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  1. @SpidaFly @mind_phaser invite sent. send an application to the clan forum and get access to our discord server. @Rashamra you will have to leave your current clan before i can invite you.
  2. @StingerRPG @Bruno96 invite sent, join us on clan forums and discord. @Sweetie_47 you will have to exit your current clan before i can send an invite.
  3. @GuessIllDie @Always_plan_ahea invites sent. @WizWaz in the clan page there is a "join with us" tab that takes you to this post where you need post an application. It is also in the introduction to the clan... regardless, i've sent you a clan invite.
  4. The invite queue has been CLEARED! Oops @chowtimee your invite has been sent as well. Pending List No. IGN MR Status 1 DeluSloth 8 Sent 2 spenserthesnowman 6 Sent 3 PvCorporal 7 Sent 4 KeiraHawklight 6 Sent 5 BanKai_DeMoN 12 Sent 6 aarondut1232 12 Sent 7 Young_Crispy 17 Sent
  5. @SpenserTheSnowman & @MaroModo Judging by how your MR grind has stalled should I deduce that you have stopped playing the game? Pending List No. IGN MR Status 1 DeluSloth 8 On Vacation 2 MaroModo 3 MR Pending 3 spenserthesnowman 6 MR Pending 4 CephalonAlph 23 Sent 5 HexMix 14 Sent 6 A.Necromancer 9 In Queue 7 Csabo150 8 In Queue 8 PvCorporal 7 MR Pending 9 KeiraHawklight 6 MR Pending 10 BadToro83 17 In Queue 11 BanKai_DeMoN 12 In Queue 12 aarondut1232 12 In Queue