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  1. Welp you did it. There is no reason to revert the Xoris nerf since Khora is now dead as well. Congrats.
  2. Welp goodbye Khora stat stick 2 forma venri and 3 forma Khora.
  3. Show me the MR 0 with a Xaku (who hasn't bought it) I'll wait. Actually I'll just go this has devolved into levels of logic I'm clearly not smart enough to understand.
  4. You really over value how important void damage is.
  5. If they don't buff operators across the board i literally don't care- there is a reason why no one likes shield phase of Edlion and we have been complaining about it for years with no fix. So yeah.
  6. My bad- fixed my spelling. But yeah minus two fights there not used so how can we invalidate what is already not used.
  7. Ermmm.... Something seems off here.... so was the Xoris adding the damage or the Riven? Ermm.... Well i guess its the Xoris fault that Rivens effects Khora's 1. And before you ask I use rivens on Khora's 1 but I don't trade for them cuz I'm not giving DE money for encouraging people to basically gamble.
  8. I have stacked 2k heat procs on enemies in steal path and they still don't die. This is not fun.
  9. Reminder to respond to the Xoris feedback.
  10. Daily reminder to adress the Xoris feadback
  11. Everybody say it with me. *Being*a 'warframe vet' means absolutely nothing. I mean come on its not like we are fighting in 'Nom' it's meaningless and an awful excuses.
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