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  1. I do very much want to clothesline corpus while I skate past them. It doesnt even need to be a combo system, a one off "gotcha" move would be great. Something that does impact damage maybe.
  2. Still this. Yall sleepin. Additional idea: we could have this feature tie into a "friction" stat that you could alter with mods. So the less friction you have the more gradually you lose speed, this could be a highly customizable skill-based mechanic.
  3. Ok so I was gonna build an argon scope thing which does exactly what I want but then I realized my clan didn't have a chemlab for some reason. So anyway - I still want this btw. Like - you know they filmed the predator vision scenes in Predator with an actual thermal imaging camera? That was in the 80s. All I'm saying is - enhanced vision is not new technology. How far in the future are we? And we have full face masks riddled with technological wizardry - give me a frame that excels in visual targeting - and I mean as long as I'm trying to work that idea into a frame I should add that you could work it into a cooperative mechanic too. Maybe if you are playing as a frame that can visually highlight targets, have said targets appear on your team's radar for as long as you are looking at them. This could work as a sort of alternative to regular radar. Also - I did get a Zenith. And although I'm loving it, it's just a little bit too situational to be what I'm looking for. The range on that beacon you deploy is a bit weak, both in how far you launch it and how far it detects enemies. Still neat as hell though.
  4. Bullet jump animation still gets stuck in horizontal mode after ragdolling off of K-Drive. Not a huge issue just throwing it out there.
  5. I've looked around the forums and I'm aware of the issues, but it seems like you're trying to draw attention to the fact that you pumped money into your digital items over actually addressing the issues yourself.
  6. Gnohme

    Combo resume?

    All right, I'll mess around with it a bit. Thanks for the help.
  7. Gnohme

    Combo resume?

    How long of a window, though? This seems largely inefficient seeing how we're still working with a "pause or hold" combo system, and the amount of time between attacks tends to vary from weapon to weapon, depending on how it's modded. I guess I'll try more stances, but currently my Decisive Judgement doesn't seem to do anything with it at all. I was trying it on the combo where you hit twice, pause, hit, and this starts a combo where your guy spins around - so I pulled out my guns, shot a bit, then went back to meleeing and I'm right back at the start. The combo did not finish. There should have been two or three more hits in the combo. Am I just doing it too slowly? Does using the "melee on primary attack" option change something about how this works? I wouldn't think so, since aiming should still pull me out of melee. I feel like we need more information on how this works, it seems pretty scarce atm. But to go back to pausing combos - how would that work even? If the combo is only triggered after the first two hits and a pause, then another hit - but the first two hits are from a different combo altogether - what happens when I shoot between the second and third hit as opposed to the third and fourth? I'm guessing it doesn't remember the combo because technically it hasn't happened yet, I'm still on the first string of attacks.
  8. This sounds like a classic case of "game experience may change during online play". But I don't know if DE wrote that anywhere - I kinda figured it was implied. They used to put it on anything with multiplayer.
  9. I feel like this mod should increase all other moves since it sounds like a "base speed" increase type of deal. As it stands right now when I have a maximized Extreme Velocity and Nitro Boost on, regular movement becomes almost exactly as fast as the sprint when you hold it for a couple of seconds. You can even move sideways at nearly that speed. Or as an alternative, as I've suggested many times - allow for building of speed when boosting down hills. Retain momentum, raise the skill ceiling. And it's worth mentioning that I got Extreme Velocity after I got Nitro Boost, but it would've been even weirder had I gotten it first because I'm guessing it would make my regular movement faster than my sprint which is just.... dumb? The concept of doing a "boost" move should be that it's adding speed, no matter what your speed is. But since everything is segregated by stats right now, you can have completely illogical situations like grinding being your fastest move, or being able to strafe in regular movement faster than you can boost forward. I think we need to do something about this, because it all feels very janky at the moment. I like the K-Drives but I want them to feel a little more physical. Also I noticed that air control only works sideways, while moving or boosting forward does nothing to your trajectory in the middle of a jump. Which leads to these strange situations where I'm waiting for my jump to reach the peak of its arc so that I can turn to the side and add additional speed in the direction I was originally going - which is something I can't do if I'm already moving because the game would register this as "turning" if I changed my camera angle at all.
  10. Gnohme

    Combo resume?

    How does it work? I haven't noticed it at all, it seems like my combos are looping back to the start like they always have.
  11. Yeah I guess that's all right, it's just a little bit odd being forced to zoom in to do an attack? Being made to block wasn't an issue before because I was usually blocking 70% of the time I wasn't attacking, and to attack right out of a block is only sensible. Not sure I much like being forced to zoom when aimgliding either, now that we can't glide with melee, it makes it feel like mechanics are being pressed together to save buttons. Other than that these changes are most welcome, but there's weird things that bug me like the inability to take out melee to block without attacking first - not an issue necessarily just an oddity. Idk, I'll play around with it. I'm sure I'll get used to it. But maybe we should just make the zoom function have its own button. I think it's a bit silly that we have mods that cost capacity just to reduce the zoom on weapons - in what reality does that make any sense? Make the zoom some sort of toggle, and make all weapons have the same top gliding speed. Maybe even make the slowdown sensitive to the zoom-in. I've always thought it a bit strange that aim-glide speed was determined by weapon, but I get what they're going for. Often when you are in the air, you want a longer window of time to be able to take a shot. But that's not the only reason people aim glide.
  12. Also, how am I supposed to execute the blocking combo in this stance? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Decisive_Judgement#Legacy look
  13. I'm a bit confused about aim-gliding now. It used to be that melee aim gliding was the fastest in that it carried your current momentum into the glide - although it might be the case that secondaries function the same, it's kind of annoying that now there's no way to glide at full speed without zooming in with a gun. I don't see what's wrong with just keeping melee-equipped aimgliding the way it was - just have it be if melee was last "equipped" that your aimgliding will be with melee - and I see no reason why the new auto-blocking feature shouldn't be implemented alongside that. I did a lot of midair blocking prior to this update. My strategy wasn't dependent on it, but it is a thing that I noticed happen a lot. Like aim-glide speed being based on your weapon type has always been a bit strange to me, but at least you could always fall back on melee gliding to not be different from weapon to weapon.
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