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  1. my FPS takes a huge dip whenever i get a transmission. like lotus, nora, operator, etc.
  2. so long story short, i play warframe on a laptop but it isn't the worst nor the best. i played with my settings and it runs pretty smoothly. the only issue is that whenever i get a transmission from lotus, nora, my operator, etc. during a mission or in my ship, my fps takes a huge dip. the resolution of the transmission seem HD while i had the game resolution reduced for performance. i hope someone can help me with this.
  3. so i am playing on a laptop that is decent. game runs decently smooth. but once a character like the lotus, nora, Darvo etc. starts speaking.... my fps drops drastically. is there a way to fix dis?
  4. I have tried collor corection. And i asked some clan mates the same question and they noticed it too. We tried different settings but weren't lucky. Oh well
  5. normally some abilities caused a tint on the screen such as harrow's 2, mesa's 4, valkyr's 4 etc. has it been removed? can i turn it back on? i really liked those effects
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