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  1. 1) Any thoughts on removing the NW cap of 60 as the abundant amount of standing available pretty much guarantees players can cap long before it ends. The 60 cap sort of feels like a punishment. 2) Any chance elite sanctuary onslaught rewards could be reworked: Endo is pretty insulting, relics are great, but I have ran ES probably 5-7 days a week since the flaming step ephemera dropped and still do not have it. I get RNG, but you must admit that it is pretty brutal. Maybe work in a standing resource like vitus essence to buy vandal parts, rad relics, and that blasted ephemera. While I am certainly salty at the RNG it just seems ultimately inefficient. 3) Could you put in an "equipped" sign when viewing arcanes in the trade window to tell which are free and which are equipped to our operators, amps, and warframes. It would save players having to reequip. 4) Any idea on a third spider on Orb Vallis. I admittedly to not have much of a reason to bother with Vallis at this point with the lack of content. 5) Any word on upcoming content. Reworked frames are alright, I guess, but what is the point if we dont have content to use them on? I do appreciate all the hard work you put into this game and community. I would just love to have a reason to log in.
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