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  1. What if they charged to make the original fight stance available to all of us. Well, thats F'in slimy sad and dirty. It would be a scar for this company and if I invested in another company I make sure that be the first things to point out. But sadly, yes I would buy this package to avoid del this game off my XBOX. I would pay at this point so I can enjoy the new warframe and great content. thats how vary sad this is, but yes I would...
  2. Ello, yes it is nothing but an extension to gun play that is unstable in use. We need resolution right now the the game is for some not all and that dose not work. Do you know that skill level of all here? Well ive been on 500 plus days with this game lived a second life here. Helped and warmly welcomed new folk and showed them what I see in this game and built an alliance and gave it away to those whom did. Though lacking in MR due to time given to others I have found this game to have a theme that others cant touch. I take what happens here very serious and dont what this game to go the way of ANTHEM or worst Destiny. This update has taking the magic out of this place and this move affects all of use whom spent over a 1000$ in this game helping them make this mess. So yeah, it feel personal and like a smack in the faces. The issue can be resolved with ease from the angle I see but the bug count will grow.
  3. Its been five going 6 days cant play warframe due to this update. Please give some sort of Idea that we will get to do something about this issue. A playable to non playable game is not a small deal team..Note if I never noted in past 6 days all upgrade and sound are nice. Slamming reminds me of what you can do in Anthem but with less control. The big and main issue is this "LET BLADE AND GUN FLOW" sys for others an myself. It should of never affected movement and Melee gliding. Its important to know who tested this before it went out? We could of told you this early on really that well its something but A B tot Z will be an issue. Make option to do so before implementation recommended. folks like being bad azzes on this game not you look pathetic and unstable, and that just uncool going from limitless monsters. The people deserve a correction. Hate forms but this issue got me going. Thank you for that as now ive found 3 investments to make me 30k in next 4 years.
  4. True, but now you must remember to trun it off. No good when your pushing high level you need things to, how do I say this "FLOW". Use when you need it is best suited as you can limit channeling to slams and other things you may need it for. Channel auto blocking just eats your energy when your may not want it.
  5. Yes, which is why I'm hoping these complaints don't get listened to. OK, I see your point but there was much profit made off us for all this to happen. At the same time Advertisement given bring untold numbers of folk in. If you say "dont listen to us"..... what are you living in a regime? In business there is a time of change but this is not BRICK AND MOTOR set up. In programming I can make or brake you with a simple (;)(-->) or what ever. So solutions can come sooner than later. Every person is worth hearing if you dont believe that, this is not the Game or Form for you. Remember folks do more than just play this game they believe in what it can be past what it is. Free is not Free true this game shows use that they can do it and earn and thats a good thing. Just know that everyone's word plays a part,(community base game). If what you say was considered, well this is not the game for me then. We simply need solution so these good people can play the game again and enjoy them selves, like you are doing right now...
  6. Folks are getting mad This is day 4 that I cant play warframe due to the new style implement. My Gen and X Gen state my alliance has never been so non active.. We need a quick solution to this issue. People can not play the game they loved, respected and advertised for you for free. Ill be here and working on investments as there is really no game like this. I hope you folks understand that *your not COD, love DMC but your not that, Destiny, halo or any other game YOUR WARFRAME! the best free game in the world where folks can be a billion different things with one WF. You have a community that will now pay and actively support you, promote you and most important give you their honest never to return time. If you where not worth it would cut you off like the new COD. To keep both sides happy as you did what you did there would need to be a style selection add of some sort now as you cant giveth and taketh away now. Be Warframe, thats what you where good at.
  7. Wise. Im pro for all the person is saying but thats not the important part. This Concentration Mod/ Gauge is neat Idea I conflict with some Arcanes thought but just may be something could be looked at. IN A EXPERIMENTAL SETTING WITH THE COMMUNITY THIS TIME..............just maybe.
