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  1. Bring back experimental flight plz. Archwing feels so... jerky.
  2. This isn't some massive undertaking like we'll be diverting DE's attention away from other developments - I'm no coder but including an alternate mode of flight can't be more difficult than a few script changes (as long as we're keeping it simple, not talking about designing a whole flight physics engine). If we're being honest Warframe on the whole isn't exactly an "elegant" game - I mean it looks nice, it plays nice - mechanically it's a bit of a multilayered mess. And I don't even mean that disrespectfully, I like a good mess of a game. I just feel like that's kind of a weak argument to play goalie over - because you want it one way, and would like to save EVERYONE from the "inelegance" of having a toggle switch to change it up a bit. I don't really think it's that much to ask, and honestly when we're in Archwing we spend way less time in immediate proximity with other players, so none of these changes are going to make players feel as though they're playing different games. I've never once been able to tell if other people are or aren't using experimental flight mode from an observational perspective - I only notice it on mine. Like that's kind of the same argument people make when there actually is something that impedes my ability to have fun, like Equinox using an AOE ability that kills everything on the map, preventing me from actually playing during the match - that is always met with - "just go with it, bro! Free rewards!" - some of us actually wanna play
  3. You wouldn't have to deal with anything, just have experimental off by default - your settings gonna save regardless. And yeah I think it's a little weird the railjack can fly upsidedown but archwing cant but yheah I'm all for different movement configurations if they went that way with it. This would also be the solution I thought of some time ago when they talked about replacing the wall hop with the wall run again - some people might like the wallhop unless there is more versatility and usability in the replacement wallrun, and it would make sense to just have some sort of configuration slot for parkour styles. That's a thought for another conversation though - but I do think that when they change certain mechanics it would be wise of them to include the old option if possible, if it's not too gameplay altering of a change.
  4. Nah see this is why having an "experimental" mode as an option was nice though. We shouldn't have to argue about which is "better" when clearly there are people on both sides of this issue. Personally I am much more thrown off by NOT having to turn a little early, it feels unnatural to me. Granted, the space levels before were HORRENDOUS because they mostly weren't open environments (Good lord the corridors #*!%ing corridors), but I don't feel like a tiny bit of inertia should be as much of a problem in an open battlefield where the only things to worry about are asteroids A good example of how some things in this game ride the line between "realistic" and "arcadey ninja action" is the parkour - it's interesting to me how little air control you have and the only unrealistic parts about it are the fact that you can do some moves in mid-air. But once you've done them, you are committed to your jump unless you glide. But again like you said - crazy ninja space tech. I don't need it to make sense, I just want it to be fun
  5. Yeah just to be clear - not asking for 100% realistic space physics, but something in between (not even in between I just want a little more visual pizazz). Like you said just a TINY bit of drift changes it up enough for me. I dont much care about flying upside down that was basically useless although neat - though it's kind of strange to have it gone in space now, the one place where it might actually be useful and there is no up or down (or shouldnt be) - like it was useless in the plains but out here where enemies do loopty loops while I'm shooting at them, hitting the "bottom" or "top" of my turning arc is a little strange but its w/e
  6. I agree they are "snappy" but there's a couple things I take issue with if I may vent for a moment- 1. Not a big fan of holding down forward and shift to fly - weren't we able to just hold space before? Or was it shift + space? I just remember maintaining momentum being much easier. 2. Sudden stops (too sudden) upon releasing the movement key - making attacking agile enemies difficult because the moment I lay off the key to adjust my aim to get a better shop, they speed way ahead of me and I have to get myself aligned with their vector again, often needing to dash towards them or grapple them towards me. Could use some sort of cruise control or look function that allows a little free aiming while traveling (I realize you can strafe and all that now at the same speed, but this is kind of a halfway fix when you consider this just changes your options to some sort of 6 direction aiming system since you have to shoot straight) 3. Linear turning - that is to say - instead of creating a parabolic turning arc, even like a pseudo-physical one (just give me a little curve, I'm okay with somewhat unrealistic flight physics and turnaround speeds) what we have is now a throwback to the Plains and Fortuna release version of archwing - where when you turn instead of creating a little arc that takes a split second to straighten out, we are instead left with JUST the momentary loss of speed and no turning arc. I remember this from when Fortuna first dropped - so I think the way they have it set is that you have a somewhat appropriate "wind up" time to get back to your top forward speed, but you always wind back up to that speed in proportion to how hard you turned, and you always do it in an exact straight line, no matter how hard you turned. So 180s pretty much look fine cause that would just be a straight line, but pull a 90 degree turn and find that the same thing happens, only it takes half the time to speed up. That's fine, but the loss of forward momentum could just reflect upon the time it takes to travel along a tiny curvature instead of just being this vacuous thing that exists to simulate... something? Idk. Also you can see what flight would feel like without this when you use the grapple hook, though it's not a great example of what I'm talking about - using the grapple above regular speeds does create a bit of inertia. INERTIA. What I'm asking for is just a tiny bit of inertia or even fake inertia. Archwing was perfect after they corrected the "drift towards your turn" glitch, but a couple updates ago it was ruined again so - yeah my main peeve is that I don't feel like I'm flying, I feel like I just died in counter strike and I'm in noclip spectator mode. Sidenote: I like that grapple hook tho
  7. From what little I've played of Railjack - I like it. However what keeps repelling me from getting into it is what has been done to these godawful archwing "physics". I put the word in quotations because there are none, we're back to the same fly by wire "archwing instantly goes in direction of camera" nonsense. Can we have experimental mode back or something? It doesn't feel natural that you come to an instant halt, in space there used to be a little bit of drift, I very much preferred that.
