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  1. Haha yeah, true. my line of thinking was that i suk all enemies in a single point, radial javelin augment to increase melee dmg, and them with my skiajati boom! profit! His 1 is also an ability i despise, but oh well...
  2. Aaaaand that's why I removed his 4 and added Airburst! Most fun i've had in ages with Umbra.
  3. Ooooh that sounds neat! I too have muscle memory issues with certain abilities, and especially with the whole Helminth thing. +1 from me mate
  4. Agreed 100%. Its getting really annoying to keep pressing it every time i use an ability or exiting archwing or anything similar
  5. most of the time i go for the Mass Effect trilogy OST, and other, mostly instrumental soundtracks from other games or series or movies, unless im doing a low level relic farm, in which case i listen to podcasts. Also, for anyone else interested, i found this gold nugget on YT recently Enjoy Tenno ^^
  6. Agreed on all points. Especially on Inaros and Chroma being booooring af. Also, yes, Excal's is, imo at least, very meh, i hate his 1 (movement, damage, flow, idk, just dont like it at all), his 2 is great, his 3 should at the very least be combined innately with its augment, and his 4 is ok i guess. But guess which ability i replaced with Airburst? His 4! Because it was proving to be very detrimental to my game style. But that's just me being weird ^^
  7. Hi, Glaives still keep being thrown during regular combos. I still cant use the weapon class.
  8. Yes all the way. Naysayers are just Sir Buzzkillingtons. Or more eloquently put, party poopers.
  9. I almost always play the Mass Effect trilogy ost at the back when i play warframe, especially the combat themes (Inflitration, Tali's theme, Battling Saren, Grissom Academy extration theme etc). Great for atmosphere and bloodpumping, space epicness combat! To be fair though, some tracks are absolute bangers, like the Nidus Prime trailer (frekin'unit of a track), Octavia prime's as well, and Hunhow's theme are just amazing, including the "This is Who You Really Are", and most of the Ambient Nightwave Diorama Tracks, and last but not least, the newest Sisters of Parvos screen track (first 20 or so seconds). I just melt when i hear that last one....
  10. Same with Oberon's crotch and butt cloth, never liked it. Auxillary pls.
  11. This! The rule of cool must always prevail!
  12. Im the kinda guy that believes that powers and guns should be about equal in usefullness, including in terms of power, where applicable. Then you will have the option to choose which one you want or a mix of both.
  13. Guys, come on, Warframe's grind is one of the mildest ones out there. It also takes a modicum of self-restrain and grinding in healthy doses. Dont try to speedrun everything, take your time and enjoy the road to success ^^ Also, the only "too much" part of Deimos is the overabundance of red hues, it really strains my eyes if i play too long. For me at least.
  14. I almost exclusively play steel path nowadays, since they are the only enemies that offer me a challenge. So yes, im in!
  15. Radiation has very usefull procs (cc my enemies). Magnetic usefull vs corpus (and shields in general) Not a fan of Toxin, nor viral, nor Gas. Not a fan of poisons used in battle in general, but alas Viral is Viral in Warframe, sooo... Fire is dope. Electricity is decent damage and CC. Cold could be waaay better if with enough procs enemies were frozen solid and broken into pieces. Corrosive is ok i guess, not great not terrible.
  16. I dont care about the moding consequences, i just really love this idea, and yes, it would make early game WAY more bearable, and current gameplay even more entertaining, and i'm all for it.
  17. Ah yes, my favorite mode in the game. Its not perfect obvs, but still, along with Steel Path, and Lich/Sisters hunting, it's up there for me, because SPAAAAAAAAACE!
  18. This. Some are just incapable of understanding that.
  19. Eloquent, rich, plentiful, robust, insightfull and in-depth feedback! We await your next syllable with immense anticipation!
  20. Personally, i'm more of a "powers should always be the pinnacle of power and nothing can rival them" kinda guy, but alas, weapons are more effective. I mean, if i had the option, i'd like to play without ANY weapons and just use my powers... I dont like weapons defining my strength, my strength is my own to build up and refine and perfect, weapons are a piece of equipment (which if u know how to use is also part of skill, but whatevs). Anyway, imma stop now 'cause this will spiral into some pretty deep philosophical discussions and its almost 6 am and im sleepy xD
  21. My absolute worst for me are: (all these examples are after the melee 2.9999 update, go figure) Sparring, fists, Wise Razor (obviously), defiling snap dragon, wukong's exalted staff
  22. If a frame's design sucks but it's abilities are great, im not touching it. If a frame's design rocks, but abilities suck, i aint touching it either. It needs to have both of those for me to work. Baruuk and Chroma for example. Great abilities, horrible aesthetics (for me). Great design, horrible abilities (again, for me), respectively.
  23. Same. One can dream man, one can dream...
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