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  1. There IS a reason the whole "If the shoe fits" quote is a thing, you know?
  2. Oh dang you must be MAD mad 😂 Ya'll really ran out of ish to say, didn't you? I already told you where I got it from. It's not my fault if you can't see it. If you really that miffed that I came back to laugh, then bro why HAVEN'T you BloCkEd me already? Either you're enjoying this as much as I am, or you don't know how to block me. Maybe if you don't like being lumped in with someone else, then maybe you should, IDK this is just a guess here, not reply to someone who's talking to them, and not you.
  3. Bro, this entire quote conversation started with you quoting me explaining the difference to someone else who literally thought this was about getting all bronze items, and not just all the same item. When that initial post of mine wasn't even quoting you to begin with. How the hell is anyone supposed to not think that's what you're confused about? Clearly you thought the shoe fit you when you read my reply to someone else which is why you responded to me to begin with. If you already knew the difference, and already said what you had to say about it, then there would've been zero point in rep
  4. Nah I accept your opinion just fine. I'm just entretained by the fact that you seem so bothered by this thread, and also insist that it's a complaint about everyone getting bronze ish, when it's somebody complaining about getting the same item. Those* are two very different complaints, and since you seemed so gosh darn confused about the difference, I decided it was entertaining asl to watch you explain yourself, as to why you're still replying to a thread when you clearly already said everything you came here to say. I mean, let's be honest, it kind of seems like you're just here because you
  5. Not the response I was expecting, but it made me crack tf up, so i'll take it. 😂
  6. Then why are you even still responding to the thread as if you don't understand the topic of the thread, if you already came and stated your opinion on the matter?
  7. Pretty sure you missed the point of the thread with this one. Obviously it's plenty likely everyone will get a bronze reward anyway, but the initial complaint for the thread was that not only did everyone get a bronze reward, but they all got the exact same item reward, and it was a forma. The initial poster is literally just looking for a prevention of a full squad all getting the same exact item, thus defeating the purpose of even doing fissures in a squad.
  8. Also yes this thread was about all persons in the squad getting the same bronze reward forma blueprint in the same mission at the same time, while all using the same radianted forma. *Relic
  9. I actually have played an MMO called Fiesta Online since middle school that works like that when upgrading weapons. The upgrade has a percent chance to work and each time it fails in a row, the percent chance for the next time to succeed is increased. This counter does however reset each time a success occurs.
  10. Honestly the void mirror is labelled as inactive they could just ad an active void mirror and then do the same differentiation for the clock as well. People do love options afterall.
  11. THIS THIS THIS! I would kill to have the ability to choose which frame is the statue there. Heck even setting it up just like relays and letting MR 30 people give blessings in the dojo to affect that statue, would be pretty kool!
  12. Honestly, I just miss having a small list of missions I could do quick and simple and easy going to get me back into the swing for the day, instead of just staring at the start chart wondering what I feel like doingfirst, before eventually deciding that I may as well just get back off and log on another time. I've hit rank 30 on the current nightwave months ago, and there's nothing there to entice me to do a quick mission just to waste a specter on standing or something. At this rate all I have left to use for that purpose are 'Help Clem''s and Ayatan Hunts, but wait those only refresh once a
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