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  1. I hope you will make something for non-popular 'frames like Atlas and Wukong, just because there are not many choices for their skins at the moment. I like that you made one for Valkyr (even though it didn't make it this time) though.
  2. Nice collection, and very rare Tonfa skin too! I know Tonfas and/or Hammers are not the "META" but I would like to see more skins for such weapons. I think there are already enough options for Heavy Blades or Great Swords. And please, nice skins for Wukong would be much appreciated. Enough with the Brocalibur already. We get it, he is the poster boy.
  3. Can't wait to use Nezha in its updated form, and that awesome detailed deluxe skin. Keep up the good work!
  4. I have one or two ideas regarding Broban's 1 and 3 abilities. DE always mentioned about synergy. One thing that could work is, when player activates 3, and then activates 1, it would then magnetised towards one of the points within the Bastille. If player "spams" 1, it would create an interconnecting, net of Teslas that would zap enemies within the Bastille. Perhaps, similar to Khora's 'Dom but deals more damage, depends on the number of Teslas. Another thing would be that when player spams 1, and then activates 3, the Teslas would then magnetised towards the Bastille, as long they are within range. I think this is more in-line of the synergy and engineer warframe idea.
  5. I farmed and built the 3 parts need to continue the quest. The indicator was showing and the story continued with Nakak commenting on the suffering. There was an indicator to show to 'Touch' it. I didn't because I have to afk for a bit. Then I tried to continue, the 'Touch' button wasn't showing anymore. Tried restarting the game, the console, etc. but same thing still happening. Hope there hotfix will come soon. Cheers! UPDATE: I finally completed the quest but without some minor hiccups again. First, I unequip the mask of the one, went to the Plains. Before I go through the door, I re-equipped the mask again. After the loading was completed, there were no indicators anymore even after restarting the game, equipping the mask. I was with 3 randoms, so I thought that might be the reason. I restarted the whole process again, and this time I toggle to play Solo only. As I entered the Plains, the story continued, indicators were there and I was able to 'Touch' it. Basically, I just continued and completed the quest. Cheers!
  6. I am not sure this is the right thread for it, but after watching the stream, and Spacemom showing off the K-drive in Fortuna, I think it is kind of slow for my liking. (I know, still in development build, but I am just going to comment based on that). I think it should have like 3-speed (Fast, Faster, OMGSPACETIMECONTINUUMFAST) that can be toggled each button press for the accelerator (?). Hold the button to maintain that selected speed. Maybe can add a little SFX indicator too. Plus, I noticed on the sides of the K-drive, near the back there are three lights. Maybe that can be used as another SFX indicator.
  7. Same thing. He mentioned Konzu, so I thought I would have to go to him after I exit the Plains, but nothing happened. I guess it is buggy for now.
  8. Same thing. He mentioned Konzu, so I thought I would have to go to him after I exit the Plains, but nothing happened. I guess it is buggy for now.
  9. Hi Hitsu-San, I am a relatively new player (PS4) and new to this Tennogen creation, but I am a fan. Can't wait for the next Tennogen Round for console, and hopefully it will include the Round 13 stuff. I haven't go through all the pages, and it seems you are working on Equinox which looks awesome and in need of more love in terms of skins options. I am just wondering, if you have any plans for Gara? I have just started to build and play with her more, and she is becoming one of my favourite now. Like Equinox, she does need some loving too. Regards, laygen
  10. Or tweak the Show Profile function to show their Warframe Profile instead of their PSN profile.
  11. I didn't know about the 1983 Crash. Nice info to know. Haven't done anything to verify that yet but it makes sense. I think we need to be patient and be grateful that DE is doing their best to get it over the line. They are not perfect (game's basics can be broken still, the new UI on console sucks big time), but to me they are one of the (much) better developers out there. I still hope DE will try to improve the game in the future. Developing new things are always exciting (new modes, new 'frame, even new skins like the upcoming Nidus deluxe), but I am hoping they will take a step back and try to fix all the current bugs and whatnot, and improve the basics so new players can easily get into the game and not get discouraged easily by the overwhelming information without any proper guidance. For me, the most important are the game breaking bugs.
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