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  1. Still very patiently waiting for fixes for reported bugs that happened after the Plains remaster / dual elemental emissions introduction : Valkyr skins (and a several other frames) missing energy emission points (very very widely reported) Wrist mounted secondaries breaking all custom frame idle animations, and putting you in a hunched over stance, (also widely reported) https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1080053-update-broke-custom-stance-animations-for-wrist-mounted-secondaries/?tab=comments#comment-10698138 Imperator Syandana loosing all color saturation and becoming incredibly dull, no longer blending with frames colors https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1086278-imperator-syandana-completely-busted-after-the-fx-update/?tab=comments#comment-10698129 Some frames getting collision boxes way outside their actual shape, making cloth accessories and syandanas bend around over invisible (imperator Syandana being one example, Nidina Shoulder plate another) way too much https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1085512-several-clothflowing-type-items-now-have-strange-structuralmesh-issues/?tab=comments#comment-10691948 space still AW having the strafing issue after fast turns that was fixed for atmosphere AW https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1086281-aw-slidingstrafing-after-turns-was-fixed-for-open-world-apparently-not-for-aw-missions/?tab=comments#comment-10698148
  2. I hope they're re going to legit try to grind out those rivens, 4hours+ for one, that would be poetic. (but we know that's not happening)
  3. After this hotfix, using transference now breaks all invisibility abilities. The game still thinks they are active, but you loose the invisibility erffect, and abilities either need to be recast or canceled, and in cases of say Loki they can't because you can't recast the stealth until the previous (now broken) version runs out. This is happening 100% of the time and is fully repeatable every time. PS: Imperator Syandana is still bugged and fully de-saturated, it's lost all it's previous color that matches frames, looking incredibly dull and not taking color properly. PSS: please fix the idle animations on wrist mounted secondaries already!
  4. Nice to see some fixes. But all wrist mounted secondaries still have broken idle animations, they are not using any of the custom frame animations, instead defaulting to a hunched over pose.
  5. Also Atlas skin looks great but the shoulder accessories don't seem to attach properly. They move independently from the skins shoulders themselves, off sync.
  6. Thanks for the quick fix for Harrow's 1 ! Just a heads up, the wrist mounted secondaries still have bugged animation sets when equipped since update 24.6: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1080053-update-broke-custom-stance-animations-for-wrist-mounted-secondaries/
  7. Good, keep up the good work! This felt like an actual proper first rebalance (compared to a somewhat weak previous changes) These nerfs hit a huge chunk of my precious riven stockpile, including all kitgins, Rubico, Amprex, Supra, Ignis, some had several well rolled rivens each and many many more. Nearly all of my most used weapons were nerfed by this riven balance pass. Some I've spent hours griding Kuva for to re roll; one or two purchased for a lot of plat. Good. This shot to the system was needed. Don't back down and keep at at. It was painful but it's ripping off the bandaid. The more you do it the less painful and more expected it will be.
  8. Are the changes not live yet after the hotfix and Equinox prime deployment patch? I am not seeing any changes on my rivens across the board. Compared previous versions that I archived screencaps of with current stats went live in a second hotfix
  9. AW on the plains/valis is still bugged and has a noticeable drift after turning, making you travel not in the direction it's being pointed at but instead slide somewhat sideways for a significant time.
  10. I've tested the Titania Razorflies change and it does not appear to restore dead razorflies, only heal. existing ones Making it an almost useless change 😞
  11. Came here with the same question, does this change only heal them, or restore dead ones too?
  12. Please fix/revert the AW changes or at least give us a toggle option. Please!
  13. Yes please, I can't stand not being able to bank or roll anymore, the loss of control is huge and it feels incredibly awkward. At least make it a toggle. Please! It's leeching a lot of the fun out of Fortuna for me right now. And I've been loving it all up to this point!
  14. Please revert the AW controls, no longer being able to bank or roll feels incredibly awkward. You feel glued to a horizontal plane. I've lost soooo much control. Or at least make it a toggle option. You specifically have bindings in the menu for AW "roll" that do nothing now. To me AW feels awful now.
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