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  1. Actually wrong- Inaros is a bad rhino without his abilities. With them he is a great CC. team healer and objective healer- with an easy access to finisher damage
  3. Nice job ignoring all feedback on the Xoris.
  4. Ah Yes giffs the classic response- We're done here then. In future do not put words into people you don't know mouths- I never said I hated Warframe far from the truth I care about it a bit too much after investing money and time into it- But this has spun into meaningless talk so have a good day.
  5. I never said any of that why are shoveling words down my throat? I said I want them to fix the root of the problem in my own matter- which just so happens to be filled with Expletives- so #*!%ing what? Is this a christian mine-craft server? Or are you mad that I am attacking your glorified slot machine? Because let me tell you, your blind if you think that the Rivens aren't a bigger problem then the Xoris they have been for a while- people spend hundreds of dollars to buy them from other people who have wasted hours of there time doing nothing but rolling a glorified slot machine- just so there number can "go up" as Khora or any of these warframes they are "Fixing" Also I am offended by your lack of cursing please don't quote me unless you curse at me. Also also, it would a made far more sense if you said spitting instead of sitting you cant just copy me to try and be a cool kid "Sitting and spitting out expletives in every direction" woulda been much better.
  6. I am not Anti Riven I am Pro- Warframe not being dogS#&$- if that is too rough for you, well all I can tell you sit and spin.
  7. Or you can just buy the power- Can we just get rivens removed from the game? Or imporved like I dont give a S#&$ that people sell them for 5k plat- they are a blight in warframe and need to be reworked or removed.
  8. Just... stop, no one wants stance forma... its useless.
  9. What level of play?... Please explain to me what you think was EVER difficult about Warframe? Let me tell you the answer- GRIND grind is the only thing "Challenging" about Warframe- there is no veteran "Pride" even if they made the numbers go comically high we would be doing the same thing cuz we have famed the best gear- Warframe is a solved game let people have fun without having to stick to the same old S#&$ This game was never balanced.
  10. Stop trying to shoot yourself in the foot no one was playing Railjack- now it is the slightest bit enjoyable, and they should not go back.
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