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  1. Good. Like I said: I also disagree with the argument as a whole, as it just gives more avenues for standing gain. In addition, the completion reward bypasses your standing cap so it would still technically be worth doing. I know. But it's boring and I hate doing it. Great, so now you'd be rewarded for your choice to go there, it's win/win. But I'm MR30 with 3500+ hours and all focus schools maxed. Personally, I have no reason to go there other than for relics and weapon parts to sell. While I COULD forma weapons there, I generally prefer not to. I don't think "levelling
  2. Look, I know somebody's gonna say "Rook, you can't customize Resonator on another warframe because only Octavia has a MAANDACHOORD!!" Well listen here. My helminth ate Octavia AND her mandachord, and I don't wanna listen to the terrible honking noise of the default Adau Instruments Pack song. I wanna make phat bass lines specifically for the solo resonator. Please and thank you.
  3. With the Helminth system, many of us need Simaris standing more than we ever have on account of the many warframes in his inventory, and to be honest I'm tired of taking creepy photographs for the crazy old cephalon. Additionally, adding standing rewards would both help the Khora farm feel a bit less painful, and give vets who have completed all their focus schools a reason to return to ESO.
  4. Defeats the purpose of using it as a mobility tool/gap closer when you're set to walking speed when you get out of it.
  5. And if you want the Shawzin, too, you have to buy BOTH. You get Bombast Instruments when you build her. Wrong info here, my bad.
  6. Left shoulder looks great (lines up nicely with the shoulder-horn), but the right one is turned inwards at a weird angle. Animation set doesn't seem to matter, but used Nekros's for symmetry.
  7. You know I could swear I tried using operator during Razorwing and it didn't work, but I stand corrected. I'm pretty speedy with my voidboi but I still wouldn't wanna lug a datamass with my operator. Hacking works great tho, ty. ^ This
  8. I mean... I can manage it and I don't even have a mouse & keyboard. I'm sure the stationary "sitting duck" strat is great tho.
  9. The klaxon/siren that's supposed to signal the beginning of the mission (when you enter the perimeter of the objective) plays every single wave instead of just the first.
  10. I've been playing a lot of Titania lately, and I've noticed for a lot of content you HAVE to leave Razorwing in order to do stuff. Hack a terminal, pick up a datamass, parazon a kuva thrall, etc. It feels pretty punishing that I lose my buff completely and have to recast abilities 4x in order to get it back. It's not the worst thing in the world, but it's a bit of a downer.
  11. When piloting, it'd be nice to be aware of how much heat my squadmates are generating on their guns so that I can do a Combat Drift (Rank 9 Gunnery) in order to stall their heat generation.
  12. Max rank, doesn't work with or without Nightwatch Napalm. I stagger and cri everytiem.
  13. I'm at least 85% sure I'm spelling it right.
  14. Refining a relic as the timer expires causes the UI to present a "Please Wait" overlay and prevents all inputs from being registered. Warframe couldn't move, couldn't pause, couldn't bring up chat. Was able to rejoin mission but lost relic drops & affinity. Edit: Ordis mailed me the drops, all I lost was the affinity.
  15. The Falcor is unable to effectively utilize mods that add explosions on bounce. Falcor possesses an innate 1m punchthrough on charged throw attacks. It seems that mods like Volatile Rebound and Volatile Quick Return only remove punchthough added by mods (Power Throw). While it sounds useful being able to have punchthrough AND explosions, the Falcor ends up not bouncing due to its punchthrough and doesn't trigger the explosions unless it hits an object it can't penetrate (like a wall or floor). Currently the only way to utilize these mods on the Falcor is to use a standard throw at
  16. Bonewidow's sword can't hit Necramech weakpoints with any level of reliability, but they can combo her down no problem, regardless of whether she has her Shield Maiden up. Ironbride is already worse than Arquebex in pretty much every measurable way, it's just insulting for her to be THIS bad against enemy mechs.
  17. So I got this Infested K-Drive after some very frustrating races, and I get it and can't change the color of the tendrils on it. I'm assuming this is a bug and not a "feature." Thanks for reading.
  18. I don't remember this syandana having these weird goofy lines on the edge of the model.
  19. It's impossible to find the little buggers sometimes, especially when my build is designed around using this set.
  20. As title. Does not cause a shockwave regardless of trick score. I think there are several K-Drive mods that are broken at this point:
  21. I really wish my aim wasn't locked in the direction the K-drive is facing. It would be considerably more fun to be able to shoot in whatever direction I'm aiming regardless of the K-drive's orientation. This would allow for strafing targets (meaning moving left/right while shooting forward), and would make for some fun interactions. Imagine styling on Exploiter on a K-drive... I don't think this would affect game balance in any meaningful sense either, Archwings can already do this and more.
  22. As title. [Inertia Dampeners] is having no effect on trick score, and does not change the score multiplier. Bummer, too because I really want it for [Juice]. I think there are several K-Drive mods that are broken at this point:
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