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  1. What i meant is the points the other guy stated, are weaker points for example, Alfredo talked about SE nerf, the other guy hopped in with (there's more kuva farms) , of course there is but like SE farms? Not sure. So basically his points were ''pointless'' because we are saying and complaining about nerfs and not complaining about not having more ways to farm.
  2. No, dont worry cuz i not missread it, what you did prove were just weaker things something that cant even be compared how it was before nerf. So again, no point.
  3. Obviously only argument you been using on Alfredo, besides that i cant see any other thing that clearly makes sense. Prove your point instead of just being elitist
  4. Why would even people do that... its not that hard to fit 3x3. Bust them cheaters
  5. IGN : gueezy198 MR: 25 Started Playing in 2017 Hours: +1000h Country : Portugal Language : Portuguese and English I was looking for a clan with active members, i often do endurance runs like arbitrations, kuva survivals. I also do Eidolons/Profit taker, and im a very competitive player since this is an Event clan i think it would be perfect. Discord : gueeezy#8407
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