  8. Third Day cant play warframe thank god folk around me like GUN play so they dont care much the about the melee issue. So they can have fun, but i get to come home and look at a game Ive paid 10 times over in USD just up and switched on me with no option to enjoy anything. Melee mode just taking a weapon alone you STILL use R3?! why do you have only a blade out and (L)trigger is unusable? I think someone internal in warframe is trying to get you all to flop as bad a Anthem. After you all gave praising and complements the their team on a beautiful game. There should of been a side test sever (cloud sever) we could of went on to test this. NO, there should of been a common sense of if this does not work well, here is an option to revert this set up. I know how things can go wrong in sys, migrations and so on and I would not open my mouth if there was no money and time involved. I think you all dont know how important you all are becoming.. There is growing support for this game, so moves are not the same your entering a (to big to fail zone). The game just cant fully change like this with out options.. I dont consider my self a vet here only have 500 straight days play time in but I think you need us to give the feed back to those who call this game a time dumb and waste of HD space insight. Ive converted meany over and most are for the guns so they like it. I love all the weapons and try to make the most of them but that takes time lots of it. Fix is simple enough but now there more bugs and is the team skilled enough to implement multi play styles? Note these good folks wait for the trader for a full half month it would be good Idea to NOT let the same mods pop up.
  9. Day 2 cant even play warframe this is messing us up in getting new objective done. You cant even alter the controls manually which is just wrong. Please make a alternate in game controllers so folks can choose thire game style. And so the rest of us can play the game that we believed in and gave up on other games the assist you with. Anyone whom plays WARFRAME and is dissing those of us that now cant play at all should be ashamed. There are simple solutions and your stating we dont matter. If that is the mass thought I would like a refund of the plat payed to this company with in the last week as this in not fair nor right.
  10. So when I run and dodge fast I cant do that with guns out. Nor can it be done in spy missions so you dont accidentally pop of a round. Ive stated this for a year now with anyone I help to get Ivara bp. this is a game changer. I dont understand when folk say smooth?? Im trying to understand it but its just more access to you gun quickly. Aim glide is with a gun now fully unless you op to not use a gun. You glide with more control with only a blade out and faster. I see the ease of the switching clearly but control is gone for moving around for meany in (sensitive areas) and this defeats alot in this game. I cant help all the high folk anymore as its not about me its about helping others. This is a community game right? Well I assist that community and now im afraid I cant.
  11. This person said some of the things I was thinking personally. I should of added my own words in stating that yes the weapon you pulled out was PULLED out LIKE A BOSS now there is nothing. First all my Gen ,Now I have to weigh in.. With this type of controls is this worth playing any more. I've spent alot of money on this game for others to enjoy (not my self). I state fully to every noob "Welcome to WarFrame the greatest free game in the world" an most my generals do the same. I cant even enjoy the game at this moment. this is truly heart breaking.to me... There was no issue, just lot of folks using guns.
  12. Forwarded message, Before I B^##@ I want the say thank you for all of your hard HARD work. This Game was the missing key, that something that I did NOT know I was missing. I would need to tell you all in words to show how I really feel about this game. They take our money and make real things, real results for all of us. I truly thank you for all of that you all are doing. My issue is as with meany of us is the melee sys. In game you'll always have less killz when you melee but the feel and movements are vary satisfying. I personally go in with melee mainly most times, though side arms are there. I feel like this update is suited toward gun play people more so in its design. I hate it personally but meany of my Gen. and X Gen say they love it. I know for a fact they where all BIG GUN THIS and HIGH Critical that in play style. If they used a weapon it was only the biggest and baddest ones. I have love for the form in which you use any weapon and its great with noobs when running low to med high level to get that fight all over again. The magic in this game I thinks is in a real way the Melee as you can become that warrior at any time. This new sys has taking that feel, that magic and pushed it to more gun play *in my opinion. To be fair to all those loving this new style and to those like my self whom have built or in business terms invested with your beautiful team, I would say make an Option so this could be a play style option. I thank you all again but I am concerned I dont want to just go in with a blade to do my normal melee play as I might need a gun. Take another look at this please and keep making magic for these people going strong. Sincerely, KAP
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