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  1. This isn't their first post involving the subject. Relevant quotes by OP from the above thread:
  2. It was the inspiration for her design, but it's not her thing, ya know? I'm talking full-on spider head, web/venom abilities, spider passive, the works. Something you can see in action and go "that is definitely a spider frame" like you can immediately recognize Ember as being one with the fire.
  3. There won't be enough Warframes until we get a spider-themed frame with accompanying web attacks and arachnid syandana.
  4. That statistic is also laughably inaccurate/false, not only because a lot of players don't even use the Steam launcher, but for those of us who started using the Steam launcher after playing Warframe for a bit, the achievement isn't added retroactively (I've never installed a mod, apparently). So in reality, the percentage only accounts for those who played for 2 hours who had the game installed through their Steam library from very early on in their Warframe experience on PC only. So yea, I laughed out loud and closed the window when that part of the video came up because it's woefully uninformative. According to Steam, only 66% of people have bothered to complete the very first, unskippable quest in Skyrim Special Edition. Instead of pointing out that the majority of people play it with mods and mods disable achievements, I'm going to scrutinize that figure and say that Bethesda did such a piss-poor job of keeping players interested in the game that 34% of every SSE user gave up before ever leaving Helgen.
  5. Mine is a super biased view but Grendel is one of my favorite frames to use. However, you may have trouble using him if you only plan on doing level 1-30 content because of his abilities' dependence on enemies surviving in his gut and the energy demands of such. In earlier missions, things you eat have such low health that they dissolve within seconds of entering your stomach or with a single cast of Nourish, meaning you have to spend more energy feasting to replenish the count if you want to maximize Pulverize. Basic starchart missions also pose little to no threat to Grendel's healthpool, meaning Rage/HA methods of energy regen are out the window. He becomes a devastating powerhouse when you start getting into the 100+ range though. It's super satisfying to devour an entire room and see that little "40" in your skillbar.
  6. I just got on to check and there is some scaling for the excavators between normal and SP... but an extremely meager amount given the difficulty of the content. On Earth, both the Defense cryopod and excavator have a little over 2k health on normal. On Steel Path, the excavator goes up to 7k, while the cryopod goes up to a whopping 188k with 21k shields. I know the advantage of excavators is that their health resets with every completed dig but it's still within the range of being destroyed in under 2 seconds before the first dig.
  7. I always enjoyed doing excavations and disruption when I wanted something endless without the pressure to keep a high killrate like survival. So it was pretty disappointing to see that they never ended up adjusting the excavators' health after SP released because it really is a delicate piece of crystal to SP enemies.
  8. That's a good point, too. It's not like we can't already get host migrations mid-mission so I'm not sure why the same can't be done with the extraction after the countdown reaches zero.
  9. Not having individual extractions like everywhere else is another reason to run solo. It's a bit annoying to get a team that wants to extract after 5 minutes of Corpus Survival when you go with the intent to try for an Ambassador part.
  10. That's cause the search looks at the descriptions of items as well. It's handy because if you don't remember the name of a mod but know what it does, you can just search for the effect and it'll pop up. Zhuge Prime: "Tenno artistry. Ancient craft. A weapon of surgical precision and devastating effect. Each bolt fired by Zhuge Prime explodes shortly after embedding."
  11. Since when has the lack of a timegate stopped companies from implementing a way to purchase drops the more you use a system?
  12. It's one of my general SP farming spots because there's no need to worry about nullifiers like with Corpus, toxic clouds from Infested, and the Asteroid tileset has a lot of good, long funnels for Grendel to suck everything in and spawn more. My other main go-to is Olympus on Mars because it's pretty hard to fail a Disruption once you can reliably kill the demolysts, and there's no pressure to keep a rapid killrate.
  13. I'm not even reading past this point because if everything after it is this inaccurate then I'll be up all night responding. I've never done role-specific mission runs because I play Warframe to do my own thing. If I feel like bringing a Vazarin Grendel to an Arbitration Defense instead of a Trinity Prime, then that's what I'm going to do. Since I prefer using my Lenz over my Bramma most days, nobody's going to pressure me into swapping. I can queue for dungeons on ESO if I want to be assigned tasks. The last time I remember being in a premade at all was for a radshare or vault hunt in 2018. All non-solo games since then have been purely random PUGs. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten grouped with just one random stranger in SP Survival missions and we stay there for over an hour with almost no words between us aside from "gg" at the end before we part ways. Limited interactions like that are the sessions I crave.
  14. I can and absolutely am denying your claims, considering I'm one of those Fury/Kompressa players being swept under the rug. Your own gameplay experiences don't reflect mine or anyone else's. Just as you can say that all Wukong players AFK and let their clone do everything, I can say all Protea players ruin Rage builds with their shield spam. But I rarely play Protea so I'm not about to knock on anyone who decides to use her. If I happen to team up with a frame that I feel is a hindrance, I'll leave the mission or adjust. And to understand why I can't see this as anything other than a Wukong-hate thread, reread your own words: This is very targeted language and sweeps a wide brush over anyone who dares to use Wukong's abilities. The fact you don't take issue with 3 of any frame except Wukong is further proof of this. I don't like how her abilities feel, plain and simple. It's the same reason I hardly play Saryn, Ash, Atlas, Inaros, Rhino, Excalibur, and some other frames regardless of their viability. My Mesa Prime probably hasn't seen more than 10 missions since her Prime Access. That isn't to say I would mind a teammate bringing a Protea along to certain nodes, I personally don't want to be the one behind the wheel.
  15. This right here shows how disingenuous this thread is. You don't actually have an interest in hearing why people don't use Protea, it's just a Wukong-hate thread by a different title. At least try to pretend like you have something constructive to say rather than spewing gross generalizations of Wukong players when you clearly have little to no experience using him outside of Hydron.
  16. You've never used Razorwing Blitz Titania if you think any frame in the game comes even close to matching her speed.
  17. During the first week of Deimos release, maybe, when you couldn't rush subsumes or boost food preference. Then people realized how many resources they were dumping into Helminth for a meager amount of experience relative to the alternative. Subsuming was and is the more effective way to level it.
  18. Considering there's zero stunlock protection in the game, I'd say it's an absolute necessity on any frame you plan on keeping in a mission for an extended period. One of the most frustrating experiences in this game is watching a 3000 HP Grendel ragdoll in the air by an Acolyte and slowly die to a thousand cuts.
  19. So you need to replace another ability through Helminth in order to make one of her other abilities actually worth using, gotcha.
  20. This is a pretty gamebreaking bug considering it basically forces you to have a cold snare for the rest of the mission.
  21. This is just a case of misplaced expectations. The Galvanized mods were never advertised to bring something like a Hema to the same level as a Bramma or Nukor. They were meant to increase all weapons' killing power through regular use in the more difficult content where they were constantly being holstered in favor of melee, which they've succeeded in doing. Granted, the universal "On Kill" conditions make it a bit more difficult to utilize the bonuses on the less effective weapons compared to "On Hit", but they can at least get to a point of usability with just a few kills. Someone would have to be delusional to think the introduction of a few mods would magically make bottom-shelf guns top-tier while keeping the top-tier guns relatively the same.
  22. Are you from 2022 where all of Yareli's problems are addressed?
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