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  1. I hope it can be resolved soon ... because I was also exposed to it like that ... since Prime Time # 222 when I want to take Twitch Drop in the Inbox.
  2. some ways and tips I have done as well as deleting / repairing cache through the settings button next to the close button in the warframe laucher, verification and optimization, I have done the results failed. and I have also uninstalled and reinstalled it still failed, lastly I used a VPN and it still failed ... but I can't try to cancel the cache via steam because the "verify integrity of game files" cannot be clicked ... and that only happens in Warframe .. if I unistall Steam then I reinstall the biggest risk again, I will lose all the games and applications that I have installed on my PC .. and I am from the ASIA Server. for those who have a problem like this please help me vote so that it can be overcome by DE ... this is the proof: https://imgur.com/gallery/QAG1OYW
  3. - Is it true that there are rumors that Warframe will present Battle Royale Features? I hope it never happens. - Is there Companion other than Kubrows and Kavats after the fortune update? - when was the "Garuda" officially released, whether after Fortuna or railjack? ... because I like our country emblem to be Warframe and I really hope for his arrival. - how will the melee 3.0 system be the same as a Combo?
  4. i love u, Madam! thank's DE thanks Warframe thx Tenno
  5. madam, I have not got Ash Prime .. but I also watch in Twitch
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