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  1. that's amazing , i am impressed that other guy was freaking out and here you are cool and calm like a true master would be good work.
  2. what age is the youngest person to finish level 30
  3. ok so you finished a game you could of finished a degree in something useful. your mum
  4. first you need to stop drinking anything with milk in it. and whine your self to water . the like you said watch the video. i really think i will never do this i mean i actually have a life. and unlike some hard core extremists don't think this is actually important. my advice is to first see you mistakes and then practice first can you do the massive long jumps that make no sense. do you understand who to collect the oxygen at points. can you use the sword top kill the big enemies. are you able to land on key points eg the floor can you fall off and dash's back
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