  8. https://imgur.com/hwq0xsp this was the good stuff. My turning is a little herky jerky so it's not a great example (dirty mouse probably) but you can see there is at least JUST enough drag that you notice it - and that makes you make decisions that take into account turning arcs and your current speed - and level geometry! you know! Like a game! I like games! I don't care about efficiency so get out with your min/max arguments - it might add .005 seconds of travel time so I am not a hinderence. make archwing fun again - it was ALMOST fun - now it broked
  9. Nope, not the controls. The fact that there's 0% drag when turning means it's back to the way it used to be - a glorified noclip function. Nothing - I repeat nothing - in the universe - behaves in that way. I just.. I hate fly by wire systems for this reason. Some games don't even feel it necessary to PRETEND that physics exist - the drag was honestly not bad, it felt perfect. Here,I have a gif to substantiate it somewhere one sec - look - it breaks archwing for me. Add experimental mode back with a LITTLE bit of turning drag cause it's just - it doesn't feel like a game when it's like this. It feels like I just died in counter strike and I'm now a floating camera. That's not "flight" to me, it's just immersion breaking. Please return experimental mode
  10. Also S#&$ like Mag's abilities could easily make sense passing through walls.
  11. Big fat no to reducing forward momentum - I literally want the opposite. You're asking for an anti-bunnyhop mechanic - I want what is essentially a bunny hop mechanic. Retain speed from slide, sprint, any maneuver you do - bullet jump shouldn't slow you down if you're going faster than the jump would on its own. I would literally stop playing this game if they made it so that repeated bullet jumps went less and less far. No offense - but that idea is really REALLY bad. The game ALREADY drastically reduces your speed the more horizontal your bullet jump is, so this is just pointless. Diagonal facing and upward facing bullet jumps go way further and faster than the forward one, which doesn't make much sense. What this does is actually make bullet jump slower than sprint on most of my frames.
  12. Ok I have a potential aesthetic complaint - in addition to the removal of the very satisfying ragdoll slam attacks, has there been a reduction of ragdoll deaths in general? I feel like every enemy I kill with my War just falls down, no gore or force being done to ragdolls. It looks kinda lame.
  13. Yeah a lot of stances that previously felt extremely fluent now feel pretty choppy - especially the one I use for my Nikana. Can't remember the name atm - it definitely needs some work though. I like the idea of the heavy attack though I think DE should look at how other games execute it - like idk if anyone here has played Prototype? I kinda liked the way the old "hold to charge" attacks worked because it seemed like they were at least partially context sensitive to the attack you were doing at the time - Prototype had that in spades in which any attack animation could be charged to make a heavy attack, making for extremely fluent combat scenarios where you could react appropriately in the middle of any animation to finish someone off. I think DE would be better off keeping the hold to charge, and then supplementing the use of the channeling/heavyattack button as part of more combo chains. And that's the key thing I was hoping for here - with the separation of certain combos into movement inputs, I was hoping they would fill the gaps with MORE COMBOS. Or at least a more dynamic way they can link back and forth.
  14. I very very VERY much endorse this. Honestly I think as they start making fundamental changes to certain mechanics, like when wallrun eventually comes back to replace wallhop, they should always preserve the old mechanics through use of a mod or some unique customization slot they could shoehorn in. Ragdolling on slam was honestly one of my favorite things since they updated the slam attacks. I'd appreciate it if it were height-scaled so that if you were really high up with no combo counter it would just ragdoll them instead of stun. It's a little bit underwhelming as it is.
  15. This kinda bugs me - watch the legs. Anytime you strafe during these "tactical" combos (which I believe you can execute while strafing or backpedaling, right?), your character's legs always register as moving forward. Pet peeve maybe, but I don't think one-handed swords or any weapons that allowed movement between strikes did this before, I pretty distinctly remember seeing strafing animations.
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