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  1. Liking her only for her 4th and thinking it's the only useful thing in her kit are wholly separate opinions. Lantern is my Helminth flex slot, but I find the other two abilities very useful, and even I still only care about using her for her 4. The whole reason I like Razorwing is for the velocity and agile combat maneuvers. That said, a total rework isn't necessary in the slightest. We especially don't need to replace an actually useful ability with something that basically does what we can already do by just going into operator mode. Tribute's cycling wheel is the sole thing I'd label a
  2. I somewhat disagree with this line of thinking because otherwise we wouldn't have gotten to experience the joys of playing the Shawzin.
  3. I suggest Spellbind in place of Fire Walker for infested missions for this exact reason. Toxic clouds will ruin your day.
  4. Keep on making baseless accusations about my preferences, I bring the right weapon for the situation. I'm not going to bring a Rubico to a Steel Path Survival or a Zarr to an Eidolon hunt. It just turns out that most content in the game can be done more efficiently with weapons and frames that can kill more enemies more quickly.
  5. This isn't Quake or a tabletop RPG. Unforeseeable, instant death as a mechanic has no place in a PvE shooter like Warframe. At least the Lenz gave you the chance to dodge its explosion or go into spoiler mode before you got deleted. Also, I noticed you started playing a few months after they got rid of self-damage so I can only assume you lack the experience that would give you the insight as to why the change was a welcome one.
  6. I already gave you perfectly acceptable examples. You're placing responsibility on the player to account for what some random AI or teammate decides to do in the time between shooting and the projectile reaching minimum safe distance, then blaming the player because they aren't omniscient, which is absurd. If you don't think staggers can't be punishing then I really highly doubt you've found yourself staggered in the middle of a swarm of drone-protected arbitration enemies. To me it just sounds like you want difficulty for the sake of difficulty without taking into account how unfun it would b
  7. I know how the spawns work. I suspect the primary reason spawns "felt" thicker back then is because newer players have less killing power and so new things would have more time to repopulate the area before you killed the survivors.
  8. Insta-kill mechanics without a telegraph is bad game design regardless of the genre. You can't actually think it's the player's fault when they're taking every precaution and something entirely independent of their actions causes them to drop dead without warning. The stagger is sufficient in that it gives the player a chance to recover but still puts them in a dangerous spot by losing mobility.
  9. Someone's kavat jumping in front of your cursor as you fire, a projectile bouncing off a nullifier shield back to your face across the room, the Akarius's invisible and seemingly random blast radius, a Mag deciding the enemy next to you needs to be magnetized. All examples of frequent causes of death beyond the player's control when self-damage was still a thing. I don't know if you ever experienced it but when a Nezha with a 4 million ward can die to his own Lenz shot, having so many ways to kill yourself makes it way less trivial than just not using it point blank.
  10. This is how I recall it as well. One of my first attempts at a long run was an hour Survival on the old Corpus ships and it seemed like things spawned very regularly.
  11. You're too hung up on that one facet to see the extent of their parallels:: Hit button to change form New form has static, form-specific damage options Predetermined weapon(s) can damage nullifier shields Entering nullifier shield has a negative impact on the form Must revert forms to access arsenal weapons If the Shadow acted like Equinox in that Sevagoth himself morphed into a ghost and his abilities shifted to match, then you'd have a valid point because it's still technically the Warframe and wouldn't be any different than one of Equinox's forms disabling
  12. That's not even possible without a rework to nearly every frame, otherwise it's a straight 50% nerf. How would you even convert something like Grendel's ground slam into a directional attack, or Rhino's stomp? Gara's wall shattering? Hell, even Oberon's grove is already directional but can be turned into a full circle with mods. Should its equation stop taking range into account? I suppose Frost's dome should be converted to an ice wall, Trinity's heal should only affect allies in front of her, and Banshee's quake should be turned into Sonic Boom 2.0.
  13. Except Mesa isn't locked into just using Peacemaker to the same extent that Titania is locked to her archweapons. Mesa can seamlessly toggle Peacemakers in the middle of a fight to access her other weapons and it has no effect on her overall performance. Titania has to go through the transformation animation, losing the survivability granted in Razorwing mode in the process, and then has a small window after the transformation where she can't even attack or swap weapons. And then to transform back you've got to go through the animation again (then cast the other abilities 4 times if you're usi
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