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  1. Console's clean with fresh paste. Fresh install of Warframe. Today's crash? Tried to load into Cambion Drift. Blue screen.
  2. Read the mod. +40% damage per status type with a limit of two. EDIT: I might be misreading it. If it's literally 80% per status I'm big dumb. My understanding was that limit referred to the number of statuses it can benefit from. Sisters of Parvos launched with big melee nerfs, and specifically to Condition Overload:
  3. No, my math does not! And that's actually a very valid point. Lack of spool would be a significant factor.
  4. It's a Kuva weapon. I would hope in a thread about Kuva weapon balance it would be understood that the weapon has an element bonus on it. When compensated for the base 25% elemental bonus, the normal Grattler outperforms the Kuva variant by ~9-20%. Which is worse. Even if we only consider the base stats, this is still significant because most kuva weapons have better stats in addition to the element bonus. Yes, you contributed. EDIT: As Lequesai pointed out, the lack of spool up is a significant factor and not accounted for in my math. I'm not certain if it would make a big difference in overall DPS or not, but the initial burst DPS would clearly be higher. And it also carries a convenience factor with it.
  5. Read the mod. On Kill: +40% Damage per Status Type affecting the target for 20s. Stacks up to 2x. So to recap, it's +40% per status, stacking up to two times for a total of +80% Condition Overload got NERFED. It is now +80% damage per status up to maximum of 3x. This grants a maximum of +240% compared to old CO with, say 5-7 statuses hitting at 400-560%. Considering the new CO is only a 45% increase in damage versus the ~140% - 240% it used to be makes it a much less compelling argument.
  6. Hyperbole, perhaps. By my math the Kuva Grattler, when accounting for the 60% elemental bonus, does outperform the base variant by 9.9% in Gravimag or a mere 5.3% from Archwing (or more importantly, Necramech). If <10% more damage weighed by the grind to get it is the hill you wish to cry hyperbole from, so be it.
  7. Ehh... pretty much. For my testing from a roll into a jump it seems to give me more air speed. Midair normal-speed dodge roll definitely gets you more airtime in the long run as ABD shortens your rolls a bit. So it's speed over distance; I find it useful after a bullet jump for preserving aerial momentum right before an aim glide. But I like to air roll like a Peppy Hare disciple. It's also a big deal for me because I've already over-forma'd most of my weapons to fit it. On the plus side, I can slot Galvanized Diffusion on most of my guns without dropping in a new forma, the downside is there's probably a few where I was only over capacity by only a point. Agreed. An exilus mod would be excellent for this, especially if for secondaries.
  8. Which is a whopping 7.5% increase in damage over the base version, with the full 60% bonus (requiring you to farm multiple weapons to fuse), when most Kuva weapons have better base stats in addition to the elemental bonus. This 7.5% increase is also wholly mitigated by the 11% fire rate reduction, and not saved by the trivial increases in its other stats. Why y'all go to bat for the nerfs is beyond me.
  9. Are all 4,000 of your posts this condescending? It's a feedback thread mate. Imagine having this strong of an opinion over losing a whopping 10% multishot vs. vanilla Barrel Diffusion. As if this mod is threatening your DPS or something.
  10. I'm sorry? I enjoy the roll speed, it offers a substantial increase in speed over the default value. Very good for increasing the distance of a bullet jump by rolling midair. Going back to fat rolls feels painfully slow.
  11. Galvanized Diffusion is an extremely potent mod and I shouldn't have to go back to fat rolling in order to slot it. Please move its bonus onto a mod that doesn't conflict with the new Galvanized mods. EDIT: The reason I make this edit is because the Galvanized mods were added to the game as part of a Rework. I'm shooting myself in the foot now by not using Galvanized Diffusion, but Amalgam Barrel Diffusion is an underrated mod and now it's instantly obsolete. This is arguably power creep at the cost of gameplay.
  12. Kuva Grattler is literally worse than normal Grattler now in almost every measurable way: Kuva Grattler, compared to Grattler: Lower base damage (50 vs. 100) Lower Impact damage (5 vs. 10) Lower Puncture damage (40 vs. 80) Lower Slash damage (5 vs. 10) Lower total damage (50 vs. 100) Lower area attack damage (155 vs. 205) Higher critical chance (27% vs. 25%) Higher critical multiplier (2.1x vs. 2x) Higher status chance (27% vs. 25%) Lower fire rate (5.55 rounds/sec vs. 6.25 rounds/sec) Larger magazine (60 rounds vs. 30 rounds) Different polarities ( vs. ) Higher Mastery Rank required (15 vs. 4) Lower disposition (0.5 vs. 1) Imagine dropping a nerf patch on Tennocon lmao
  13. Serration grants +165% damage. Galvanized Aptitude gives +80% at max stacks and gives you a whopping 0% until you get a kill with it. If someone told you to replace Serration with Galvanized Aptitude they've given you bad advice. I second an overhaul to mods, though. They could pretty easily get rid of Serration for example and just up all primaries by 165% and free us up a mod slot. I doubt they will, but I'm in favor of build diversity.
  14. As title. Said to have been fixed here: May have been reverted in subsequent hotfix.
  15. Today, I tried to load my arsenal while in Dojo. Crash to desktop.
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