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  1. Noryangjin

    Simulacrum Transporter In Orbiter/Dojo

    The Simulacrum is perfect for everything, except its accessibility. I rather use Captura sometimes, for save my time. Simulacrum Transporter will be good idea, for a decor like Ludoplex. Can be bought from Cephalon Simaris for standing, can be donated and decorated in Dojo. And Captura Transporter as well, makes much more sense than entering via appearance menu on Arsenal.
  2. Noryangjin

    Displaying Mastery Rank Progress

    This is not for you, if you don't like it. This game need to be friendlier to beginners.
  3. Noryangjin

    Displaying Mastery Rank Progress

    I just want to know how many mastery points gained and left every mission. Press ESC > Click Profile > Click My Profile is such a tiresome.
  4. Noryangjin

    Left-Cam Problems

    My eyes are left-dominant cause i have my right eye with severe astigmatism, so I have no choice but setting camera left side of the warframe for visibility. And... [Left-cam, Aiming] "What am I shooting? I can't see my weapon" [Right-cam, Aiming] "Oh... It was Ignis with fancy solstice skin......" [Right-cam, Aiming] "Howbout archwing?" [Left-cam, Aiming] "What the...???" [Left-cam, Without aiming] "Howbout a pistol with Glaive? It's held in left hand!" [Right-cam, Aiming] "Huh.....?" [Left-cam, Aiming] "WTH??????"
  5. Noryangjin

    New Stance Idea for Nikanas

    I mean this: for an exaggerative example.
  6. Noryangjin

    New Stance Idea for Nikanas

    Actually, all the Nikana's stances are not so similar to oriental stances, look weird for me. There's a well-known craft for katana, "Battōjutsu", means "drawing out a sword". It often described in movies, anime, comics and novels, "quick drawing out the sword, slashing (or stabbing), and drawing in", some of the blades are described so quick and wouldn't be seen.
  7. Noryangjin

    Archwing Paradoxes

    It's Experimental Flight, not Simulation mode. Damn translations
  8. Noryangjin

    Simplifying Player Markers On Minimap

    I've played 700+ hours and have no idea with that pixel arts.
  9. Noryangjin

    Simplifying Player Markers On Minimap

    Maybe I can see three rabbits vomiting everywhere
  10. Noryangjin

    Simplifying Player Markers On Minimap

    I played WF for more than a year and MR is 25, still no idea with those markers. There are 62 of pixel arts to be used to, and I think I already have given up.
  11. The markers on minimap for other players are lack of cognitivity. On this picture, I barely identify Garuda and Limbo, and have no idea with the remaining one. How about these? I simplified the markers with their Ability symbols. Prime is colored gold. Or these. There is already some info about squad members on HUD so numbers would work, but you must press ESC to identify their Warframes. These must be distinguished from Goal Markers.
  12. Noryangjin

    With Bloom FX

    Bloom FX, 10% intensity. "Pay (for a better PC) To Lose!"
  13. Noryangjin

    Missing "Tulok" and "Lanzo" Fishing Spears

    mine too...