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  1. The decay is lowered with power strength, and is reasonable. The decay is there so you don't keep insane damage easily. The cap is there because they upped the rate per infected. If they increased it it would be a huge buff to what it was before. It's so you don't need so many enemies infected to get a decent rate up. I do want it to stack with more enemies still, maybe with huge diminishing returns after 10 but something . Death by spores back to a small radius I would like as well . (They did it this way though because the thing that kept super high damage numbers and instant killing is that damage went back to 0 when the spores got strong enough to kill everything almost instantly, but now it just decays and its possible to get up to that peak numbers right away instead of the strain dying off and they dont want the strain to spread when its strong enough to kill almost instantly) Wait, if saryn isnt an energy hog, then why do you need energy on lash ? The removal of cast on molt is almost the entire reason for the initial changes, adding it back would promote the stationary turret play, and it would be a little too easy to keep high damage strains of spore going, which is what they want to also avoid as well. What you are suggesting is basically making saryn even easier to play, with no down sides and even higher damage and up time ... She doesn't need all of that.
  2. Thep10xer

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.5

    Issue 1. Multiple Saryns in a mission dont work together. Someone's Spores won't transfer and their gameplay is impeded completely Issue 2: Spores not spreading when tick damage kills does not feel good Issue 3: While Ramp up when 10 enemies are around is faster, ramp up for more enemies is slower, and despite being able to recast spores, without the ticks spreading it is not easy working over the damage decay.
  3. Thep10xer

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.5

    First of all. Saryn instantly killing everything under level 50 wasn't fun for public players who could do nothing for their missions.
  4. Its needed only if you use her for spores and refuse to use other abilities. Okay lets imagine nidus. The maggots were infinite duration and spread infinite times, increased in damage the same way. And passively gave you stacks, and stacks were infinite. Doesnt seem bad at all. Even if the spores did not maintain damage, they will strip armor and allow for the units that usually have teh most damage to die way faster (pubs with no CP aura)
  5. It hurts in round based modes at the start of the rounds, Thats why you use toxic lash and your ult instead of just sporing on low level/mid level enemies. Which is fine with me. Saryn crushed mid level and below too fast and easily. Viral proc and scaling with ur weapon with huge aoe with no LoS issues.
  6. They dont spread toxin anymore. thats why it scales dmage by itself now.
  7. almost no abilities scaled the way saryn did, it was unique, but an outlier. Toxin is still toxin, its a DoT that kills non armour foes and bypasses shields complete. As long as the range of the spread wasnt lowered, and the damage ramp up isnt too slow ( hard to judge based on only 8 enemies shown in demo), Im okay with it, even though my riven mutacyst cernos is meh now. The toxin spread calculations were a little inconsistent regardless. And wwith this change, a level 30 saryn with good mods wont need to also have a maxed weapon with good mods to make spores viable. And for my playstyle, I like the corrosive part of it. Now the screen wont instantly die at low and mid levels, and I get end game scaling versus that armor in pubs. The only problem I really see is that if the enemies are being killed by myself or my team mates too quickly and the damage doesnt ramp up before that spore line is killed off. And just waiting around waiting for a new pack of enemies while the first pack slowly die isnt going to be fun.
  8. The spore popping second cast is to make sure you cant spam it on molt. The augment change relates to the damage type change... Why would corrosive spores give allies viral damage? Its extra damage. The spores dont kill armour instantly. Its good regardless...
  9. thats literally the point of these changes, they dont want you to spam 1 on your molt and farm easy like that. they want you to spread your single cast , then blow it up for a burst.
  10. instead of instant half health, they will be stripped of armour over time, and armour was her biggest scaling weakness. But depending on how fast the new spores scale, the damage could be ass
  11. Thep10xer

    Khora's Planned Changes

    I vote more for her passive being better, and making the 3rd ability rez the cat for an energy cost.
  12. Rage and Quick Thinking shouldn't be mandatory ,and even then still plenty of frames that die almost instantly. Volt with 4k overshields shouldnt die in zone 6 in 2 seconds that the enemies aren't cc'd in some way. Meanwhile Mesa is projectile immune pretty much and killing the whole screen with great scaling for her damage as well on the other end. When you have armour mod, heath mod, shield mod, all maxed out, a frame shouldn't die in almost 3 bullets. and shouldnt have to rely on a "energy on damage, energy stops you from dying" gimmick bandaid mod set up. In order to a lot of high level enemies, you have to be in line of sight, and they take more damage , So you end up killing the whole screen for a while then suddenly enemies dont die instantly and you get shot literally a few times and you realize the damage has been creeping up this whole time to insane levels. But several Warframes and set ups just completely negate this scaling , some into their favor, so technically things arent impossible and things never get changed because it's "possible", despite more than half the warframes and weapons being unviable by huge margins after a certain level.
  13. Damage on high level enemies needs changed. I dont want to get hit by 2-3 hit scan shots and die on half the warframes..
  14. Thep10xer

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.6

    If there were drops, this would be the best farming place by far. Tons of spawn that spawn as quick as you can kill them, and rotates enemy factions every zone making you literally not have to go anywhere. And lore wise, these are just simulations. The special rewards here are the relics/radiants, and lots of xp/focus.
  15. Thep10xer

    Where is Update 22.18.0?!

    nah it said later this week from the start