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  1. Personally I'd prefer a bullet jump that didn't reset our momentum (the most offensive instance of this is when you drop out of archwing going very fast, and then perform a bullet jump, slowing you to a snail's pace) - I wouldn't mind a set of mods that allow you to keep x % of your momentum when performing bullet jumps in the direction you're moving, maybe scaling the percentage by the angle so you could still allow for perfect redirections but say like - if you perform it in the exact direction of your velocity maybe you keep between 80% and 100% (so that's your bullet jump speed +80%/100% of your speed that you had over that speed to carry over), and then just lessen that % for every few degrees that you are off of that directional mark. So if you perform a bullet jump diagonal to the direction of your momentum (so not quite 90 degrees, and I'm talking horizontal this time) maybe that gets reduced to like 60% or 50% but still allow you to travel in exactly the direction you chose so you don't have to account for angular drift and can still allow sharp turns - and then if you do a bullet jump opposite the direction you were heading, you just go bullet jump speed. That's what I propose. But to reply to what you said that we'd have to "completely redesign bullet jump" - I don't think that's true at all. I'm just saying if you are doing a downward one, cut out the hang time or just apply an additive velocity to your bullet jump speed depending on how downward you are facing. So I'm just saying disable or alter one or two elements really. No hangtime when going downward, or just significantly increase the speed for downward jumps the same way they did for upward ones. Sorry if that was overcomplicated I'm merely trying to explain how we can have more fluid parkour with a higher skill ceiling without sacrificing control or redesigning the entire system. And again, this is but a pet peeve, just thought I'd bring it up. Also, bullet jump does exist as something that interacts with your angular velocity physically without resetting it, but only when you bullet jump after using Zephyr's 1. So even if we went that far with it, something of that vein does already exist within the game and does not necessitate a flat-out redesign. And yeah final note I'd be lying if I said I didn't exploit the everloving hell out of the slam attack. A bug that DE will probably address eventually - jump up into the air, and flick your mouse down and attack at the same time. If you do it right, you will go an obscene distance at an obtuse angle. System is fun, though a little glitchy at times.
  2. I have a small pet peeve when it comes to the way bullet jump works - and it's that because of the brief moment during the animation in which you are essentially traveling in a straight line with no loss of speed via gravity, there is a bit of awkwardness in this maneuver on occasion. Now, forward bullet jumps I don't think travel as quickly as a nicely angled diagonal jump up into the air (not straight up, but a little above the horizon) - I'm sure this is intentional so that bullet jumping doesn't necessarily overtake sprinting with every frame, and idk maybe there's some physical logic in there. But what bugs me a little bit is that even though a diagonal and upward bullet jump seems to travel the furthest or the quickest (you cover a greater distance even if it is the case that the animation plays out the same length of time, so that might be a variable), if you happen to be in a situation in which you do a downward facing bullet jump, things suddenly feel very floaty. I think that you still travel the same speed as a forward facing bullet jump as opposed to adjusting for the angle, and that only makes it more obvious the "hang time" that you have during the animation before gravity kicks in. I think either we should cut out the hang time when you're performing a downward bullet jump or simply speed up the jump to sort of emulate how gravity might affect the propulsion. It's not something that happens often, but when it does it just sticks out to me as incredibly awkward. Okay yeah after testing out I remember what the glaring issue is for me - it's quicker to just let yourself fall than to "propel" yourself downwards. Doesn't make much sense.
  3. I have no problem with the reload times, most weapons I don't need to mod it, but the ones I do can get to be lightning fast, particularly secondaries like the Furis. To be honest I catch more issues with the fact that all weapons force you to slow to regular jogging speed - I kinda wish we could sprint with secondaries, or at least certain ones. But I suppose that's why we can shoot while sliding and bullet jumping, so it's not something I'm looking to change. To counter-act the problem this presents me with though which is "when to sprint and when to shoot", an annoying choice when I usually prefer to be going quite fast at all times, I use the Tigris, which maintains the choice, but makes the times in which to decide more obvious to me. So that way I can move at top speed while reloading my next shot, and when I find a target I plant my feet for a moment, and delete it from existence, then carry on doing parkour while reloading. It sort of chops the gameplay up, but in a way that flows for me.
  4. Lol damn, that Proton Pulse glitch was fun. I felt like a giant flea!
  5. Uhh.... welcome to capitalism? That's the only thing I can think of to say. In the land of opportunism, everyone is always looking for the slickest opportunity.
  6. I've played on my laptop for the last year or two, but I keep it in "power saving" mode when I'm playing high-end games so as not to run it too hot. Seems to keep the temperature in check. The framerate takes hits sometimes but overall I think it keeps it running better.
  7. Gnohme

    Hydroid Tweak

    Oh snap what!! I'm so dumb I thought I read the whole manual for that power. Guess I missed that! Thanks!
  8. Gnohme

    Hydroid Tweak

    I kind of find his 3 entertaining on the basis that it's hilarious (and it recreates the scene from Terminator 2, just with a void magic based disappearing act involved) - but it'd be cool if you had tentacles that you could somehow choose who to grab from a distance, and then reel back into the void pool - sort of like a grapple hookshot type deal - which could be counteracted by enemies actually being aware of the hazard if they see their friends fall into it. It'd make it a little more interactive, and would add some incentive to sort of stealthily time when you suck guys in before you get exposed to anyone within visible range, which would cause them to flee or find another route. Just some food for thought.
  9. Gnohme


    While using the scanner during a stealth mission is a novel idea, it isn't exactly more efficient in a combat scenario. My gripe is more that during dark levels or areas where there's not a whole lot of color variety (Fortuna, I can't be the only one who finds this a problem on occasion) the chaos can often eclipse any lingering enemies in a moment's notice, while being able to highlight them with a weapon out could mean for a devastating boost of lethal efficiency, at least in my case. And yes I know, the Argonak Scope is a thing, but I found the range of it to be bitterly disappointing. It's useful in some areas, but the targeting cone that highlights dudes around your reticule only goes up to like 100m. The Zenith is also cool but again more of a sidestep in a different type of direction. Like I'm saying I'd even be down for a total switcharoo like in AvP, whereby highlighting enemies makes the terrain harder to see. I'd be fine with that. If I can see which enemies are living, I almost don't even need to understand the level geometry because I can rely purely on line of sight.
  10. Leave Ripline, it's one of the only fun things about her. Maybe update it to swing a la Apex Legends Pathfinder tho.
  11. Gnohme


    Every Warframe has a full face helmet, but not one of them has an ability to highlight enemies via thermal technology or some other type of filtering system? If you've ever played any of the Aliens vs Predator games you'd know what a monumental difference it made playing as the predator and being able to filter out all the visual noise of the environment to see how many targets you were dealing with - this would be especially true in outdoor areas in Warframe. It just feels a little silly that with 30+ frames we don't have one with thermal goggles or any other sort of enhancement to help with this. (It's sometimes a problem for me, being able to see what's shooting me amongst a sea of particle FX and dead bodies)
  12. It sounds like a joke, but if you ever were playing Warframe while you in a 30 deep Discord VC you'd understand the struggle.
  13. lmao that's a very sargon of akkad take, I applaud your use of 2016 era internet tropes
  14. This. I actually feel bad for DE sometimes - every time we go a month without brand new content people complain about a content drought. Self-entitlement is not an endearing attribute.
  15. "Fixed Ivara’s Cloak arrow functioning on Defense objectives, leaving enemies unable to find it. " awww mannn haha I felt so clever. Fair enough, tho, kind of a slanted advantage.
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