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  1. This is still a thing on PS4, but I didn't see anything in the hotfix about it (unless I'm blind). Please help.
  2. The headpiece for the Erlang Prime Oculus seems to ignore secondary energy completely. Kinda killing my ability to choose colors for Energizing Dash. Thank you!
  3. We're consistently 2 months behind on Tennogen on console. I'm sorry and don't mean to chuck a bunch of negativity around, but that really, really irritates me. I understand there was a winter break but this seems to be a consistent issue. I just want my Limbo Graxx, dammit.
  4. Well at least there's that. I'm not one to get irritable at DE in the forums, but I don't see why they implemented a patch to fix Lotus's voice but not the Arbitration Drones benefiting from Ancient Healer auras. The amount of expletives thrown at my screen has been.... really really friggin high.
  5. Clan Name: Scourge of Mugen Clan Tier: Rank 10 Mountain Clan Clan Platform: PSN Clan Role: House Master (admin with architect perms) posting for Warlord Gorudensukaji Welcome! Today I'm going to take you on a guided tour. Please do not deviate from the tour and please, no photography. This is the image you'll be greeted with when you first enter, welcome to the Upper Grand Hall! A bit further back you'll see our Thrones: View from the thrones: Let me take you to the Tenno Bazaar. Here we have some curiosities on display: For closer inspection: We even have a runway, because fashion frame IS endgame: If you follow me we'll take a look at our statue gallery: Let me show you a room that I worked on, this is my Great Dragon: He has a friend, too: You can see him all around the room: This is LizzieBordem's room, our other admin. This is Muffin! He's based on a true story: Uh, I think he sprung a leak: Ok, so you want to see what there is to do? Okay. Let's go to Club Scourge: The stage: Plenty of seating too: Need to relax? Come check out the Space Beach! And of course, obligatory evil robits: Hi mom! Thank you all for taking the tour with us! I might add a video tour in a bit. Special thanks to all our members who contributed time and resources to our dojo!
  6. DE, I love you guys, and I know you got stuff you're working on, but a Toggle Umbral Details options seems like it should be quick & easy.
  7. Console pleb here. It makes zero sense that Umbra's details can't be toggled. I've kept vanilla Excal around just for fashion purposes, yet I enjoy using him less than I enjoy Umbra. There's several Excal skins I've been eyeing (Corpra and Exaltation when console gets it) that I'm flat out not going to buy because Umbra's scarves obscure it. I also don't like how much bulk his armor panels add to him, kinda ruins the Power Ranger thing I had going with my Dexcal skin. Even within the context of the game's story there's no reason Umbra has to have a scarf. I fail to see how reducing player choice regarding cosmetics helps a game that's largely funded by players buying cosmetics. More versatility is better.
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