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  1. @dro0p I missed your post. Since I was responding to all the others maybe you should have said something. Hope your methodology works out for you. @accela0 you are currently 5th. @NBCSGT 6th. @BeanyBoy invite sent. Please join our discord if you have not already.
  2. @Lord_of_Chromius you are now 2nd in line. Please hold on while we let the inactivity limits take their course @trukodo cool, you are 3rd. is kenya as beautiful as tanzania? or more built up? @TheeRevelation 4th. @TheSpicyCasual 5th.
  3. @KingKaneshkaZ see you joined a different clan, will remove your application @Achish & @Umbrra invite sent. please join the clan forum, where you can find a link to our discord server. @AgentGentleman you are first in line for an invite @BeanyBoy 2nd.
  4. @Windlife guess you joined another clan. will remove you from the list. @Nopeus invite sent, see you in the discord. @Szarsded you are next.
  5. @TheSmaxx your ign is thesmaxx btw. not smaxx :p. invite sent, join the clan forum as well as our discord channel.
  6. @K0nvict invite sent. join the clan forum, the link to our discord is there. @McPiddles you are in an existing clan in our alliance. @BeanyBoy i cannot invite someone in an existing clan, please leave and reapply @Sumisuu you are first in line for an invite
  7. @bubblywums @2delta invite sent, please join our clan forums as well as discord server. @ITouchDowniesi cannot invite someone in an existing clan, leave and reapply if you are still interested. @pixelzdapro lets talk soon. @Papaslim316 i will send you a friend invite, message me when you hit mr6. Let me first say that the game will not allow me to invite someone already in a clan. @WitherChild i will message you in game.
  8. @Chrome124 & @Wasiq123, invites sent. Please remember to join the clan forum where you can find our discord link.
  9. @Chrome124 you are at the head of the list. Please hold as we are currently at max capacity.