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    bug or what

    I just checked my inventory and I have lost all my prime Titania stuff. I mean I have played for seven years and I have lost heaps of stuff over the years but really after seven years I am still losing stuff . I mean this is a lot of work to achieve and collect all these things. So you can either allow the sun point plasma drill to be able to mine tellurium. or you can give me 8 tellurium or you can return all my stuff that I have lost. I think that is a win win Thankyou
  2. sunstance

    bug or what

    i am in the mission with the guy who looks like a dinosaur and you need to get the light form a guy and as you walk around the rest of the creatures turn form red back to normally and you can kill them and the guy, however playing today on pc 2.56 pm Aest 23/11/2020 even when i got the light they all stayed red and well that not suppose to happen.
  3. ok found it the large ball in Deimos under it in the cave a bit more blue coming would of made it easier, but thanks. 201pm Aest 23/11/2020
  4. are we talking about the same thing leave Deimos completely after free roam (no missions) goto what area? opening my full map and if i go there i can walk out of Deimos. and go back to my ship with the stuff i collected.
  5. if you buy it you can use it refers to buying a weapon in war frames shop. the example is a level 10 wants to buy a level 15 weapon the principle should be if you pay cash for it you can use it in game regardless of level. I have played for seven years and have a weapon above my level anyway and I use it all the time however I brought I before the levelling was introduced ,.however if I brought to something I would expect to be able to use it in game regardless of level it is and the level I am as I have payed for it. It a free game so I say if you buy it you can use it -sunstance.
  6. ok so Deimos has some problems with it . First the place has no on surface building that you can enter and leave like Cetus has which creates problems with free roam I use PC so I don't know if anyone in the console world has the same problem. So the first thing is make a building you can enter and leave Deimos. Second the liquid on Deimos needs to be more like nostrils or holes that a living being is producing the rivers come from the holes and along the edges should be holes as well that have more liquid coming from them . this suggestion creates additional dynamic with gameplay.
  7. I will be clearer/ in free roam where or what is used to leave after free roam. on earth it is a building you go into it and are able to leave it takes you right back to Cetus, through the gates so on Deimos a free roam . where is the point of exit back to the main area. if the answer is those x exit points , that to me is only for missions and only brings you back out to the main area . I am going back to Deimos to try free roam then find the place to leave it.
  8. this demios in free roam will not let you leave . even if you just walking and collect items it only stated abort mission or resume as choices in gameplay. this then means nothing can be taken out in free roam . glitch bug error what even please fix it .
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