +the world building of each faction during the investigation scenes) Steel Path (Acolytes, increased enemy spawns etc and tankiness of enemies giving them more of a fighting chance)
  16. More customization and more cosmetic stuff is always a plus. Also, some animations (melee idle for example) need a touch up imo
  17. Absolute yes on the grounds that i prefer using abilities only, but alas, the philosophy of the game doesnt agree with me.
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