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  1. i have the same issue, thought at first it was a bug. hopefully it gets fixed soon
  2. imma be that guy; Please be mindfull of your syntax and punctuation, I'm having difficulties understadning your posts. Unless its just me, in which case ignore this post and carry on ^^
  3. I love Zephyr's Airburst because it lets me group up enemies together and finish off with other abilities or weapons. Mag's Pull is also one of the best and my favorite cc abilities in the game, so it's also subsumed the most. Also Ember's Fireblast, good cc, armor strip, small damage, status effect, good ability overall. As for specific examples: Airburst on Valkyr's 3, I love using Venka Prime and her 4 to tear them all apart when grouped together. Same on Wisp, replacing her 1 (yes, i hate that ability, fight me xD), and using then her 4 to burn them alive! Most fun i've had with Wisp in a while. Pull on Mesa's 1 for some fun CC while i gain enegry to use her other abilities. Warcry on Nova's 3 (always hated this ability), in conjunction with Stropha to quickly power up her 1 (orb) for max damage! Fireblast on Hilrdyn's 3. I never like it, so i but something visually interesting and fun on her, plus i need one less Augment Mod Slot, namely Blazing Pillage to get the same effect ^^ There are more, but this is pretty much it for now. Have fun Tenno ^^
  4. That'd be neat. Not sure about the weapons tho. but the idea sounds fun af ^^
  5. Cheers to that man! And good job at DE ^^
  6. +1 for positivity and wholesomeness We (both Tenno and DE) need those moments of understanding and appreciation. <3
  7. +1 for positivity and wholesomeness ^^ <3
  8. IKR!? Well done to the team at DE Cross save will be a thing, and the New War Demo is freakin' dope!
  9. I loved every minute of the demo. Holy #*!%. Good job DE!
  10. Personally, im more inclined to point out the logical/lore inconsistency of the extraction rooms (in some maps, not all of them). Like, how do Lisets fit into the extraction rooms of enemy spaceships? (just an example, dont bombard me with semantics) Why aren't enemies, most of thetime,guarding them? Why dont we just teleport like in RJ? Sure, there might be answers to those questions, but still, its fun to speculate ^^
  11. This. Some, mostly entitled people, give me the impression sometimes that they really do believe that DE are an arch villain or something that doesnt want their own players to have fun, and that they actively, and deliberately go against their own playerbase. Also, as an absolute and recored fact, DE have listened to our feedback (even before i joined back in '17) and implemented changes to the game. And yes, not always, because ofcourse they wont take everyone's feedback into consideration, it has to be filtered down. Its their game, not ours. Yes, we're the costumers. But customers arent always right. Nor the Devs for that matter. Not saying they're perfect, they have dun goofed lots of times. But having people here act like, again, entitled, little, immature children is in bad taste. Please dont present your personal, subjective emotions as objective, unbiased feedback.
  12. For me, Oberon was my go-to frame for early game, more so than Excal (which in the end I never liked). He has all the goodies other fellow Tenno already mentioned, and my personal favorite, self and squad healing, especially for early game where you dont have access to reliable self heal (Operator arcanes etc...) Overall, great, reliable, balanced frame, good for almost everything the game throws at you, without being an expert in a specific field. Oldie but goldie ^^
  13. +1 for positivity and lack of salt!
  14. Operator, Kim gave this new toy to--BLAST OUR ENEMIES TO MOLTEN ROC--help you with your quest ^^
  15. Best translation I could conjure up through google translate, apologies for any inaccuracies; "I think the new skeletal bones use teleport and dodge frequently in battle, and they often cross the terrain to reach places that are difficult for me to reach quickly, such as locked secret rooms, and the skeletal bones will pass through the rooms with multiple walls. There are so many walls that the player needs to pass through a large number of monsters to reach the mysterious skeleton. This makes it very difficult for me to kill the mysterious skeleton. The method of teleporting the mysterious skeleton should be changed to keep them on the same plane as the player. , And teleportation will be blocked by walls. There are many unique skills of Xuanwu and sisters. I hope to put some skills into the tactical support function to bring more possibilities to my battles. In addition, I hope that the standby crew can also be deployed in Nine Heavens, and For the crew members unlocked by the 10th level command, in fact, that attribute has not been greatly improved by the player. I hope that each of them has an active skill and can be used in tactical support."
  16. HOLY #*!%ING YES! Finally, someone that agrees with me on this one.
  17. Pedlek for president! The one we deserve xD
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